How Often Should You Wash Your Hair – Details Explained

You would find many people around who washes their hair every day or approximately 5 days a week. Seeing the neighbor, you should not follow anyone’s style upon you. Let’s come to the point. How often should you wash your hair depends on your hair condition. Experts say that the washing issue of the hair depends on three criteria Scalp, hairstyle, and texture. Now you have examined those three criteria to fix a routine of washing hair. Now you may ask why you should not wash your hair every day.

Why shouldn’t you wash your hair every day?

You should know that our scalp produces oil that travels to the hair shaft. It locks hydration. If you observe carefully, you will see that our hair gets oily with the passing of time. This oily substance protects our hair not to dry. When we use shampoo on hair, it reduces this oil. At a time, when we wash hair too early like regularly, hair is dried. It may cause hair breakage and hair frizz.  That is why we should wash our hair every day.

Wash your hair
Wash your hair

How often should you wash your hair?

Based on texture:

It is said that everyone has a different hair texture. Though the whole thing mostly depends on your time and hairstyle. If you think about a healthy and sound hair condition, you have to go through a technique. I have mentioned some suggestions regarding your hair texture. You have to read attentively to know your one. Curly hair hampers to produce the oily substance.

Moreover, hamper directly to the path of traveling the oil into the hair shaft. On the other hand, straight or waved hair produces much oily substance and enables you to travel easily. This oily substance is natural moisture that helps hair growth and increases hair safety.

Once in a week curly and oily hair:

You may say that curly and oily hair gets dust too early. This type of hair cannot pass dust soon. It absorbs dust into the hair scalp. Experts say that you need not worry about the dust. If the oil is good and traveling through your hair shaft then everything is good. When the traveling of the oil breaks the path, it starts to cause a problem. As this type of hair scalp produces too low oil, you should wash your hair only one time a week. In case of emergency, you wash your hair twice. Remember, your hair safety depends on you. So, if you have curly or oily hair wash that regularly.

Two or three days in a week straight and wavy hair:

As I said that this type of hair scalp produces a lot of oil. As the hair is straight or wavy, the oil can pass through the hair shaft very fast. You have to observe the oiliness of the scalp carefully. It is not the same for everyone. It varies from man to man. If the oil circulation is good in producing enough oil then you can wash twice or thrice in a week. Here, you just need to obey one single rule is that if you wash thrice in a week, do not use shampoo or conditioner for a day. If you use much shampoo and conditioner in a week, it could be dangerous for your hair scalp, and texture as well.  You can use non-foamy shampoo in the time of washing.

Based on hair scalp:

Hair scalp is an important part of our life. Our hairstyle depends on the condition of our hair scalp. So, we have to observe our hair scalp properly to keep it safe and dashing. You will find three types of hair scalp Normal oily, super oily, and dry scalp. The condition and oiliness depend very man to man. Do not look at the other washing style because everyone has a unique scalp system.

Three to four days for normal to dry:

If you think that your scalp produces a normal level of oil, you can wash hair three to five days a week. To measure the level carefully you can check it with your hand. Just put your hand into the head and feel the substance of the scalp. On the other hand, if you think that your scalp is dry, you can use oil. Apply natural oils. Remember, you have to apply just a few drops of oil to keep the oiliness suitable.

Every day for the super oily condition:

If your scalp produces much oil in the head, it may cause hair frizz or other breakage problems. You can wash your hair every day in this condition. Experts say that you must wash this type of hair condition regularly to wash the excessive oil from the scalp. If the oil is in too much, you could experience itching also. On the other hand, you could see the hair fall problem at the same time.

Three days for Super dry and dandruff:

This type of problem occurred due to dermatitis, excess yeast, and sunburn. Now it is very much difficult to say that which one is your problem. If you are still suffering from this problem you should go to a hair expert to seek a proper solution. Don’t worry.

Experts say that in case of having the upper problem, one can wash hair three days a week. You have to use an anti-dandruff shampoo with a conditioner to avoid these problems. You should stop applying shampoo in the meanwhile also to produce the oil.

Based on hairstyle:

The hairstyle is a very common matter in everyday life. Every girl dreams to have a unique hairstyle. As we have a unique scalp system and hair growing capacity, our style could be different also. Experts say that one can apply any style on her hair regarding the present hair condition. Already I have mentioned how often one should wash her hair. You have to go through that suggestion also. It is no matter what kind of style you have applied. You have to think of your hair scalp and texture. Try not to use chemical colors in the hair. Here, you can wash your hair twice a week. You just use a clarifying shampoo every two weeks after.

Bottom line:

The hairstyle is just not a fashion but also it is a great part of our personality. So read the article carefully again to be sure about your suitable routine. Judge your hair scalp, texture, and hairstyle before washing your hair. One more important thing is that whenever you are in the market to buy stationery products for your hair, just get a suggestion from the experts.

Hamper directly to the path of traveling the oil into the hair shaft. On the other hand, straight or waved hair produces much oily substance and enables you to travel easily. This oily substance is natural moisture that helps hair growth and increases hair safety.

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