The 7 Most Comfortable Tree Climbing Spikes Reviews 2021

Call it a safety precaution or a tricky aspect, climbing trees is a pretty obvious part of hunting or any other survival acts. But one can hardly relate to the fact that a wrong climbing spike can put a threat on the climber’s life.

Best comfortable Tree Climbing SpikesDon’t get me wrong, but it’s a true fact that about 70 tree climbers died in 2016 only. And that was mainly because of the wrong choice of climbing spikes.

Hence, we’ve gone into the supreme depth of 202’s market of tree climbing spies and hand-picked 7 best climbing harnesses for you.

To back you up, there is an in-depth buyer’s guide along with a how-to guide to make sure you can use the spikes properly.

Seems promising? I’m sure it will keep being better. Let’s start crawling-

The 7 Best Tree Climbing Spikes Comparison 2021


Klein Tools CN1907ARL Tree Climber Set

  • Pad: Leather
  • Color: Brown
Check The Price

Notch Gecko Steel Climbers w/Tree Gaffs

  • Pad: Foam, Integrated
  • Color: Black-Green
Check The Price

Buckingham Steel Spur Kit with Big Buck Pads

  • Pad: Wide Foam
  • Color: Black
Check The Price

Evoke Gear Tree Climbing Spike Set

  • Pad: Leather
  • Color: Deep Brown
Check The Price

Gecko Tree Comfortable Climbers Set

  • Pad: Foam, Integrated
  • Color: Black-Red
Check The Price

Sports Climbers Pair of Sport Climbers

  • Pad: Thin Fabric-Foam
  • Color: Camouflage
Check The Price

HUAWELL Tree Climber Set

  • Pad: Fabric Straps
  • Color: Silver-Blue
Check The Price

The 7 Most comfortable Tree Climbing Spikes Reviews

1. Klein Tools CN1907ARL Tree Climber Set

Editor Rating

As long as the industry of climbing spikes are concerned, every brand is after making hefty and bulky ones for some reason. But when it comes to meeting the sweet spot of meeting convenience and minimalism, Klein Tools has just nailed it with the Klein Tools CN1907ARL Tree Climber Set.

For this and many more reasons, this stands to be our #1 pick of the listing.

The first visual difference that you might wonder about is the leather made climber pads instead of regular, cushy ones. Well, this 8” x 8” padding actually eliminated the durability issues that cushy pads are often accused of. Plus, they are no less comfy at all.

To add up to the durability, the straps are also made of neoprene-impregnated materials.

The second best perk of this climber spike is the security that it provides. And it’s done in many layers. Let us explain-

Firstly, it’s the security of the leg iron and sleeve connection. With two hex-bolts and a barrel type nut assembly, the joins happen to be theoretically unbreakable.

Moving forward, another strong joint you’ll find within the ankle strap with the split ring. Being made of steel these rings make sure that the ankle straps don’t slip and move around. If you know what it means, you can justify its importance.

A lot of us users might wonder about the adjustability of the straps and the overhaul frame itself. The strap itself is pretty much adjustable. But then again, if you want to select a dedicated size for you, there are three of them available from the seller.


2. Notch Gecko Steel Climbers w/Tree Gaffs

Editor Rating

These steel-made tree climbers are one of the finest ones that Notch Gecko- the brand has created so far. If not the design, the built quality and sturdiness will vouch on behalf of it, if you dive deep enough.

Let’s start with the backbone of the climbers- the leg frame. This one is made of steel, which is pretty much the industry standard. But they’ve taken extra care of the finish of the steel frame.

Why does it matter? You might ask.

Well, in open outdoor climbing, the frame can easily catch on rust and corrosion and damage the durability of it anyway. But with the finishing than Notch Gecko had, you don’t need to worry about such issues anyway.

Moving from durability to adjustability, we have got a couple of facts to point at.

Firstly, it’s the plastic molded cuff that comes with a sheer amount of adjustability in it. And the straps that come with it, are another layer of freedom when it comes to adjusting the pad as per your comfort. They are 4” wide, and that’s more than what anyone would need.

The maximum weight of the user that it can convey is 350 pounds, which is pretty much the standard. To back up its efficiency, it meets the ASTM standards as well.

Just in case you need any substitute, replacement, and even spare copies, the brand sells each of the parts individually.


3. Buckingham Steel Spur Kit with Big Buck Pads

Editor Rating

As the second runners up of the listing, we have a complete Steel Spur Kit with Big Buck Pads from the inventory of Buckingham. From many of either similar-looking all-in-one climbing spike sets, there are a number of standout differences of this one. And that’s what drove us to enlist it at #3. 

