How to Clean Tea Kettle – Details Explained

How to Clean Tea Kettle

Do you know How to Clean a Tea Kettle?

Tea. One of the greatest gifts to our world from the Japanese people.

Although this was originated from Japan, it was the British people who made it popular. Nowadays almost everywhere in the world, you can find people who love drinking tea.

Around 8 out of 10 people use a kettle for making tea. Some boil the water with tea in a kettle while some only boil the water.

With time kettles have changed. Nowadays electric kettles have gained tremendous popularity. With this popularity comes problems.

More than 700 people every month search for ‘how to clean tea kettle’ on google. With all that tea making, the kettle gets some mineral build-up on the inside. This affects the tea quality as well as the efficiency of the tea kettle.

No worries. We’re here to help you out. Here we have prepared a 360-degree guide to clean tea kettles.

How to clean stainless steel tea kettle?

clean stainless steel tea kettle
clean stainless steel tea kettle

After using the tea kettle for a long time, it may look a little dirty. And yes, it’s tough to make a cup of tea for yourself with a greasy kettle. But you can clean your stainless steel tea kettle with some easy steps.

  • Take baking soda or vinegar from your kitchen. Most people have those at home.
  • Make a mixture with baking soda or vinegar.
  • Apply this solution to the inside and outside of your tea kettle.
  • And after a few minutes, scrub it and rinse with your water.
  • You also can mix both vinegar and baking soda and apply this solution like before.

Now, let’s steam up and flow right through the details-

Method 1: The Chemical Method

Just as the name suggests, we are using chemicals in this method.

By chemicals, we mean using a descaling tablet or store-bought solutions for descaling kettles. Using baking soda for cleaning kettles is sometimes also considered as a chemical method. But as baking soda is considered harmless, some categorize it under natural methods.

So, let’s get going with each of the techniques in a step by step format-

How to Clean Tea Kettle Video


Using Descaling Tablets or Powders

You’ll find plenty of descaling products available online. Pick one with good reviews and all. Once you’re done with that, we can start off with the steps-

  1. Read through the instructions of the product.
  2. Dilute the product inside the kettle according to the instructions on the product label.
  3. Let the kettle insides soak on the solution.
  4. Pour down the solution along with the loose build-ups.
  5. Rinse the kettle with cold water and dry out the insides.

After finishing these steps, you can go for some kettle polishing if you want. If not, then it’s okay to use it after the whole thing dries out completely.

Using Baking Soda to Clean tea Kettles

This method is widely popular among tea makers. For this, you’ll need four specific items. These are-

  • Baking Soda
  • Bottle Scrubbers
  • Water
  • Soft Scrubbing pads

If you don’t have these items already, you can order these up online.

Once you’ve gathered up all the items, you can start with the steps-

  1. Get one cup of baking soda and pour the whole thing inside your electric kettle.
  2. Fill up your kettle with water.
  3. Plugin the kettle and start heating up the mixture.
  4. Turn off the kettle once the water starts
  5. Wait for 10 minutes. To be more specific, wait till the steam flow slows down.
  6. Take up your scrub brush at hand and start off with the scrubbing.
  7. Check if all the stains and build-ups are gone.
  8. Pour down around 80% of the water if you spot any stains.
  9. Start dropping in baking soda again. This time drop off by a spoon at a time.
  10. See if the baking soda is forming a paste after two or three spoons of drops.
  11. Pour down a little amount of water if there’s no paste. Keep on adding baking soda till paste forms on the inside.
  12. Start scrubbing once you spot the baking soda paste.
  13. Rinse with water once the stain goes away.
  14. Let the whole thing air dry or use a microfiber cloth if you’re in a hurry.

While using the scrubber, be extra careful so that you don’t burn up your hand. So, it’s better if your bottle scrubber has a long handle.

Method 2: The Natural Method

Here we’ll learn how to use natural remedies for the best kettle cleaning. There are basically two ways of doing that.

One is by using a vinegar solution. And the second one is by using a lemon solution. No matter which one you use the basic working principle is the same.

Both vinegar and lemon juice are mild acid solutions. And the build-up inside your kettle is most of the time, base. So, basic chemistry tells us that these solutions can change up the buildup inside.

Now that we know how it works, let’s get going with the details-

How to Clean Tea Kettle

Using the Vinegar Solution

This is probably the easiest way out there for cleaning tea kettles. Like most of the houses already have vinegar. And you don’t have to do anything physically. Like you won’t have to squeeze anything with your hands.

Now let’s go through the steps-

  1. Create an equally mixed vinegar-water solution.
  2. Fill up around half of the kettle with this cleaning solution.
  3. Turn on the kettle and start heating up the solution.
  4. Keep on heating the solution for around 20 minutes. Or keep on heating the solution until it starts boiling up.
  5. Plug out the kettle once the solution starts boiling.
  6. Let the solution cool down for 20 minutes.
  7. Pour down the solution after finishing off the 20 minutes cooldown.
  8. Use a sponge or a non-metallic scrubber to scrub off any stubborn scaling.
  9. Rinse the inside with water.
  10. Keep on rinsing till the vinegar smell goes away.

Before going through step number 7, check for stubborn scaling on the inside wall. If you see stains, then let the solution sit for another 10 minutes in there.

The process is the same for the lemon juice method. Just replace lemon juice with vinegar from this step by step process.

Bottom Line

You can always go an extra mile for your favorite tea kettle if you want. If you want, then you can always go for outside cleaning and polishing. Look do matter. But that’s the topic for another discussion.

For now, we believe that you got your answer to ‘how to clean tea kettle.’

So, what are you waiting for? Go and clean up that super awesome kettle of yours. Good luck.

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