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Haircutting is always a job of tension, time-consuming, expensive. What? if we can cut our hair at home. I have mentioned all the necessary information on how to cut your own hair at home.

Is it Bad to Cut Your Own Hair?

Have you ever felt the urge to cut your own hair at home? We suggest you not get too inspired.

Yes, cutting your own hair at home is very impressive and it has become viral nowadays. But ask yourself can you be as accurate and precious as a stylist who is cutting and styling from his eyes and you are from a mirror.

Cutting and styling your hair on is definitely impressive but you might not the desired outcome. In fact, cutting and styling your hair home is not just a style risk; moreover, it is a risk of damaging your hair and scalp permanently if you are not careful.

Read in the article below the following contents

  • How to cut your own hair black men,
  • What haircut should I get curly hair men?
  • How to cut your own hair with clippers female, shoulder length, in layers ponytail?
  • What happens if you cut your hair in a ponytail

What do you need to cut your own hair perfectly?

 Clipper: As a beginner, you should use clippers to trim hair smoothly and with confidence.

 Scissor: Scissor is the best stuff to cut the hair at the top and even the edges of the hair.

 Hair clips: Get hair clips to hold the portion of hair when you are cutting another portion.

Comb: To prepare and cut hair, get larger wide teeth to comb.

Towel: Put a towel at your shoulder to prevent hair falls from the operation on your cloth.

 Spray bottle: A spray bottle enables you to spray water throughout your hair so that it becomes smooth.

 Freshwater: Spray only freshwater over your hair to make them soft in the operating time.

 Hair gel: After finishing the operation, have some hair gel on your hair to decorate and display the newly made hairstyle.

 Hair straightener: This one is applicable for females.   

How to cut your own hair men:

 Look: Black men’s hair is different from others in the world due to the differences in race.

Your hair may be too curly, black, strong, and saggy. Read the steps carefully. I hope, you will be an expert after a few practices.

Don’t be late. Start from here beginner’s guide to cutting your own hair men.

What haircut should I get curly hair men?

A man with curly hair sometimes feels very confused about what kind of haircut he needs for his hair. Do you have curly hair and looking for a perfect haircut for this? Sometimes this is very hard to find what haircut will suit you the most. Having curly hair is very difficult to arrange. Did you ever think to give a unique and handsome style to your hair? Then you can read this. In this article, you will know about the top 8 best haircuts for curly men.

Short Choppy Curls

This curly hair cut is close to the head and needs short hair. It has sharp and short spikes, and it can give your hair a ton of texture. If you want a haircut with short hair, then you can apply it.

Man Bun

Are you fond of long hair, but have curly hair? Then this hair cut is for you. Tying all your hair up and the middle of your head is called “Man Bun.” This is an easy and comfortable hairstyle.

Curly Drop Fade

This hair cut is a combined arrangement of a chiseled fade with tousled hair. Curly drop fade cut is mostly suitable for curly hair men.

Long Messy Curls

This hairstyle is all about curly hair. For this, your hair has to grow longer in every area. Then you can arrange this vibrant and fresh looking style.

Curly Slicked Back Style

Do you have a more massive forehead, and then this is the perfect hairstyle for you. This is slicked and back style. In this, your face remains in the focus point, and keep your curly hair in the back.

Short Messy Style

Do you want to keep your curly hair in a texture? Here is another style for short curly hair. This curl is tied together as a rounded. It can make more appearance.

Tangled Curly Style

This style is for positively flowing men’s hairstyles. This is also boldly textured. Most of the curly hair men like it and make a hair cut according to this style. This hairstyle can give more volume to your hair.

Ok, these are the most favorite and suitable haircut for a man with curly hair. You can try those according to your hair volume, length, and what kind of style you want.

Step 1 Prepare your hair:

Get your daily shampoo and wash out your hair. Put your finger deeper into your hair to comb with shampoo.

Here, you have to soften your hair so that you can run the clipper smoothly. Then, dry up your hair with a towel.

Make sure, your hair is dry enough to operate the electric clipper.

Step 2 Stand before a mirror:

Select a suitable place with a large mirror that can be suitable to watch your head clearly.