We’ll get into it shortly.

For the record, what you’ll have in the box is- a pair of spurs, gaffs for pole or tree climbing, straps, pads, and gaff guards. The price might look a bit higher than other lookalike sets, but there are solid reasons behind that.

In most of the cases, these all-in-one spur kits lack in one way or another. For example, if you get the leg frame right, the padding might be something that had been compromised.

But with the Steel Spur Kit, we’ve hardly found any such objection. Especially, they’ve focused on the comfort of the user. And that’s what drove them to add a big buck pad that comes with a handful of padding.

On top of that, to keep such big padding in the right place and shape, there is a steel insert with each of them. No matter how much movement you make or how much lean you get, the paddings will be at their place supporting you for comfortable climbing.

With such big padding, we’re sure that you’re thinking of the adjustability factor for obvious reasons. Especially, if you have shorter/thinner legs, that’s a serious buying factor. But with the dual-strap combination that it comes with, you can rest assured about the fittings.


4. Evoke Gear Tree Climbing Spike Set

Editor Rating

The Evoke Gear Tree Climbing Spike Set is one of the win-win situations for climbers who’d love to grab something durable within budget. Just like a few of the other listings of today’s picks, this one is not just a climbing spike, but an entire set.

Within the Evoke Gear Tree Climbing Spike Set, we have got tree climbing leg irons, the essential straps, and a set of pads. Each of these three components has its roles to play when you’ll be up to climb a tough-to-ride tree. We’ll get into it in a minute.

About getting the adjustability right, there comes a secure sleeve and connections for the iron leg. And both of them are adjustable within a very sophisticated range. Hence, climbers of any height and leg size can get into it with comfort.

Talking about comfort, there come the secure pads that will stay within the iron frame and your leg muscles. No matter how long you use them, you’ll not be spiked or poked by any of the metal parts of the iron legs.

With the Evoke Gear Tree Climbing Spike Set, the question of durability will hardly bother you. But just in case you need any of the replacements of these products, Evoke gear has got your back. You can purchase the replacements of each of these parts individually from the seller.


5. Gecko Tree Climbers Spike Set

Editor Rating

Right next, we have the Gecko Tree Climbers, which might not sound like a set of all of the essential footwear for tree climbing. But if you have a closer look at it, you’ll see the wonder.

The Gecko Tree Climbers is basically a one-body tree climber, which comes with all of the essentials that a set would do, but in an integrated way. That means, y9ou’ll have a shin cuff, a leg frame, and the essential padding for comfort. Hence, you can just let go of the complications of the installation, assembling, and disassembling.

But yet again, that’s not the only selling point of Gecko Tree Climbers. The material that the leg frame is made of, is lightweight aluminum. In fact, in terms of weight, it’s one of the lightest frames of tree climbing spikes that you can get.

For people who love to avoid being heavy while climbing, will surely fall for the Gecko Tree Climbers. For your information, the weight capacity is 350 pounds.

One of the risks with such all-in-one integrated spikes is the adjustability. Buy with Gecko Tree Climbers, you’ll get offset leg stirrups to customize the level of comfort you want from the spikes.

To add to the adjustability, the aluminum spurs that we’ve talked about before is something that would fit almost all of the leg sizes. If you’re bothered about it, let the worries fly away.

Although it comes as a whole piece of body, you can actually replace the steel gaffs. That’s a bonus, just in case some damage takes place to the gaffs.

From our end, our verdict would be quite a positive one. You can definitely try it out if you like a one-piece, whole tree climbing spikes.


6. Sports Climbers Pair of Sport Climbers

Editor Rating

Just as the brand name sounds, the next pair of climber spikes we have in hand, are actually sports grade. For people who have to involve themselves in tree climbing every once in a while, this is not something much-recommended. But otherwise, you’re going to love these climbing spikes.

The best selling point of this spike is the design of the spike itself. You’d see a V-shaped spike design in it, which will grab the maximum traction for you. It also maximized the spike surface, while it doesn’t reach so much damage to the tree surface as well.

Theoretically, you’ll find a close resemblance of this model to any typical climbing spikes that lumberjacks use to use. But the changes that it comes with are- a lighter weight design, more comfort for the user, and more ease of use. Of course, each of these three matters for any regular tree climber of lumberjacks.

As minimalistic as the spike looks, the weight of the spine is pretty low as well. With a fully equipped mood, it would weigh only 3 pounds, which is insanely lighter.

