How to get rid of brassy hair with vinegar – Details (step by step) guide

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I started dyeing my blonde hair (why don’t I?)… Well, But I noticed that this gorgeous color turning into fade since I left the salon. And when I started shampooing my hair, it is getting faded more & more. Pretty soon it will lose its parlor look. And guess what’s left behind?..a messy brassy hair which is so annoying.

But Thanks to my beautician friends, they make a quick and natural solution to get me out this mess. Moreover, this isn’t an experimental solution. This works very effectively, homemade & all you just need is vinegar.

So if you are facing the same problem like me then quit stressing & move forward to reveal how to get rid of brassy hair with vinegar, causes of brassy hair, some pro tips to fight with brassy hair and final verdict.

What causes brassiness?

You already know, dying blonde hair is a crucial cause of brassiness. Basically, blonde hair can drench up everything inside the hair. This also incorporates other noticeable contamination all around the air, damage hair cuticles & causes brassiness.

Another integral motivation behind why your blonde hair is encountering brassiness is that your toner wears off. In any case, those are not the only two reasons that cause brassiness.

There exist some other factors, such as,

  • Sometimes natural hair shading may have bold hints, for instance, when your normal hair shading isn’t blonde. Odds are, you will always need to battle brassiness, and it is the only way of how hair shading works.
  • Sunlight is very harming for your blonde hair, and it can disrupt your valuable strands. After some time, it will debilitate your hair shaft and abandon it into breakage, which prompts brassiness
  • Sometimes, mineral stores inside hair are to be faulted for the hair brassiness. You should concern about the water of your washroom. If it weighs hard, which implies high in mineral substance, it can unleash ruin on your hair.

How to get rid of brassy hair with vinegar? Follow below step

In light of that, one arrangement that fights with brassiness is vinegar. So, how does it help? Well, first of all, vinegar can reinforce your hair, improve your gloss, bring down the pH esteem, keep scalp diseases away, and keep any organisms from harming your hair.

But vinegar doesn’t do it solely. It requires the help of are some other ingredients. Also, everything comes down to the shading range. Presently, individuals utilize diverse hair colors for this technique. Yet, they have one mutual, and that is vinegar.

However, which technique you imply the process is the same. Just blend those food shading with vinegar and flush your hair with it.

Here is the detailed recipe: To get rid of brassy hair with vinegar

  • While vinegar ( 2 cups)
  • Blue & red food coloring ( 7-8 drops)
  • Towel
  • Shampoo


  • Bend all the items in a cup
  • Wash your hair with a shampoo & then conditioning as you do regularly
  • Apply the whole mixture of vinegar & food color around your scalp. You should be careful while doing this; keep the mixture out of your eyes, face & mouth.
  • Keep the mixture for 2/3minutes. Then clean it with light-boil water.
  • Brush your hair, and wait until dry your hair completely.

Yet, there are some other alternatives of vinegar, we suggest applying this technique. It will add extra gorgeousness in your hair & looks shinier.

Safety measures and reactions:

While this treatment is considered an effective treatment to fight against brassiness, there are a couple of things you have to consider. At first, keep in mind that vinegar is incredibly acidic.  So, you should not utilize it multiple times each month. You can apply this treatment maximum three times in a month. Else, it will bring more damage than recovery.

Therefore, adding sustenance shading (food color) to your cleanser or conditioner won’t risk your hair. It is totally sheltered & you can utilize it without any doubt.

But which food color is best to utilize? Well, most suggest using purple food coloring. But there is no limitation. Better try different one & pick up the best which suits on your scalp.

Hence, for the best outcomes, we suggest completing a cuticle test before utilizing on your entire scalp. The accurate harmony between blue, red green and purple sustenance shading relies upon the dimness and deepness of the shading of your hair.

Pro Tips to Fight against Brassiness:

Yet, this method is very effective to get rid of brassiness within a short period; I also want to add some pro tips that will help you more.

These are here:

  • Suppose, you have to party to attend within an hour still you are in a mess of brassiness. You don’t have enough time to go through this process. What should you do? Well, don’t worry. Here is the quickest solution- just go to the nearest parlor & tell them to apply a violet or blue-base toner over your scalp. Toners are far better than colors, so you don’t have to stress over harming your hair.
  • In the event that you need to battle the bold hair issue at the grassroots dimension, this tip is for you. Bold hair is typically caused because of the existence of iron and chlorine in water using shower time to clean your hair. The iron adds a solid rosy tinge around your hair. To get rid of this damage, it is wise to utilize a showerhead filter. It will isolate the minerals from water during shower time.

Final Verdict

I hope the process I share to get rid of brassy hair with vinegar will help you bring back the old blonde look & glossiness of hair in no time. If you have any query or recommendation feels free to ask me in the comment section.



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