How to Dye Synthetic Hair- Complete Guide

How to dye synthetic hair is must-have stuff for the woman nowadays. Wearing the same wig for a long time is boring, right?

Are you searching for the easiest way of how to dye your fake hair? Do you need a short cut way to dye your wig with home remedies?

Read the article eventually to get a proper answer to all these questions.

Look: I have mentioned the instructions for dyeing hair step by step with the needed ingredients.

Let’s start.

How do you fix your hair color that is too dark?

Is your hair color too dark? Then follow this easy instruction step by step and correct the pigmentation:

Step-1: Bleed the pigmentation:

First of all, bleed the hair color. Before rushing into the washroom, be sure that you have the right product to do it. Use a clarifying or classic shampoo and wash twice and more if it is necessary.

Step-2: Rinse your hair more and more:

For lighting, you must wash your hair to bleed the dark color. It would be best if you wash your hair as much as you can. You can rinse the hair three times a day to reduce the dark pigmentation.

Step-3: Nourish the hair:

As soon as you reach closer to your desirable color, give your hair a rest. Shampoos not only can remove the color but also reduce natural oil and nutrition from the scalp. So it’s time to nourish your hair. Use oil regularly and apply nourishing conditioner to the hair to get the real delight of hair.

What can I use to dye synthetic hair?

Alcohol-based ink:

Alcohol-based ink is the perfect choice for dying synthetic hair. This color matches the hair properly just like a new wig.

Normal hair color:

If you have hair color at your home, you can simply use them to dye your wig. Normal hair color can be costly. You have many alternatives here.

Sharpie ink:

This is the cheapest option to dye synthetic hair. You can get some color from the old sharpies.

Food color:

People generally ask how to dye synthetic hair with food coloring. Yes, you can use food coloring to dye your wig following the instructions below.

Let’s Watch a Video Reviews!

What do you need to dye synthetic hair?

Ink or color:

Select one of the options to color your synthetic wig. Whatever you select, try to choose the best one for you. You will get many synthetic hair dye brands in your local market.

Spray bottle:

A normal size spray bottle will be perfect. Make sure the bottle is clean.


Get a larger tooth hair comb. The comb should be clean.

Tissue paper:

The tissue paper will help to wipe unwanted color from the wig. You have to use tissue on the floor where you will dye the wig.

Hand gloves:

Hand gloves will save your hands from getting color.


In the case of a hurry, you can use a hairdryer with less power to dry up the wig.


You need water to mix up the color and wash out the wig as well. You can use alternatives ways to wash out the fake hair.

How to dye synthetic hair step by step

Step 1 Mix up water and the color:

Get the color, water, and the spray bottle on a table. Now put all the color or ink measuring the amount into the spray bottle.

Put in water measuring the same volume. Here, you can use medical scales to measure the color and water.

If you have an average size of a hair, you can buy a 29.6 ml bottle of ink. On the other hand, if you have larger hair buy 2 unite of 19.6 ml bottle of ink.

Before buying the ink, choose your favorite color that you want to dye on your fake hair, by Yourself

Step 2 Add more water to change the color:

Look at the color. The color should look more vibrant and deep.

If you want more transparent color on the wig then add more water into the spray bottle. The more water you pour the more pastel color you get.

Step 3 Use sharpie ink as an alternative:

If you don’t want to purchase alcohol-based ink, you can use sharpie ink as an alternative way.

Get a knife and pull of the ink tube from the sharpie ink. Now put the ink tube into the spray bottle and add some water. Keep for a night.

Step 4 Select a wig:

Now, purchase a wig of white or light color that suits you well. Keep in mind that you are going to dye the wig so select a color that will focus you.

Step 5 Place the wig and prepare:

Now place the fake hair in a safe place. As you have to spray the color over the wig, the ink may spread all around.

Spread some old clothes to prevent the dropping of the ink on the floor. Your home yard could be the best place.


Step 6 Put in hand gloves:

Put in hand gloves. The hand gloves should be an outfit in your hands so that they can save your hands from the ink.

Step 7 Spray a portion of hair:

Hold a portion of hair and spray over it with another hand. Look at the color carefully and measure how many coats you need to reach the actual color that you wanted.

Spray only the upper side of the wig that is visible. Spray 3 to 4 inches at a time.

You may need to spray 3 to 5 times on the same area to get the actual coat.

Step 8 Spray all the portions of the wig:

Dig into the scalp of the wig and scratch the hair to bring them upside.

Spray all over the hair following the previous steps. Keep in mind that you must do the attentively lest you will discolor some area.

Step 9 Comb the wig:

Layout the wig with a longer-tooth comb. Comb the wig slowly so that you can whether the color spread all over the hair or not.

Comb to blend the hair with the ink properly. Use your fingers where necessary.

Step 10 Place the wig in the air to dry up:

Now, place the wig in the open air to dry up. Wait for a while until the wig gets dry up completely.

Make sure, there is not dust in the air.

Step 11 Rinse the wig with freshwater:

Rinse the wig with freshwater slowly. Put your fingers deeper into the wig and pour in water slowly.

Keep rinsing the wig until you get clean water from the wig.

Step 12 Free the knots out of hair:

Use your comb and finger to detangle the wig. Go through all the portions of hair eventually.

Step 13 Use your hairdryer:

It is time to finishing the operation. Get your hair dryer and set the lowest heat. Keep the hairdryer around a feet distance.

Put in the wig and look at the mirror. Do you have your color?

Bottom line:

I recommend you read the article attentively two times more so that you can be familiar with the instruction on how to dye synthetic hair.

In the case of any problem, comment us with your problem.

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