You can attach it to hunting boots or pace booths with a couple of straps that it comes with. The steel-made frame is also non-reflective. This means, if you need to climb up a tree while hunting, there will not be any reflection of sunlight that will distract the process of your hunting.

The last but not the least selling point of this spike set is, it’s pretty budget-friendly. But some of the users might not be happy with the kind of comfort the pads provide. Definitely, it can be improved.


7. HUAWELL Tree Climber Set

Editor Rating

If you are not a great fan of comfort within the tree climbing spikes, and you rather prefer something minimalistic and sturdy, this might be for you. Eventually, HUAWELL Tree Climber Set happens to be the last piece of listing of today, and this is exactly something aforementioned.

The core part of this spike set is the construction of the spikes. Firstly, they are made of stainless steel, which is good for durability. But the wider design under the soles that comes with it, is pretty convenient for climbing. After losing uses, it won’t be a pain for the bottom of your toe, and will still be functioning.

Next on, the way the spikes insert into the tree is pretty convenient. The tip of the thorn is sharp and hard enough that won’t even reach damage to the tree, and will manage to provide you with a good grip for climbing.

Another benefit of the small and compact design that this spike comes with is its portability. You can carry it around right in your backpack, and get it into use anytime you want. Although, it should have come with a sturdy carrying bag to protect the pointy back, but it can be manageable we think.


How to Choose the Best Tree Climbing Spikes

As you are done checking out all 7 of the best climbing spikes in the market, here is the obvious question- ‘Which one should you go for?’. 

Well, the answer would vary from person to person. At this segment of the article, we’ll pinpoint the factors that matter for making your purchase decision right away-

The Comfort:

First and foremost, you can’t keep climbing with a spike that’s not fitting well with your legs. Hence, checking out the comfort factors is the key to buying a good climbing spike pair.

Within comfort, the considerable are- the Adjustment, The Padding, and The Straps.

By adjustment, you need to make sure that you’ve brought the right size of spike pairs. They usually vary between 14-15 inches to 21-22 inches in size. By the padding, we’d suggest sticking to a comfy, cushy padding if you’re an amateur. If you’re a professional hunter, go for leather paddings for more durability.

Lastly, you need to make sure that the straps are adjustable enough to provide you with the best fit.

The Weight Capacity:

If you’re a bulky or tall person, you need to keep in mind about the weight factor of the spikes. Although, there is a standard 350 pounds weight capacity of all of the models we’ve mentioned in this listing. But not all of the brands stick to the promise.

The Durability Factor:

Let’s face it- climbing spikes will be pretty roughly used. It will be exposed to a highly humid environment, and the full bodyweight of yours will be on it. So, there is no alternative to selecting a highly durable one.

Look for a leg frame that’s made of steel or aluminum. Make sure it comes with a nice finishing. Also, look for cuffs that are made of durable material. Lastly, make sure that you’re storing it well while not using it.

The Price-quality Ratio:

You hate it to compromise with the quality just because it’s coming at a cheaper price. And we’re not advising it either.

By going for a good price-quality ratio, we’re rather suggesting you stick to the product that offers EXACTLy what you’d need. No more, no less. Investing hundreds of dollars after fancy-looking climbing spikes might turn into regrets later.

How to Use Tree Climbing Spikes?

Using a spike to climb trees might look tough until you look at the depth of it. Hence, here is a step by step guide for it-

Step 1: Learn Your Climbing Spikes:

First, you need to observe and learn the functionalities of your climbing spikes, if you’ve not done it yet. It involves learning how to put it on, how to adjust the straps, and how to tighten it up for a comfortable and yet, secure fitting.

Step 2: Observe and Inspect the Tree:

Now, observe the tree that you are about to climb from all aspects. Figure out which way you’ll start climbing it. Also, look for any defects in the tree, dead branches, etc.

Step 3: Start Climbing :

Start with throwing the flip line around the tree and try to catch it on the other end. This will let you start climbing the tree with ease. Also, make sure you have other climbing equipment like saddles, spurs, etc. Make sure you’re putting your weight in a balanced way each time you’re propagating with the spike.

Final Suggestion to pick the climbing Spikes:

Thanks for making it to the very bottom of this roundup listing of best tree climbing spikes. I’m sure that you’ve shortlisted at least one or more of these spikes for your next wild adventure. But make sure to select the right size, and stick to the safety measures anyway.  

And the last piece of advice would be not to compromise the quality for any other reasons. In the end, your life can depend on how promising the tree climber is. 

Let us know if you have any other choices of tree climbing spikes in mind. We’ll love it to enlist it in our next update.

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