How To Perm Hair At Home With Household Items

Hair perm has become a new trend for the younger in the present world. Despite its difficulty, girls want to accomplish a hard job at their home. If you are willing how to perm hair at home with household items, you have stepped into the right place.

Here, I have discussed the easiest way of how to perm hair at home with household items.

Read every step attentively including the maintenances of perm hair at the last of the article.

Perm Hair at Home

Hair perm is in trend nowadays. You can consider doing it. But it is expensive to do in a parlor; however, you can use your household items to perm your hair.

You can easily perm your hair at home. You can use your household items and a hair perm solution and perm your hair.

Here are the steps you need to follow to perm your hair –

  • Wash your hair with shampoo
  • Use towels and caps to protect your skin
  • Make three sections of your hair
  • Wrap the area using the curling rod
  • Use a dropper for the hair perm solution
  • Drop the solution on the rod
  • Rinse your hair
  • Dry your hair

Do you want to perm your hair? Follow the steps we have showed you.

What do I need to perm hair at home?

How To Perm Hair
How To Perm Hair
  1. Shampoo: Buy a couple of shampoo regarding the thickness of your hair. Remember, shampoo with hair proteins may make your hair healthy.
  2. Freshwater: Freshwater is to rinse out hair several times.
  3. Towel and caps: Towel and caps will save your skin and cloth from the hair perm solution.
  4. Thin hair comb: A thin hair comb handle will help you to separate the portions of hair and make hair strands.
  5. Hairdryer: It will help to dry up hair faster.
  6. Rod: This is the main equipment. It will make curly hair by putting the rod inside the hair buns.
  7. Papers: We can make small rods with normal papers.
  8. Hair perm solution: This one is a very important and essential element to perm hair. You can buy a hair perm solution in the local market.

Here, you have to follow some instruction when you are buying a solution. At first, check out the chemical level and brand of the company.

Read the level over the solution pack carefully. Check out the expiry date.

Take advice from experts for the betterment of your hair and perm as well.

  1. Hair neutralizer: Hair neutralizer will help the scalp and hair to tolerate the effect of the hair perm solution. Try to buy one produced by a reputed brand.

How to Perm Hair at Home with Household Items:

Section one: Preparing hair

Step 1: Wash your hair with shampoo: At first, you have to prepare hair according to the instruction.

Take a shampoo (no conditioner) and get to your washroom.

Rinse your hair with fresh water carefully so that you can apply shampoo properly. Wash out your entire head with shampoo.

Wait for a little bit to dry up your hair in the open air.

Step 2: Get a towel and caps to protect your skin: Put a towel around your neck and use a cap over the towel so that the solution cannot make your skin dirty.

You can buy caps at your local market or online shop. Buy some caps to ensure the safety of your skin.

Step 3: Make three sections onto your hairWhen you are ready, dig into deeper the process. Now, we have to divide hair into three sections.

Make two sections on both sides and one in the middle of your forehead.

Use the tall handle of the hair comb to grab the hair. Do not take much hair on one side.

Twist the hair sections on both sides at first then come to the middle at the forehead.

Use buns to tie the hair sections.

How To Perm Hair At Home With Household Items

Section two: Wrapping hair with papers and rod

 Step 1: Take a thin hair strand from the middle section: Start from the middle section of hair. Stand in front of any mirror so that you can see the hair strand clearly, where you are operating.

Open up the bun from your forehead. Do not take too much hair in one strand. A perfect amount of hair will help you to make a fast and fine perm.

You can start from the forehead or the back, as you will.

Step 2: Use two papers in the middle of the strand: Get two papers of 5/4 inches and put them at the strand vertically.

Make sure you have kept the papers aside just up from the scalp. Any displacement of the papers may cause difficulties in the process.

Step 3: Wrap the section with a curling rod: Now, use the curling rod to twist the strand keeping the paper inside.

The paper will create a rolling shape. Grab the right amount of hair in one strand.

Step 4: Follow the process in the entire section: After doing the first strand, follow the same way to make the entire sections roll.

It may consume a lot of time. However, you should make the rolls with the proper patient. After finishing the middle section, jump to one side.

Finish the other side also following the same instruction.

Step 5: Arrange two columns of the rod on each side: Follow a line up when you are rolling the hair strands.

Make sure that, you have rolled up the strand in two columns on each side. If you can make it straight, the shape of the hair perm will be in a good line.

How To Perm Hair At Home With Home video

 Section three: Applying the hair perm solution

 Step 1: Pierce the hair perm solution: Before piercing the hair perm solution, read the instructions on the level of the packet.

What you need to do, you can see in the level clearly. Now pierce the solution pack with a pin. Make it tinny in size so that you can measure the amount of the solution.

Step 2: Keep the dropper close to the rod: Keep the dropper close to the scalp. You have to drop the solution just over the rod.

Do not drop the chemical over the scalp whimsically. Watch out for the amount of chemical that you are dropping over the roll.

Step 3: Wait for 10 to 15 minutes: After finishing all the three sections of hair, wait for five minutes. Unwrap the rod and see the shape. If you can see an “S” shape, wait for two-three minutes more.

Do not wait for the full time. Unwrap all the rods before the exact time.

Step 4: Rinse your hair with fresh water keeping the rods inside: Now it is time to rinse the rolls keeping the rods inside the hair.

Wash out your hair for three minutes.

You have to rinse up the hair again after a few minutes.

Step 5: Dry up the hair: Use your hair drier to dry up your hair. Take time to dry up.

Do not hurry and increase the heat of your drier.

Keep the hair drier in the natural distance.

Step 6: Use a neutralizer: When your hair is dry enough, apply the neutralizer. A hair neutralizer will make sure the health of your hair.

Step 7: Remove the rods: Remove the rods from the hair roll. After removing the rods, rinse your hair with fresh water.

Do not use any shampoo or conditioner this time. Just use normal water.

How to maintain perm hair at home:

How to maintain perm hair at home
How to maintain perm hair at home

Do not comb hair after washing hair.

Do not apply shampoo for the next week.

Stay away from making any style for a week.

After two or three weeks later, you can dye hair again.

Bottom line: Before applying the instructions, you must be familiar with all the steps. Try to synchronize all the steps in your mind.

Read the step twice or thrice to avoid an unwanted accident.

When you are applying the methods, open this article on how to perm hair at home with household items again, and follow the steps eventually.

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