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How to get rid of a cowlick

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How to Get Rid of a Cowlick Permanently – Definitive Guide | Okaylifes
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Ever wonder why a small portion of hair never goes in the direction you want? Well, if you have ever experienced something like this while styling your hair then you may have a cowlick. We will discuss why the heck it’s named cowlick later in the article. Basically, we all have a cowlick (or two) and most of us have it in the middle of our head. But it’s painful when you have it in the front of your head which causes difficulties in the time of styling the hair.

Stuck with a stubborn cowlick and want to know how to get rid of a cowlick permanently? Actually, there is no way to remove cowlick for good but you can disguise them somehow. The cowlick is something like permanent and it is not removable. In this article, we will discuss some of the popular ways of getting rid of an unwanted cowlick.

What is a cowlick?

The cowlick is a chunk of hair that stands at the odd position when compared to the rest of your hair. They appear when the growth direction of the hair forms against the spiral pattern. The cowlicks are mostly found at the center of the heads. But they can be shown up at anywhere.  Apart from the crown, the cowlicks are often found in the front and the back of the head.

You may have a question in mind, why it is called a cowlick instead of something else? The term cowlick was first used by Richard Haydocke in the late 16th century. When the mother cow licks her claves using his tongue, it creates a swirling pattern on their fur. This pattern resembles hair whorl and that is why it’s called cowlick.

The cowlicks are also known as “hair whorl” and “sworl”.  Cowlicks are not as rare as we notice them in certain peoples. According to a study conducted in 1972, in the USA almost 94% of the newborn had a cowlick. Most of the time cowlick becomes undetectable due to long hairs and certain hair textures.

How to Get Rid of a Cowlick Permanently:

When some people are okay with their cowlick, some are highly desperate and always in search of a way to remove the frustrating thing. Actually, there is no way to remove them completely. The hair pattern form in utero and you are born with the cowlick. So, there is very little you can do to remove a cowlick forever. However, there are some processes about how exactly do you fix a cowlick. That’s I have learned over the year. you may know I am hair stylish.

1. Wet the area in the cowlick:

First, you need to completely wet the area of the cowlick.  you don’t need to wash your entire head. In my experience, I see maximum people’s cowlick is the right side of the forehead. only you need to fix this area and you can use the spray bottles to wet this area.

2. Use hair brush against the cowlick

The Next step you need to brush your wet hair against the cowlick. you must use a lightweight gentle brush, that’s gentle brush will help you brushing your cowlick area perfectly.

3.Finish With A Little Hairspray

Basically, I don’t use hair spray every day, but a little spritz or two will secure the cowlick & I  hope it makes stay put for the entire day & even at night!

You know to have some differences between men & women’s hair. that’s why all method does not work for all. you can also read this bellow pro tip.

How to get rid of a cowlick on a woman

Women don’t need to fight with the cowlick as like as the men as most of them have bigger hair which hides it. But it becomes an obstacle when it appears in front of the head. Here is what you can do to get rid of a cowlick.

The brush and blow technique seems to work quite good to tame a cowlick. The process is pretty simple. You will blow dry your hair using a brush which will eventually make the cowlick appear much smoother with your other hairs. You can use a mascara wand instead of a hairbrush for a much accurate result.  It comes with bigger bristles which can target the root of the cowlick. Start pushing the wand in the direction of the other hair using the mascara and keep repeating the process.

After you are done with brushing, pin the cowlick in the suitable direction using a bobby pin. If the hairs bounce back after brushing, you may want to use some pomade. It will help to keep the cowlicks in hairline direction nice and smoothly. The process will root the lift of the cowlick and will eventually make it more manageable.

How to Get Rid of a Cowlick Permanently on Man

How to get rid of a cowlick forever
How to get rid of a cowlick forever – Definite Guide 2019

Cowlicks seem more in the man than a woman. It is much problematic for the man as they don’t hide it as like as the woman with bigger hairs. Before you trying anything to get rid of the cowlick, what you can do is consult a hair stylist. He may suggest you a style which will camouflage the cowlick.  Else you can try the below process to get rid of a cowlick.

You may use a hair dryer technique to flatten the cowlick. It can instantly change the direction of the cowlick hair due to the force of the hot air. Remember that taming your hair using this technique will not be permanent. You can also a strong pomade to keep the hair in any direction you want all day long.  However, the hair will bounce back in its previous place as soon as you take a shower.

Another thing you can do is growing your hair out. It can help you to get rid of the cowlick by weighing it down. The weight of the hair will force the cowlick to go with the direction. However, it will take a long time to see an obvious result with this process.

You may think you are the only one with this unwanted, stubborn cowlick. But there are a number of people out there including celebrities including Tom Hardy, Megan Fox, Kristen Stewart, Madonna and much more are living with a cowlick. So, you better not think you are alone with a cowlick. Hopefully, the above-mentioned processes will help you to easily deal with cowlick from now.

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