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Bleached Hair Breaking off When Wet

Bleached hair breaking off when wet has become a major issue for hair fall and hair damages which should be done with appropriate techniques.

Have you heard that bleached hair breaking off when wet?

Yap, I wish you surely heard about the problem. If you color your hair regularly regarding any event or party, you need to bleach your hair afterward. You are wandering with a question that if you bleach your hair it may damage your hair. Obviously, I’m agreed with you if you don’t know the right way to bleach hair. It is very much important to choose suitable bleaching techniques for your beautiful hair. Once you lose your hair, you would have just time to dream. Be careful about choosing the best method for your hair.

Now think why are you bleaching your hair? To make it bright,  transfer it in highlight! To remove your current hair color! For your kind information, you should know that the bleaching method should be used for removing the current permanent hair color. You should not use it for other perceptions.

How does it work?

Generally, bleaching hair is used to remove the extra color from the hair. It removes the substances the added glossary look on hair so that it could be seen as highlighted hair or fresh hair. The duration of keeping the bleaching on your hair will make different results. Oxidation is the process that is used for bleaching or highlighting hair. Oxidation helps to decolorize the upper substance of hair and turns it into close to white color.

The next color depends on your timing and your natural color. If you keep it for too long, it may turn your hair into yellow or pale color as it is most probably natural color. Thus, if you use the bleaching method, you will have color-free hair as well as a full of color with while or highlight substance with original color.


How does it damage your hair?

Bleaching hair is the most terrifying way to color your hair among all hair color techniques. You should always go to a professional to use the method least you may lose your beauty of hair forever. Bleaching hair raises the cutis of the upper substance of hair so that the bleaching method could work better with the full results. You should not do it repeatedly which may cause your permanent hair to fall with high moistures issue. Bleached hair may include the damages such as breaking off, discolor, adding moisture, thickness, and inflexible which are directly involved to make an end your hair beauty.

On the other hand, bleach hair is highly vulnerable to any kind of action to your hair such as drying, curling, straightening, etc. whatever you use to make a style for a particular event or the program, you may experience hair fall, dry up, discolor, and thickness of hair. I swear you will be very much disturbed by the results. Those all will happen if you do not follow the proper method of using hair bleaching techniques. The main reason for this breaking off is the lack of hair protein. Bleaching hair shortens your hair protein with the passing days.

What to do when bleached?

If you follow the instruction properly, you may avoid hair fall and dry-up problems bleaching your hair. Read the instruction properly and do it as said. After bleaching hair you should not use shampoo for a week. Do not use a shampoo that contains Sodium Lauryl Sulfate. You can use dry shampoo and UV hair protestants. For a better experience, use conditioner after having every wash with leave-in hair treatment. Avoid the use of heating tools and let your hair dry with a towel. For treatment, use hot oil every week. After having a deep conditioner in a week, dry your hair in the air, and use a protecting spray. Finally, do not use hair down continuously and use soft shampoo and condition once a week. Have your sleep with a soft pillow. Practice instruction those instructions carefully and have beauty on your hair.

How to protect your bleached hair?

The best way to apply any color or bleaching your hair to have a shampoo and deep conditioner on your hair. This pre-shampoo makes your hair clean and workable for bleaching. Use hair-damaged protection products daily to reduce other side effects of hair due to weather and outside dust. As the bleaching method raises your cuticles in too much, you need to use some moisture products to flat the cuticles into the whole space. Be careful about using a brush when you are thinking of something new style. You must brush your hair gently especially when you bleached your hair. Next, you must use your hair dryer carefully when drying your wet hair. Turn off your dryer when your hair is just dry.

The most important thing is to do when you bleached your hair.

You need to remember some extra care before and after your shower. Just follow the instruction below carefully.

  • Brush your hair gently with a soft brush
  • Be sure that your hair is in the right position
  • Using shampoo, brush your hair with a soft hand gently. Do not hurry in this matter.
  • After the shower, do not cover hair with a towel for a long time.
  • Use your hair dryer to dry up and keep it just till your hair dried.
  • Do not battler with your hair in brushing time.

Cons of hair bleaching

Do you want to change your look? Then you can bleach your hair. Bleaching hair can change your face look dramatically. But hair bleaching is also harmful sometimes. Have a look at those facts.

  • The main con of bleaching hair is it can damage your hair. Your hair may look dry and dull after bleaching.
  • Regular bleaching can destroy your hair growth system.
  • If you keep bleaching your hair for a long time, your hair fall may increase.
  • People with black hair have to bleach their hair from the root. This can harm your scalp.

Furthermore, you know better which product suits you most. Do not use other unknown products if you did not use them earlier. Remember our daily cosmetics really impact a great in our daily fashion.

I hope, you enjoyed the article by getting your desired information and techniques. These all are upon you and your daily using the product. Follow the instructions carefully and avoid harmful acts. You should keep in mind that we should run our life naturally. If you ever think of any color, try to use the natural color which does not have any side effects. Be free from Bleached hair breaking off.

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