Male Or Female Pattern Baldness Symptoms & Treatment

I think the answer is yes. To make you more conscious about baldness, I must say that if you are in the beginning, there is nothing to worry about. Baldness is a continuous process of hair loss from the scalp. With the increasing of time age, once may experience hair baldness. As we think hair fall is not a big deal at all, it becomes great with the name of hair baldness Male or female pattern baldness symptoms.

let me explain details male or female pattern baldness symptoms

Generally, baldness occurs due to heredity and age mostly. Heredity is the main reason for men’s baldness. Sometimes age could be a reason for hair loss which is quite natural. I must say that hair fall due to heredity is really hard to stop than age. At the first stage, it seems to lose a small amount of hair every day. You may experience losing hair mostly in the time of taking a bath.

Male pattern baldness:

Male pattern baldness may cause hair to fall from your whole body. The main cause for a male is heredity. With the duration of time, men may experience that they could see a pattern on the side of the forehead. Forehead could be the first place for baldness.

Basically, you may have seen that some of your relatives or friends having the problem of baldness. If you could see their scalp clearly then you may have seen M shape or a circle in the middle of the head. This is called male pattern baldness. Sometimes, the baldness occurs spot by spot in a circle.

Female pattern baldness:

female pattern baldness pictures
Female Pattern Baldness Pictures

Listen, female pattern baldness is very rare. But in the present time with the use of cosmetics, females are also having baldness problems. Hair loss for a female is very natural. If you are losing 50 to 100 hairs regularly then it is natural. This hair fall will be filled up with the passing days. But if you are losing much more than that number, you are about to experience baldness.

Female pattern baldness is also recognized as Androgenic Alopecia. I may say that if you are getting this kind of hair falling issue recently then don’t worry. There is a chance to remove this problem.

Male and female pattern baldness symptoms:

After researching a certain period of time, I have got some major symptoms of male baldness. Read the symptoms and measure with your current condition.

Sudden hair loss:

This is the primary stage of baldness for both males and females. As I said that you may lose hair 50 to 100 in a day, losing hair regularly is very common to female. It is common for male persons also. Sometimes, we may experience hair loss by hearing shocking news or anything that is unexpected.

As hair is a part of our organ, it may be affected by such kind of mental pressure. Stress is a major cause of hair loss problems. Our daily stress of the job, duty, and living may force us to baldness. If you could experience that you are losing hair much more than previous days, there is something wrong happening on your scalp.

Thinning hair on the top of head:

This is the first sign of baldness. You may say that you are having baldness by looking at the top of your head. I must say that if this is a very new issue to you then be calm. At first, you need to check out the reason why your hair this thinning at the top. Male and female may experience this symptom spontaneously.

The difference between the two is males may see thinning on the top on the other hand female may experience hair receding on the line. Male can see it by capturing photos of the top and females may see it simply in the mirror. The major sign for men is to have M shape on the forehead it means he is losing hair side by side. Besides, females may experience hair receding the hairline day by day.

male–pattern-baldness-symptoms video

Full-body hair loss:

Full body hair-lose does not happen in a day. You may experience hair loss for the whole body due to medical treatment or for some serious disease. Diseases such as cancer or other related mortal diseases may force you to have hair loss. This is a common issue for males or females.

For example, chemotherapy may cause your whole body hair to loss with just applied for one or twice. But there is a possibility to grow hair again when this kind of treatment remains off. If you are getting any treatment-related with hair to loss problem, I must say that wait for a reasonable time.

Round or coin-sized bald spot:

This hair loss symptom is usually for men. Generally, this is a disease but you may get it as hair loss problem. It looks like a coin-shaped spot spread into the scalp. It may force you to have pain and itching problems also. This symptom of hair loss is very rare for females as well as males. Besides the scalp, you may see this spot bald in your eyebrows and beard. Be careful if you are having this problem.


Hair broke:

This is the first issue for the female to have to receding hairline. You may experience hair loss every day and it is common for all. But if your hair is breaking then you are in a dangerous line to have baldness. At first, it attacks the line and starts losing hair rapidly. And once a time you may see a broad space or line into your scalp.


Any kind of hair problem may occur itching. You know that it is very much disturbing. It happens due to having dust and dandruff on the scalp. When you are feeling itching very much, you may see hair lose rapidly. After a period of time, it may turn into baldness.


Dryness is the result of fewer vitamins on your hair. If your hair does not get enough minerals and vitamins, it may go vein within a few periods of time. If your hair is dried, take action immediately to prevent baldness.

You have got the major symptom of hair loss or pattern baldness. Now it is time to measure your hair condition with the given symptom. If you could find any related issues with your present hair condition, I suggest you go to the doctor. Do not be the doctor yourself and use stationery products whimsically by seeing ads. This kind of action may increase the problem very fast.

Male and female baldness Treatment & Prevention:

The various type of treatment is available to recover or treatment your baldness, but recommended baldness treatment will depend on the spread of the hair loss, in addition to other factors.

Treatment for Male and female pattern baldness can support you to obstruct future hair loss. Some Time it can help to regrowth of some hair. In some cases, needed long-term treatment to prevent hair loss from repeated.

Read again Male or female pattern baldness symptoms to be more conscious.

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