How to Clean Fiberglass Shower – Complete Guide

How to Clean Fiberglass Shower

Is your fiberglass shower ruined? You cannot enter your shower anymore, right? Well, we provide you the best way to clean fiberglass showers.

An unclean shower is very disgusting for every people especially the people who like to keep their health sound and healthy. Shower generates our body fresher and heals our mind. A simple suggestion for everyone is free that if you are exhausted from your mental stress or physical condition, just take a shower, and refill your energy completely.

No hope could come to your aim if your shower is not clean. If you are seeking short techniques to clean fiberglass shower, you are in the right place. Generally, cleaning a fiberglass shower is very simple.

Read the instruction below completely and follow gradually.

How to Clean Fiberglass Shower: Don’t Miss Any Point

1. Remove your all cosmetics stuff and other things from your shower:

At first, you have to remove all the things that are in your bathroom. You could have a shampoo bottle, conditioner, razors, and mildew. Look carefully whether you have removed all the things from your bathroom or not. You can take the stuff again after cleaning the shower. Also, Don’t forget to check your showerhead set up is okay, it’s important.

2. Through water to clean the small dirt:

Now, if your bathroom is empty, rinse the bathroom with cold water. It will remove all the small dirt away. Make sure that you have sprayed all the corners of the bathroom. Check out the area where your cosmetics were. It will help you to remove the dust away easily. If you start the main process without washing, it could make a scratch on your floor.

3. Dry up your bathroom:

Now try to set a table fan beside your bathroom to dry up the water away. You’re reading an essential part of cleaning fiberglass. You cannot clean glass with just water. You have to clean the glass gradually. Make sure that the wind is blowing towards the bathroom.

4. Get liquid detergent and spray bottle:

You could have liquid detergent at your home. You need not buy anything else from your local market. Take a cup to measure the detergent. You have to take 1/3 cup of detergent into a spray bottle. Make sure that the detergent is in the right amount. Take a clean spray bottle. You should not take a much bigger or smaller bottle. Take a medium size bottle. You may take half or a one-liter bottle.

5. Use vinegar:

Now take a cup of white vinegar. Vinegar will clean your fiberglass more clearly. Get the cup of vinegar into your micro-oven. You have to heat the vinegar for a little bit. Wait for one minute and keep it out from the oven. Make sure that the vinegar is white and warmed well. You need not boil vinegar.

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6. Add the vinegar into the spray bottle:

vinegar into the spray bottle
vinegar into the spray bottle

Add the processed vinegar into the spray bottle. Now mix detergent powder and vinegar completely. Here, you have to remember that the amount of vinegar and detergent powder is significant. You can increase and decrease the amount of the mixture. Before mixing the detergent and vinegar, you have to be sure about the quantity and the need. Blend the two ingredients using a swirling motion. Continue moving the bottle until they are completely blended. Your end result should be a slightly foamy substance that is lightly tinted the color of your detergent.

7. Spray the mixture and wait:

It is in the meantime. Now all you have to do just spray the whole bathroom. You have to keep your eyes on every corner of the bathroom. This spray is the main weapon of your washing tool. Try to spray slowly so that the mixture could reach the surface of the floor smoothly.

If you do the process fast, you could lose the mixture in the vein. Wear a mask in your mouth in the spray time. You could have some reaction to vinegar. Shake the spray bottle after a while so that the mixture could not get solid. When you can see every corner is full of the mixture, wait for 20 to 30 minutes. In this time, the mixture removes the dust as well as cleans the surface.

8. Scrub your shower with soft clothes, brush, or sponge:

Now use a brush or soft cloth to scrub the mixture. You have to use the clothes or brush them by hand smoothly. Scrub the floor a little bit harder so that the brush could absorb the dust. You can scrub the floor once or twice regarding the cleanliness of your floor. One time is better than twice. If you think the fiberglass bathroom is not glittering yet, you can spray the mixture again and scrub it after a reasonable time.

9. Spread cold water:

Now spread cold water through the entire floor. Coldwater will make your floor shiny. It will provide you the ultimate result.

10. Use baking soda paste:

If you have anything-solid materials in your bathroom, you have to clean them with baking soda. Now you have to make a fine paste of baking soda regarding your need. Now apply the paste to the solid materials. After applying the paste, wait for 30 minutes so that the paste could absorb the dust from the steel or solid. It will provide you a shining image of your fiberglass bathroom.

11. Wash away full bathroom with cold water:

It is finishing time. I think you have done all the works. Now you have to wash the full bathroom with cold water. Make sure that you have spread the water in the whole bathroom. Through water everywhere so that no dust could stay there. Here, you may need a lot of water to wash the entire bathroom.

You have the simplest and best way to clean a fiberglass shower. All you have to do just read the article carefully and follow the instruction obediently. Do not miss a single step. If you follow those steps you can do it at home. No hope could come to your aim if your shower is not clean. If you are seeking short techniques to clean fiberglass shower, you are in the right place. Generally, cleaning a fiberglass shower is very simple.

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