Transform Your Hair: The Best Paul Mitchell Shampoo for Color Treated Hair

The best paul mitchell shampoo for color treated hair is the color protect shampoo. It gently cleanses and moisturizes hair while preventing color from fading.

With the growing trend of colored hair, choosing the right shampoo becomes essential to keep the color looking fresh and vibrant. One of the most reliable options available is paul mitchell’s color protect shampoo. This shampoo is specially formulated to cleanse the hair gently while preserving the color for longer periods.

Its unique blend of ingredients creates a protective barrier around the hair strands that prevent color loss due to sun exposure or use of hair styling tools. Additionally, it is enriched with plant extracts that nourish and moisturize the hair, leaving it soft, shiny, and more manageable. The color protect shampoo is suitable for daily use and is safe for both natural and chemically treated hair.

Transform Your Hair: The Best Paul Mitchell Shampoo for Color Treated Hair


Transform Your Hair: The Best Paul Mitchell Shampoo For Color Treated Hair

Transform your hair: the best paul mitchell shampoo for color treated hair

Are you tired of dull and faded color-treated hair? Look no further than paul mitchell shampoos! Paul mitchell is a trusted brand that offers a range of shampoos suitable for different hair types, including color-treated hair. Read on for why paul mitchell shampoos are great for color-treated hair and how to choose the best one for you.

Why Paul Mitchell Shampoos Are Great For Color-Treated Hair

  • The brand’s products are formulated with cutting-edge technology that maintains the vibrancy of color-treated hair.
  • Paul mitchell shampoos contain natural ingredients that nourish and protect the hair while preserving the hair color.
  • The brand’s products are cruelty-free, vegan, and never tested on animals.

Understanding The Different Types Of Paul Mitchell Shampoos

With so many paul mitchell shampoos available, it can be overwhelming to choose the right one for color-treated hair. Here are the top four shampoos to consider:

1) color protect shampoo: this shampoo is specially formulated for color-treated hair, protecting the hair color while gently cleansing the hair.

  • Contains sunflower extract that shields the hair color from the sun’s uv rays.
  • Provides intense hydration that prevents breakage.

2) ultimate color repair shampoo: this shampoo is ideal for color-treated hair that needs an extra boost of protection.

  • Contains quinoa color repair complex that protects against thermal damage and strengthens the hair.
  • The innovative formula enhances color’s shine by 86% for healthy-looking hair.

3) platinum blonde shampoo: this shampoo is perfect for those with blonde hair looking to preserve the hair’s brightness and prevent yellowing.

4) color care color protect daily shampoo: this shampoo helps protect hair color while leaving the hair soft, shiny, and manageable.

  • Provides a gentle cleanse that does not strip the hair of its color.
  • The formula is enriched with vitamin e, soy protein, and panthenol to condition and protect the hair.

Final Thoughts

Paul mitchell shampoos are undoubtedly some of the best shampoos for color-treated hair. Not only do they protect the hair color, but they also provide nourishment to the hair, resulting in healthy-looking hair that shines. Remember to choose the right paul mitchell shampoo that suits your hair type and needs to achieve the best hair transformation.

The Benefits Of Using Paul Mitchell Shampoos For Color Treated Hair

Color-treated hair requires special care to retain its vibrancy and luster. If you’re searching for the perfect paul mitchell shampoo for your color-treated hair, look no further. Not only do paul mitchell shampoos cater to different hair types and concerns, but they also meet the unique needs of color-treated hair.

In this section, we’ll discuss the benefits of using paul mitchell shampoos for color-treated hair.