 Step 3 Determine your hairstyle:

Look at your hair size and current hairstyle. If you have larger hair, be attentive reading the article.

Hairstyle depends on the size of your hair. So pick a hairstyle from your famous celebrity and go for it.

 Step 4 Divide your hair with a comb:

Use your comb to divide your hair into some portions. You can make 3 or 4 portions of hair and hold them with hair clips.

 Step 5 Start from one side:

Now, get the clipper in one hand and hold a portion of hair with another hand. Fix the scale of the clipper at first following the user manual.

Start from the one side. You should go through eventually so that you can measure the right amount of hair that you want to cut actually.

 Step 6 Set a mirror at the back to cut backside:

Set a larger mirror at your back to cut the backside. You are better to have an assistant to hold the back mirror.

Look at the mirror carefully and run the clipper. Start from the bottom to the top.

Step 7 Use a Scissor to cut the top:

Get a professional hair-cutting scissor that is sharp enough to cut hair in a snip.

Snip the scissor carefully so that you may not hurt your scalp. Just cut the top of your hair.

 Step 8 Cut your sideburns:

Already, you have come to the last stage of how to cut your own hair men. Look at your sideburns in the mirror.

Run the clipper smoothly measuring both sideburns. Here, you may have to run the clipper several times.

 Step 9 Now apply some gel:

Apply some hair gel to have a more stylish look right now. You may have trouble at the first time but practice regularly.

Step 10 Finishing up:

Bookmark the article on how to cut your own hair black men to read it again when you are cutting your own hair.

How to Cut Your Own Hair with Clipper’s Female:

Following the 10 steps can make an expert cutting your own hair several times.

I have mentioned the easiest and effective way on how to cut your own hair with clippers female.

Types of Hair for Layer Cut

You may be wondering that how does your hair looks so manageable, better texture, and fluffy after your trip to your stylist? Well, the answer is, various layers and layered haircuts.

Different types of layers create different types of looks for different types of hair. You need to identify your hair and what look suits you the best and then choose the type of layer cut accordingly.

Here are some different types of layer cuts –

  • V-shaped layer cuts for long hair
  • Sleek lob for minimal layers
  • Choppy layers
  • Wispy layered on thin hair
  • Textured choppy layer cuts for medium hair

Don’t skip a single step otherwise you are going to ruin your hairstyle.

 Step 1 Prepare your hair:

Time is very important when you are going to cut your hair. Females generally have longer hair than men.

Try to wash your hair with shampoo and dry up your hair completely. Use your hairdryer.

Comb hair to detangle your hair. Get a comb near you always.

 Step 2 Choose a definite haircut:

You are better off having a haircut manual guideline book. Look at the different hairstyles carefully so that you can cope up with the style.

I would suggest you select a simple hairstyle for the first time. Pick a simple one that suits your personality.

How to Cut Your Own Hair with Clipper's Female

 Step 3 Follow a scale of different haircut sizes:

Get a scale that is fit to measure your hair size. Look at the haircut guideline and measure your hair.

Look at the size carefully and the direction on how to measure your hair size.

 Step 4 Stand before a mirror:

Now, stand before a larger mirror that covers your entire hair providing a clear look. Add some lights on the mirror.

Put a towel around your shoulder to hold the cutting hairs. The place should be comfortable to stand and run the clipper smoothly.

Step 5 Think before you start:

Think for the last time regarding the hairstyle and clippers. Think about whether you have a suitable clipper or not.

Look at the hairstyle that you are going to experience whether it is possible on your own or not. If need changes, change immediately because once you cut your hair, you can never get it back.

Step 6 Use a comb to divide your hair:

Use your regular comb to divide hairs into some portions. You better hold the hair with hair clips so that they cannot come into the operation.

Listen, perfect divisions of hair can provide you the best haircut.

Step 7 Start with your clippers:

Start from one side. Make sure, you have held a comb in one hand and a clipper in the other hand.

Run the clipper over the comb. Don’t be hurry to ruin all these things. Run the clipper eventually on each side of the hair.

Step 8 Measure your hair size and style:

Now, measure your hair size with the style on the book that you have determined to do.

Look at your current hairstyle. I hope, you have your determined hairstyle already.

