How to Get Rid of Ingrown Hairs on Legs – Step by Step

Ingrown hair looks like a tiny brown spot or red bumps on your skin. It usually happens after shaving, waxing, or tweezing on your legs.  They are really sucked. In case, you have wavy or coarse hair, you likely have a high probability of growing ingrown hair on your legs. Because it is very simple for wavy hair to regroup and return your skin which causes aggravation. And, sometimes it may lead to itching and severe pain.

Moreover, this is not a primary concern.  There’s additionally the danger of confusion, for example, bacterial disease and perpetual scarring.

But don’t worry! It’s not a matter of complication. Few home remedies can help you fight this problem.

In this article, we will describe how to get rid of ingrown hairs on legs & prevent future recurring.

What Is Ingrown Hair?

Look: when you wax or shave means you pulling out hair from the surface. Next time, when these hairs grow back; instead of growing outwards it starts growing inwards underneath the skin & that’s calling ingrown hair.

It may sound somewhat husky, yet these hairs tend to re-grow underneath the skin as opposed to developing outward which can cause contamination. That’s how you get your brown spot.

Ingrown Hair Treatment

Ingrown hair creates a little bump on your skin and sometimes it causes pain in that certain area. Ingrown pubic hair grows back into your skin.

When you shave or wax your hair on your body it usually grows back but sometimes it may grow under the skin creating ingrown hair.

You can treat this situation and grow hair as usual. Here are the ways –

  • Stop removing hair from that area
  • Compress with a warm cloth
  • Pull the hair out gently
  • Remove the dead skin cells from your ingrown hair area
  • Reduce inflammation by using creams
  • Apply retinoids to your ingrown area to remove dead skin cells quickly.

Picture This- What Causes Ingrown Hair?

Just imagine, when you shave the cut end of the hair gets trapped under the skin. When it grows, it will curl back & growing into the skin.

While anybody can face the trouble of an ingrown hair situation, especially caused by shaving and those whose hair is wavy and coarse. So that’s right, you can accuse your genes!

How to get rid of ingrown hairs on legs:


One basic reason for ingrown hair is the development of dead skin cells in the hair follicle. Losing these dead skin cells can make the ingrown hair come out all alone. Ordinary exfoliation can likewise keep ingrown hairs from returning.

So, what is exfoliation? It means the expulsion of dead skin cells from the outside of your skin. At this point when you peel or exfoliate, the dead skin is evacuated to uncover smoother, fresher skin. It is also beneficial for your skin; uncover more youthful-looking skin, and it can even assist you with disposing of your ingrown hairs quicker.

So to do exfoliation of your leg; you need to do it either synthetically or DIY ways. Dry brushing and sugar scours are instances of DIY exfoliation. They truly clean the dead skin away.  On the other hand, Salicylic corrosive and Glycolic corrosive are instances of synthetical exfoliation.

Dry Brushing

Your shower brush can help you with reaching the center of your back or even some places where your hands can’t go when you’re bathing. You can even try dry brushing to rid of ingrown hair. Trust me, it works so precisely.

Before getting wet in the shower, delicately clean the skin on your legs (or any place else you may require it) with a dry brush. The procedure will assist with unclogging your pores so the ingrown hair will have the option to develop out all alone.

There are various kinds of brushes you can utilize for dry washing. To help battle and forestall ingrown hairs, search for delicate fiber brushes, or brushes that tout their capacity to shed.

Aftershave Cream or gel

Aftershave or face ointment creams aren’t just for the face. Furthermore, it has multiple beneficial too. Apply these creams in the wake of shaving your legs to lessen the event of ingrown hairs. These items add additional moisture to your skins and help keep pores unclogged. If you want to avoid post-shave aggravation, we suggest applying a liquor-free cream or gel.

Apply laser hair removal treatment:

We know that ingrown hairs are the most despicable aspect of our life if it comes back.  And, we guess you’ve attempted pretty much everything to dispose of them but still failed. Maybe it is time to go for laser hair removal treatment.

So, what is hair removal treatment?

It’s a process that uses light energy to annihilate your hair follicles; completely killing them from its root. So the hair in that region won’t have the option to develop back. It will focus on any hair in the zone being dealt with, including ingrown hairs. It additionally assists with decreasing any staining that may exist in that region.

But keep in mind- this is a long-term process & may be expensive. It can take a few medications to finish. One thing to likewise remember is that it can cause up to 90% of hair not to develop back, yet some hair will develop back in the territory. It will be lighter, better, and less perceptible than the hair that was there previously.

Apply the Right Razor

If you have issues with intermittent ingrown hairs, maybe you are utilizing an inappropriate kind of razor over your legs. Even though body scrubs and shaving creams can shed your legs and keep your skin moisture, there is still the chance of growing ingrown hairs relying upon the razor you use.

To forestall ingrown hair on your legs, your razor needs to glide easily over your skin. If the razor doesn’t move smoothly, the hair can get trapped in the razor, which can cause ingrown hairs and trims.

Continuously shave toward the grain of your hair, and ensure your razor is sharpened. Wash your razor with liquor after each utilization, and dump it into the dustbin after a couple of uses.

We are suggesting sticking with single-edge razors or razors with a skin protector. It prevents your skin from excessive cuts.

Final Verdict

Ingrown hair is a very common problem for girls. We hope our preceding explanations about how to get rid of ingrown hairs on your legs will help you a lot. If it doesn’t seem helpful or your ingrown hairs turn back again, it is time to consult with a doctor.

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