How Paul Mitchell Shampoos Nourish And Protect Color-Treated Hair

When it comes to maintaining color-treated hair, you can’t go wrong with paul mitchell shampoos. Here are a few ways in which paul mitchell shampoos can effectively nourish and protect your hair:

  • Infused with natural ingredients that nourish hair: Paul mitchell shampoos contain natural ingredients such as tea tree oil, lavender, and peppermint that can nourish your hair and scalp while cleaning your strands. These ingredients also provide a gentle and soothing feeling on the hair and scalp.
  • Specially formulated to prevent color fading: Paul mitchell shampoos are formulated to protect hair color from fading. Their unique color protect® complex includes ingredients like sunflower extract, which helps to prevent fading due to uv rays, while vitamin e, a powerful antioxidant, works to protect hair from environmental stressors.
  • Helps to maintain hair’s ph balance: Hair with a balanced ph level is less prone to color fading. Paul mitchell shampoos are formulated to help maintain the hair’s natural ph balance by using balanced formulations of ingredients, so you can keep your hair looking vibrant for longer.

The Natural Ingredients Used In Paul Mitchell Shampoos

Paul mitchell shampoos are renowned for their use of natural ingredients, and these ingredients can be especially beneficial for color-treated hair. Here are some natural ingredients that can be found in paul mitchell shampoos:

  • Tea tree oil: Tea tree oil is known for its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. It can soothe an itchy scalp, reduce dandruff, and even unclog hair follicles.
  • Lavender: Lavender oil is beneficial for soothing an itchy and irritated scalp. It has calming properties that can even help to reduce stress levels and promote relaxation.
  • Peppermint: Peppermint oil can provide a refreshing and cooling sensation on the scalp and skin. It has anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties that can help to relieve itchy or dry scalp.
  • Sunflower seed oil: Sunflower seed oil contains antioxidants and nutrients that can help to keep hair moisturized and nourished. It also helps to protect hair from uv damage.
  • Vitamin e: Vitamin e is a powerful antioxidant that helps to protect hair from environmental stressors. It can also help to promote hair growth and strengthen hair strands.

Overall, using paul mitchell shampoos for color-treated hair can help to maintain the vibrancy and overall health of your hair. While keeping an eye out for specific ingredients that suit your hair type and sensitivities, you can trust paul mitchell shampoos to protect your hair color and keep your locks looking happy and healthy.

How To Choose The Right Paul Mitchell Shampoo For Your Hair Type

Identifying Your Hair Type

Before choosing a paul mitchell shampoo, you must first identify your hair type. Understanding the characteristics of your hair will help you select the appropriate shampoo that caters to your specific hair needs. Here are the four main hair types:

  • Straight: This hair type is usually smooth, sleek, and shiny. It tends to become greasy quickly, so choose a shampoo that minimizes oil production.
  • Wavy: Wavy hair is characterized by a slight curl pattern. Choose a shampoo that adds definition to your waves while reducing frizz.
  • Curly: Curly hair tends to be dry, frizzy, and prone to tangling. Choose a shampoo that moisturizes your hair while enhancing its natural curl pattern.
  • Coily: This hair type is tightly curled or kinky. It requires a lot of moisture to prevent breakage and promote healthy growth. Choose a hydrating shampoo that provides extra nourishment.

Understanding The Specific Needs Of Color-Treated Hair

If you have color-treated hair, it is crucial to choose a shampoo that is specifically designed for your hair type. Color-treated hair requires special care to maintain its vibrancy and prevent fading. Here are some key points to consider when choosing a shampoo for color-treated hair:

  • Look for shampoos that are sulfate-free and contain gentle cleansing agents to prevent stripping the hair of its color.
  • Choose a shampoo that is formulated with ingredients that provide extra moisture to maintain softness and prevent breakage.
  • Avoid shampoos that contain harsh chemicals or ingredients that can damage the scalp or hair.

Choosing The Best Paul Mitchell Shampoo For Your Hair

Paul mitchell has a wide range of shampoos to cater to different hair types and needs. Here are some of the best paul mitchell shampoos for color-treated hair:

Nexxus Hair Color Assure Sulfate-Free Shampoo with ProteinFusion, For Color Treated Hair

This shampoo is specifically designed for color-treated hair. It gently cleanses the scalp and leaves the hair feeling soft and shiny. Its unique formula prevents color fading and damage caused by uv rays.

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Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Special Color-Preserving Holiday Gift Set

This shampoo is ideal for oily hair and scalp. Its tea tree oil formula cleanses and invigorates the scalp, leaving the hair feeling refreshed and revitalized.

