How Long Does Hair Dye Last & Better Ways of Coloring

The lasting of a hair dye depends on several factors. After considering the factors below, you can explore how long does hair dye last. Different kinds of hair colors come with different life spans.

Keep your eyes on this article to know the types of hair color with lifespan, a short overview of all types of hair colors, the factors that determine the lasting of hair dye, and the techniques to keep hair color for longer.

Look: Go through the points eventually so that you can catch all the fundamentals easily. Consider different brands with different lifetimes.

Let’s explore different types of hair.

Types of hair color:

Permanent hair color:

Permanent hair color
Permanent hair color

Permanent hair color lasts longer than any other hair dye. To have a good-looking permanent hair dye, you must go to a hair dye expert or saloon.

Permanent hair color contains ammonia that opens the cuticle layer and penetrates the cortex. The shades of permanent hair color can be applied like natural hair pigment.

It takes 30 to 45 minutes to dye hair regarding the design and condition of hair. If you have dark hair, you need more time whereas lighter hair may take a shorter time.

Although the lasting of a permanent hair dye depends on several factors, it can last up to 6 months.

Semi-permanent hair color:

The semi-permanent hair color is less harmful to hair because it contains very little amount of ammonia or hydrogen peroxide. It contains a reasonable amount of carcinogen p-phenylenediamine or PPD.

To apply this hair dye, you may not need to go to a developer or hair expert. This dye only colors the partial areas of the shaft. Semi-permanent hair dye is popular for an instant hairstyle.

As it contains a very less amount of developers, it may fade away within 4 to 5 washes with shampoo. By calculating the time, it may last for 20 days to 1 month regarding your activity.

Demi-permanent hair color:

Demi-permanent hair is more effective than semi-permanent hair color. It contains alkaline agents like ethanolamine, sodium carbonate, and hydrogen peroxide.

  • It does not lighten the hair that much as permanent hair dye does.
  • You will have the best uses of this hair dye in covering gray hair. Besides, this hair dye has fewer side effects than permanent hair color.
  • Demi-permanent hair color does not hide the original hair pigment completely.

That’s why it is easy to fade away. Likewise the permanent hair color, you may fade it using 20 to 28 shampoos. It may last 4 to 5 months.

Temporary hair color:

How Long Does Hair Dye Last
How Long Does Hair Dye Last

Temporary hair color may come in the form of a shampoo, dry conditioner, liquid, powder, and so on. You don’t need any specialist to apply for temporary hair color. It contains Polysorbate 20, Stealth 21, PEG Glyceryl, Coconut, and Laureth 23.

This color is famous for one-time use only. Suppose you are going to attend a party and need a change in the hairstyle for a few hours. At this time, you can apply temporary hair color.

This dye is naturally more vibrant, brighter, and shiny than the permanent and semi-permanent hair color. Besides, it does not harm the hair and scalp that much.

This color lasts for only one day. It may tolerate only 1 or 2 shampoos. If you don’t wash the hair, then it may last longer.

Home color vs Salon color

Hair color may last depending on the methods you are following to apply. As this is not rocket science, you can apply it at home. You may not be an expert in doing the job. As a result, it may fade too early.

On the other hand, hair experts use several processes to apply hair dye. It may enlarge the lasting time.

Home color:

We dye our hair by buying some colors from the local market. We don’t judge the chemicals, brands, and side effects of the color. We apply the color reading the manual directly.

We avoid the potential points that keep the hair color in the right figure. As a result, we waste our money and time as well. This hair color may not last for a long time.

Salon color:

Hair experts examine your hair including hair condition, present color, scalp condition, and your demand. They know hair better than us.

Hair experts apply hair protectors before applying any dye. They observe the timing so that you can get your targeted color on time.

This method may increase the longevity of your permanent hair color without damaging the scalp. It can be a little bit costly.

