How to Unclog Butane Lighters – Complete Guide

How to Unclog Butane Lighters

Butane lighters are ideal for cigar lovers. But it is also usable for many purposes. We can mention its application in fixing copper pipes or removing paints by using a butane lighter. It is also famous for caramelizing sugar on top of a dessert or frozen water pipes. Butane lighters are easy to use. In most of the models, you can use it with a simple button click. There is many butane lighters torch style, and many others are a soft flame that runs on butane too.

But the fact happens when the lighter is not lighting every time. Or it may get a soft flame instead of a torch flame. It is time to clean out the burnet and get its natural condition back again. Here in this article, we will describe how to unclog butane lighters to improve their flaming system still.

Butane Torch Lighter problems:

A cigar lover should have a Butane lighter for several reasons. Butane can show more facilities than liquid fuel. Sometimes it can exhibit more impurities than them. But you can find some problems with your butane torch lighter after many days of using it. Such as:

  • Your butane torch lighter may create sparks but can’t make a full flame.
  • The flame gets a short time so that you can’t use it properly.
  • The lighter doesn’t spark for its flint’s problem,

How to fix a Butane torch lighter:

Facing problems with the Butane torch lighter is very common. But you can fix all those problems by following some tips.

  • The performance of your Butane lighter depends on its quality. Purchase butane, which can give you only better activity and lasts for a longer time.
  • After refilling many times, the tank can be overwhelmed with air pockets. Flip your Butane lighter upside down and release the air pocket with a small screwdriver.
  • If you have a poor quality lighter, clean the jets regularly. Hit the jets with compressed air. It will blow out the burner and make the touch’s operation faster.

How to Unclog Butane Lighters

Pipe smokers avoid ordinary lighters, although they are reliable. But there is a common problem with butane lighters, and it is clogging. You may need to follow a few processes to avoid clogging, but it is tending to become obstructed from time to time. Your lighter will be clogged frequently if you don’t use triple refined butane fuel. Moreover, you have to use the proper filling process.

Anyway, let’s see what the unclogging process of butane lighters is.

1. Cleaning the Flint Wheel and Nozzle

Generally clogging happens for using unrefined fuel. Furthermore, while holding the flame over a pipe bowl a prolonged lighting process is another reason for clogging.  That’s why at first we need to clean the nozzle and wheel. It is easy to clean. You can clean the fling wheel and vent by brushing. The best option is to use a designed stiff-bristled brush to unclogging the wheel and nozzle.

2. Escaping Gas and Make the Lighter Empty

Now we need to purge the base of the lighter. We can use a wooden match or anything similar to this. We have to push the fill valve on them, and then it will purge. The purpose of this activity is to escape the gas. You will hear a hissing noise the same as gas escapes.

Do it repeatedly until the lighter is empty.

3. Third Step

In this step, at the first press the plastic nozzle extension tube. It is attached to a can of compressed air against the lighter gas outlet valve. From your butane lighters, you have to blow out other remaining residues too. Hold the canister plunger down for up to two seconds and move the extension tube back. The additional waste will emit from the lighter recess.

4. Fourth Step

After removing everything from it, refill the lighter with triple-refined butane gas.

5. Final Step

You have completed the workout by refilling the Butane Lighters. Now you have to retest. Relax the element from a piece of fine spinning tracer wire. Poke the end of the find stands into the lighter nozzle.

Caution: Do not put sideways pressure. This can cause the reaming out and deform the nozzle outlet.

In the end, apply a second blast from the compressed air canister and retest. That’s a pretty simple process.

Few Tips to Avoid Clogging

There are many brands in this butane making industry. Buy the good one. We can mention two high-quality butane producer brands as Xikar and S T DuHow to Unclog Butane Lighterspont. They are a famous and renowned company for product ultra-refined butane. When you buy high-quality butane, it has less chance of clogging.

Whenever you need to refill it, bleed the tank properly. A tiny bit of air sneaks into the containers, and after three or four refills the tanks are overwhelmed with bubble. In this situation, it is always the best option to escape fuel and other residues before refill it again.

If you use low-quality fuel at any time, you should clean the jet to unclogged it. You can clean the jet quickly. Simply bleed the lighter and don’t use low-quality fuel anymore.

Final Word

You know there are lots of butane lighters in the market. Every lighter is unique with its individual feature. So you can buy what you like and which one meets your demand. It is costly than an ordinary lighter. Butane lighters are famous than any other lighters. But these lighters can damage if you use unrefined fuel. You can unclog your butane lighters by following our shown method, but it is always better if you can avoid clogging.

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