Step 9 Final checkup:

Watch out every corner of the hair portion. Search for any disorder in the hairstyle.

If you find any disorder on the hairstyle then follow the instructions from the beginning.

Step 10 Finishing:

Comb hair in different directions to make different hairstyles. Add some hair gel to decorate your own made hairstyle.

You can follow this instruction if you have a question on how to cut your own short hair female.

How to Cut your Own Hair Short:

Teenager including the older also likes to keep short hair due to following the current trends.

Whatever you want to do learn How to cut your own hair shoulder length. You have to follow the instructions of the previous paragraph with the instructions below.

 Step 1 Prepare your hair:

Follow the previous instruction to prepare your hair. Look at your face carefully. Short hair fits the female having a round face.

Here, you may have to use a scissor. Get a well-sharp scissor that can cut your shoulder-length hair in one snip.

Step 2 Measure your hair length:

Measure your hair length with a scale. Look at the mirror and determine how long hair you want to keep.

You can follow the guidelines by experts or your favorite celebrity hairstyle. Just get the actual size.

Use your comb to measure the hair size several times. Do it several times to get the actual measurement.

If possible, get someone as your assistant who can hold a mirror at the back so that you can see the back hair in the mirror.

Step 3 Add hair clips where to stop:

Add hair clips to hold the hair portions tightly. You better make a ponytail on the back of your scalp after having the size.

The hair clips will indicate to you where to stop the operation. Do not cross the marking or you will ruin your hairstyle.

Step 4 Snip with a Scissor:

Now, get the scissor in one hand and hold your hair in the other hand. Snip with the scissor in the right place.

Try to snip the scissor hardly so that you can cut the extended hair in one shot. Run the scissor flat so that you can measure the hair length easily.

Step 5 Measure your shoulder length hair again:

Get the scale and measure the hair length again. Put out all the hair clips when you are measuring for the final time.

 Step 6 Finishing:

Now, Have some hairstyles. Comb your hair in different directions so that you can have the proper idea of the new hair size.

To cut your hair like an expert read the portion of the article on how to cut your own hair shoulder length.

How to cut your own hair in layers ponytail

Dry up your hair:

Prepare your hair following the previous instructions. Decide the perfect time when you want to do it. Having wet hair, you should not cut hair.

After washing your hair, dry up your hair with a towel. Moreover, put the towel around your shoulder to hold the cutting hair.

Comb your hair:

properly Comb your hair to detangle all the knots. Comb hair in different directions to get all the hairs in your grab.

Try to hold the hair with your hand. You have to turn the hair front over your head so that you can see the ponytail with your eyes.

Add a hair clip:

Add a hair clip to hold the bundle of hair. Make sure, the bunch of hair includes all hair. If you miss any, it will show embarrassment.

Fix the right length:

Fix the right length of your ponytail to cut. You better measure the hair with a scale. Don’t hurry here. The entire operation depends on this stage.

Get a well-sharp scissor:

Get a well-sharp scissor to cut the bunch of hair in one snip. Here, you have to run the scissor flat to cut all the hair equally.

Put out the clips:

Put out the clips and leave all the hairs. Look at the mirror when you have done it. If the edges of your hair are not flat then do it again.

I hope, you have your desired hairstyle now.

What happens if you cut your hair in a ponytail?

You can experience a bundle of things when you cut your hair in a ponytail. Check out the list if you are going to cut your hair in a ponytail.

  1. The ponytail is efficient to cut short hair perfectly. If you can make a perfect ponytail grabbing all the hairs, you will have a nice haircut in a while.
  2. Making a ponytail is easy to cut your hair in less time than others.
  3. You cannot apply a ponytail for kinds of hairstyles.
  4. Sometimes, it may go wrong for a distinct hairstyle. If you have long hair, you cannot apply this method.
  5. When you are cutting your hair yourself with a ponytail, you can cut in the wrong direction that can damage your hairstyle. Once you cut your hair in the wrong direction, you can never fix it then.

Bottom line

I hope, you have come through some new information and instructions to cut your hair yourself. Nobody can be perfect in a day.

To save the saloon cost, you have to practice the instruction several times at your home. Enjoy your own made hairstyle.

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