How Long Does Semi Permanent Hair Color Last

Semi-permanent hair color has earned popularity in modern trends due to its fewer side effects and efficient hairstyle.

While fading and coloring hair is a kind of style that women prefer at least once in their life. But later, it may make your bleached hair falling out at the roots and drop out. Don’t worry, this doesn’t happen every time, depending on individuals. Generally, incidental hair treatment won’t cause perpetual harm.

Having the name semi-permanent, you may ask how long does semi-permanent hair color last?

I have answered the answer below of the article including the benefits of semi-permanent color. Don’t skip any points to ensure the methods of taking care of or dyed hair.

If you have further questions about does semi-permanent dye stains hair? Then you are in the right place to get an answer.

In this article, I have mentioned the essential points regarding semi-permanent hair.

What is a semi-permanent hair color?     

A semi-permanent hair color covers the original hair color for a short time. It does not bear the deepest chemicals that harm hair cuticles.

Semi-permanent hair color dyes the outer hair shaft only instead of penetrating the hair cuticles deeply.

It just covers the surface of the hair that fades way with shampooing and daily hair wash.

Semi-permanent hair is popular for its easy applying methods and short term changing facility.

How long does semi-permanent hair color last?

How Long Does Semi Permanent Hair Color

The durability of the semi-permanent hair depends on several things. In short, semi-permanent hair color may last for 6 to 8 weeks.

With the daily washing, it fades away the color eventually. If you want to take over the color soon, then just shampoo your hair daily.

You can have the original semi-permanent hair color for the first two weeks. After two weeks, it starts to decline the deep color.

You should know that semi-permanent hair does not dye the hair deeply. It is just like a color coat that covers the surface area of the hair.

It cannot reach to the dept that’s why applying semi-permanent hair is good for your hair health.

To keep the semi-permanent hair for a long time, you must leave washing and shampooing hair for several days. However, it may turn your hair dirty.

How often can you dye your hair?

How often can you dye your hair
How often can you dye your hair

Dyeing hair brings a new style to your hair as well as adds some chemicals to your hair scalp. As our human body, we should look after the health of our hair.

To consider the best shape of our hair, we should not dye hair between 6 to 8 weeks. The distance of applying new hair color depends on the condition of your hair also.

If your hair is in normal condition with the original color, then you can dye it now without any hesitation.

If you follow the trend of bleaching hair, then you are in a risky condition.

Bleaching is a permanent hair dye. It carries a bundle of chemicals that penetrates the hair deeply.

Bleaching hair may damage the natural oil of the scalp. As a result, you may experience hair fall, dandruff, and itching on the scalp.

Having bleached or permanent dyed hair, you should wait at least 6 weeks so that your hair can recover sufficient nutrients and strength.

Can Semi-permanent hair lighten hair?

In short, semi-permanent hair cannot lighten the hair. It does not affect the hair to the bottom rather it covers only the outer surface of the hair.

It makes the hair shiny for a short time covering the hair with a light color. You will see the original hair color in the same position after it fades away.

Semi-permanent hair cannot lighten hair due to its low effectiveness in the hair. However, bleaching or permanent hair color may lighten hair eventually.

Hair experts always suggest applying semi-permanent hair color instead of permanent color for its fewer side effects.

Benefits of semi-permanent hair

  • Does not affect the hair from the bottom
  • You can change the color any time at a low price
  • Doesn’t need many materials to apply
  • Takes a short time to attach
  • Fades away with daily washing
  • Easy to apply with home ingredients

How do I maintain dyed hair?

Wait for 72 hours for shampooing:

After applying color to your hair, don’t use the shampoo for 72 hours.

When we apply hair color, the cuticles of the hair open the hair shaft for a long time so that the color can penetrate deeply.

In the meantime, if you shampoo the hair, then you may drown away the color effect with the bubbles of shampoo.

It seems to be a hazard to get into your party tonight without washing hair, right? No problem. You can use dry shampoo on the hair to look shiny.

Use sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner:

Before buying the shampoo and conditioner, look at the levels of the products.

You must aware of sulfate in the shampoo and conditioner. Having this chemical may damage the color and hair growth as well.

You will get thousands of alternatives to shampoo having sulfate. Get the shampoo and conditioner judging the customer reviews.

Don’t use the cheapest product:

Don’t use the cheapest product on your hair buying from your local market. Take care of your hair when it is healthy and strong.

If you lose the potential of your hair, then you may not recover it again. Take advice from the hair experts to seek suggestions for buying hair products.

You can read the reviews on the internet before buying the products online.

Don’t use too much heat in water:

If you are living in a cold area, then turn down the heat of your water heater.

Heat is always dangerous for your hair either in water or in a hair drier. Always use the minimal heat that you need to cover the cold.

On the other hand, excessive heat may rinse the color out from your hair and damage the scalp to produce the natural oil as well.

Try to wash hair less often:

Wash out your dyed hair very less often. For the first few days, you should not wash your hair.

Washing colored hair twice a week is normal. Use only water at a normal heat to wash out hair.

In the case of using shampoo and conditioner, you can apply them once a week. Conditioner keeps the moisture of hair suitable that’s why you can use conditioner.

Bottom line:

I hope after reading the article, you have the answer to how long does semi-permanent hair color last? You may also get that applying semi-permanent hair is better than permanent or bleaching hair.

Follow the instructions on how to maintain dyed hair to take care of the color and the health of your hair as well. Have a nice hairstyle.

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