How Much Does Hair Weigh – Learn Details (Update Guide)

Hair isn’t much heavy. If you think your hair matters in your physical weight then you are walking with the wrong thought. If you are still wandering with the question of how Much Does Hair Weigh – Learn Details, then read this article top to bottom. Honestly saying, it is very hard to write a certain answer to the following question. Hair weight depends on several issues that you have to consider.

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  • How much does hair weigh naturally?
  • How much does long hair weigh
  • How much does curly or short hair weigh?
  • How much does wet hair weigh
  • How should you measure hair weight?

How much does hair weigh naturally?

In short, hair doesn’t weigh so much. If you have measured hair on your bathroom scale then you may have got an average of 2kg to 2.5kg.

Hair weighs depends on hair length, thickness, and shagginess. You may have a different weigh-in at different times also.

Having normal length, it means the 12 to 36 inches hair may weigh your hair normally 2.5 kg. The hair weighs may increase the weight eventually.

Regarding normal hair weight, it does not affect our physical weight.

Here are the steps you need to follow to weigh your hair –

  • Wash your hair with shampoo
  • Use towels and caps to protect your skin
  • Make three sections of your hair
  • Wrap the area using the curling rod
  • Use a dropper for the hair perm solution
  • Drop the solution on the rod
  • Rinse your hair
  • Dry your hair

How much does long hair weigh?

At first, you have to consider the length of your hair. There can be differences in length.

You can consider that you have long hair after measuring your hair length above 36 inches. Getting longer than 36 inches of hair is not a matter of a joke.

If your hair lengths cross-away 36 inches then you may experience 2.5kg of hair weigh.

You should remember that you don’t have hair only on your head. Our whole body contains hair. How can you measure those hairs?

Are you thinking about shaving the whole body? Nope! Just follow some basic instructions to an exact measurement.


How much does curly or short hair weigh?

Hairstyle always deals with the running trend. Although long hair suits females better than any other hairstyle to everyone, a short hairstyle is common also.

Come to the point. If your short hair length is below 20cm then your hair weigh is below 2kg. It means you may have 1.5kg also.

The shaggy hairstyle may enhance the weight. It depends on the current hair position. How do you take care of your hair?

Regular hair treatment ensures less hair weight with a soft hairstyle. On the other hand, in the middle of treatment, your hair weighs may increase.

How much does wet hair weigh?

You may think that wet hair weight is heavier than normal hair condition. I appreciate your thought.

In my personal experience, I got that wet hair may add an extra 200 to 500grams to the total weight. However, this little increased weight is not matter.

Water does not stay too long in our hair. With the passing of air, water dries up so fast.

To be sure, measure your weight before going to the taking bath and measure weight again after coming from the bathroom.

You will get a very little difference in the comparison of weight.

How Much Does Hair Weigh – Learn Details

How should you measure hair weigh?

To get an accurate measurement of your weight and hair to weigh as well, you have to follow the instruction below.

Do not skip any instruction or you will lose the technique.

Weight regularly: As you are thinking about fitness, you must have a weight measurement scale at your house.

We measure our weight whimsically one day and get afraid of our fitness.

Looking at the mirror, we blame our hairstyle for having a shaggy style.

Hair weight does not matter in our total physical weight. We gain weight due to taking fatty food and irregular routine.

From now, maintain a routine that you will follow every day to measure your weight. You can measure your hair separately to get a thought of hair weigh.

Try to weigh naked: Did you feel shy? Yap! No problem. Try to measure total weight when you are naked.

Try to remember that all, are you doing to get the actual weight. When you have nothing on your body, you will get the actual weight of your physic.

Keep yourself dry: Although dryness is not a matter of physical weight, you should keep yourself dry at that time.

Bottom line: Do not worry if you have an ugly hairstyle. Hair weighs does not a fact to our physical weight.

You can be sure that we have enough ability to carry long hair on our heads. Keeping long hair is a natural phenomenon.

Thinking about how much does hair weighs, do not cut your beautiful hair. Your hair is your personality.

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