A short overview of the hair colors:

Hair color/applied method Ingredients Lasting Washing with shampoo
Permanent hair color Ammonia Up to 6 months 20 to 28 shampoos
Demi-permanent Ethanolamine, sodium carbonate, hydrogen peroxide 4 to 5 months 20 to 28 shampoos
Semi-permanent carcinogen p-phenylenediamine or PPD 20 days to 1 month 4 to 5 shampoos
Temporary Polysorbate 20, Stealth 21, PEG Glyceryl, Coconut, Laureth 23 1 or two days 1 or 2 shampoos

Factors that affect hair color:

Types of color:

Permanent hair color: As you know that permanent hair color can last longer than 6 months. It fades away with the growth of your hair eventually.

Factors of hair color
Factors of hair color

Once you have applied permanent hair color, you have to wait for 5 months to recolor your hair. Permanent hair color damages hair a lot because of its high developer chemicals.

Demi-permanent hair color: Likewise, the permanent hair color, Demi-permanent hair color can last longer than 5 months. After applying this color, you should wait for the fading away.

Semi-permanent hair color: If you apply semi-permanent hair color, then you have the option to recolor your hair within 48 hours. This color can last for 20 days to 1 month.

Semi-permanent hair color does not damage the scalp. This hair dye is popular for its easy use and fewer side effect.

Temporary hair color: Temporary hair color is used for an instant hairstyle. It does not contain permanent dye ingredients. It can last until you wash your hair with shampoo.

The lasting of temporary hair color depends on your wash time. If you want to keep this color for longer, then you cannot wash your hair.

Dept of color:

Hair lasts depending on the pigment it has. Different hair dyes may contain different amounts of pigments. The more pigment the color contains, the longer it will last.

For example, Red dye contains 3000 pigments, purple dye 8000 pigments, and blue dye 1000 pigments. Now, you can decide which dye will last longer.

The precondition of hair:

If you like to bleach hair so often, then you may not get a good experience of dying hair. Bleaching hair itself is a color that appears like the original hair color.

Next, if you have hair fall problems, then the color will fade away too early. Moreover, you should not use any hair color having any problem with your scalp.

Thicker hair keeps the color longer than lighter hair. Having thicker hair, you may deserve long-lasting hair color.

Maximize the hair dye lasting:

Moisturize hair regularly: You may have to use a dry or wet conditioner regularly to keep your hair moisturized. Hair scalp dries up very often. As a result, it starts falling and causes itching.

You cannot wash hair regularly with shampoo or other hair cosmetics. Hair moisturizers keep your hair sound and healthy. It can increase the longevity of your hair color.

Avoid sunlight: Sunlight may cause your hair to become dull and dirty. The excessive heat of the Sun may dry up the scalp too early. As a result, our scalp may not produce natural oil. It fades away the color creating hair fall issues.

Minimize using shampoo: You must limit using shampoo while washing your hair. You know shampoo carries several chemicals that may harm the color. To keep the permanent hair color for longer, minimize using shampoo.


1. What color of hair dye lasts the longest?

Ans: The permanent hair dye lasts longer than any other color. It can last up to 6 months. If you limit the use of shampoo, then it may last longer than 6 months.

2. How long does ion hair color last?

Ans: It depends on your activity after applying the color to your hair. In the case of average timing, it may last 3 to 6 weeks.

3. What unnatural hair color lasts the longest?

Ans: You will find different colors as the permanent hair color. Before choosing a hair color, you must see the pigment of the unnatural hair color. The more pigment it has, the longer it will last.

4. What is the pH of the demi-permanent hair color?

Ans: The PH of demi-permanent hair color varies by different brands. In the case of the average range, it can be from 8.0 to 9.0.

5. What crazy color should I dye my hair?

Ans: You should choose a color depending on your need. If you need a new hairstyle just to join a party, then you should choose a temporary hair color. On the other hand, you can choose permanent hair color to keep it longer.

Bottom line:

Try to avoid applying hair color too often to protect your hair and scalp as well. Unnatural hair colors contain several chemicals that may become dangerous.

You can recolor your hair only when it fades away naturally. Already you have the idea of how long does hair dye lasts. Recolor your hair following the lifespan of the different colors.

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