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Paul Mitchell Awapuhi Shampoo-Balances Moisture

This shampoo is formulated with keratin and awapuhi extract, which provide deep moisturization and nourishment to color-treated hair. It leaves the hair feeling silky and smooth.

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Extra body daily shampoo for fine hair

This shampoo is perfect for fine or limp hair. Its lightweight formula adds body and volume to the hair without weighing it down. It leaves the hair feeling bouncy and full of life.

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Choosing the right paul mitchell shampoo for your hair type and specific needs can do wonders for your hair’s overall health and appearance. By following these guidelines, you can ensure that your color-treated hair maintains its vibrancy and stays healthy.

How To Use Paul Mitchell Shampoo For Optimal Results

Color-treated hair needs special care to maintain its vibrance and shine. Paul mitchell has a range of shampoos that are specifically designed to keep color-treated hair looking its best for longer. Knowing how to use paul mitchell shampoo for optimal results can help you achieve salon-worthy hair every day.

Expert Tips On Using Paul Mitchell Shampoo

The following expert tips will help you make the most out of your paul mitchell color-treated hair shampoo:

  • Begin by wetting your hair thoroughly
  • Use a quarter-sized amount of paul mitchell shampoo
  • Apply the product to your scalp and hair
  • Massage gently with your fingertips, working up a lather
  • Rinse your hair thoroughly to ensure all the shampoo is removed
  • Follow up with a conditioner

Maximizing The Longevity Of Color-Treated Hair With Paul Mitchell Shampoo

Using the right paul mitchell shampoo can help maintain your hair color’s vibrancy. Here are some tips to maximize your hair care routine’s effectiveness:

  • Choose the right shampoo for your hair color
  • Avoid hot water showers, which can cause color to fade faster
  • Use dry shampoo instead of washing your hair every day
  • Avoid using anything hot on your hair, such as curling irons or straighteners, without a heat protection spray
  • Use a leave-in conditioner to protect your hair from environmental damage

Remember, to maintain the perfect color-treated hair, find the right paul mitchell shampoo that suits your hair type, follow the expert tips when washing, and maximize your hair care routine to make sure the color lasts a long time. So go ahead and show off your salon-worthy hair all day, every day!

Frequently Asked Questions Of Best Paul Mitchell Shampoo For Color Treated Hair

What Is Color Treated Hair?

Color treated hair refers to hair that has been dyed, highlighted, or otherwise chemically treated to change its natural color.

Why Is It Important To Use A Shampoo Specifically For Color Treated Hair?

Using a shampoo specifically designed for color treated hair helps maintain the vibrancy of the color and prevent fading.

What Makes Paul Mitchell Shampoos Effective For Color Treated Hair?

Paul mitchell shampoos contain ingredients that help protect and nourish color treated hair, such as sunflower seed extract and vitamin e.

Which Paul Mitchell Shampoo Is Best For Maintaining Blonde Hair Color?

The paul mitchell platinum blonde shampoo is specifically formulated to enhance the brightness of blonde hair and reduce yellow tones.

Can I Use Paul Mitchell Shampoo For Color Treated Hair On My Natural Hair?

Yes, paul mitchell shampoos for color treated hair are safe to use on natural hair and can help protect and nourish all hair types.


To summarize, choosing the best paul mitchell shampoo for color treated hair depends on different factors such as hair type, color, and texture. In this blog post, we have listed 5 of the best paul mitchell shampoos for color treated hair that work effectively to maintain color vibrancy, nourish and strengthen your hair.

From the awapuhi wild ginger moisturizing lather shampoo to the tea tree special color shampoo, and the forever blonde shampoo, these shampoos are enriched with natural ingredients that deeply penetrate the hair shaft to give maximum protection and shine to your color treated hair.

Ensure that you choose the best paul mitchell shampoo for your color treated hair to keep your hair looking salon-fresh and vibrant for longer. Shop for your favorite shampoo today and give your hair the pampering it deserves.

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