How to Braid Your Own Hair to the Scalp: Easy Rope Braid Hair Style

Braiding your own hair can be an extraordinary innovative activity! It just not only saves your hair during physical and opens air exercises; however you can try different types of braiding to express your personality.

Sometimes it adds a great outlook to your style for any event, especially when you are attending a party. But it is not an easy task. It requires practice & a few efforts.

So today, in this article, you’ll figure out How to braid your own hair to the scalp!! From the beginning, we will start from some basics & then put them into practice.

What are the Most Popular Braids?

Braided looks are what’s in nowadays. Achieving this look for you is easy; moreover, it looks fancy and classy.

You can achieve your braided look any way you want. Maybe try woven into the hair, where others try to lay on top of their hair; moreover, giving your hair a three-dimensional look overall. Here we have tried to put forth a few gorgeous braids for all of you –

  • French braids – the French braid look is super pretty and goes with almost every occasion.
  • Dutch braids – A pigtail with two braids that look cool and sexy.
  • Herringbone braid – This looks playful and girly.
  • Ponytail – If you are looking for classy and gorgeous then this is for you.

So, let’s start!!

How to braid your own hair to the scalp

Easy Rope Braid Hair Style

This one is very easy & it takes only two minutes. So if you are in a rush; just follow these steps & make a rope bread hairstyle just within two minutes. It looks very amazing.

  • So at first, you should start by coating your hair with some dry shampoo. It will help you get a lot of grips & hold which will later hold the style a lot better.How to Braid Your Own Hair
  • The next thing I wanna do is to smooth your hair out with your hairbrush. It helps getting rid of any unnecessary tangles because we really want our hair to be as smooth as possible for the sectioning process. Moreover, it is also very important that once you have brushed it means you also loosen it up again from your scalp. Brushing will kind of smooth your hair against your scalp & adds extra lift & volume. I like it very much!!
  • Now just use my fingers like a claw & scratch my scalp a little bit.

Alright, you just make ready your hair for braiding & getting started by making a side part on the opposite side where you want your braids to be placed.

  • If I’m you, I am going to start with a small rectangular section of hair & for your better imagination, I am starting from my left side. I’m just gonna split that section in half & take the front. And, then pull it over to the back.

Now, this time I’m gonna add some more hair to the front section, crisscross it with the back & bringing it all over.

You just need to repeat the same process & each time adding more hair into the front section before crisscross it over & to the back again.

Just keeps this process going all the way down by again simply adding some more hair into your front section.

Braid your own hair
Braid your own hair
  • If you try it, make sure to keep it nice & tight. Also making sure your hair is enough to smooth & there are no tangles on the way down & just keep crisscrossing the front cover into the back. Then, bring that back section under & forwards.
  • Once it starts getting closer to your shoulder, you need to start reaching further back & trying to grab bigger chunks of hair back around your head to add in the braid. The idea is to finish adding hair right before reaching to the shoulders. This is where you will see how adding extra dry shampoo has created a lot of thickness in your hair which in the end makes it easy for braids to look a lot thicker and to hold a lot better.
  • Alright, here is the kind of tricky part. You need to take both of your hair’s bottom sections & twist them both counter-clockwise as tightly as you can go before they start to twist on their own.
  • After that, you need to again twist them together. This time do it clockwise around each other. You should keep twisting as long as you go all the way down.

Remember: Twisting counter-clockwise & then wrapping them around each other clockwise. 

  • Now, secure the hair ends with a hair tie.
  • Next is the most important part. Sure, you can leave it sleek but I love to pull it out as much as I can do to make it look as full & thick as possible. So I’m just going to start taking a section in turn & holding the rest of my hair still. I’m gonna pull that section out beyond where I want it to be otherwise it will settle back into place.

So, the wider & thicker you want just keep kind of pulling & tagging. And after, you will see them get so much fuller & thicker as you go along. In my opinion, it really just gives a much fuller & better look.

  • So after doing all the way down, just go back all the way up & again keep messing with it as much as you want. You can also pull out some stray hairs & make it look more effortless & easygoing. But, just don’t forget that when you’re finished, coat the whole thing with some good hair spray.
  • And lastly, be careful about the kind of smoothness of your braid as you need to hold it all day long. Otherwise, it will get dirty, messy & rough looking.

Final Verdict

That’s it! I first tried this style kind of accidental. I just tried to keep my hair out of my face & keep it long at the same time & came up with this idea. You can’t imagine how easy it is & how quickly it comes together. So, I hope you enjoyed my experience. It will let you know how to braid your own hair to the scalp easily & quickly.

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