Hair length Chart – How to Measure Your Hair Size

Hair length Chart

It’s sheltered to state that we’ve all had a minute where we thought about for long, tasty, princess locks. And sometimes we may have investigated each tip and stunt for developing our hair quicker. Because hair plays a crucial role in our looks. But, in all actuality developing hair out is more difficult than one might expect—particularly when we mull over our hair type. Indeed, your hair type assumes an immense job in our hair length. So want to know more about Hair length Chart? Continue reading the details about our hair length outline & know how to measure your hair size?

At first: Understand About Hair Length & Type

How about we make a direct jump to the main topic: as we referenced over, our hair type legitimately impacts to what extent your hair shows up. There’s a straightforward rationale behind this.

Example: think about a long bit of strip. In the event that you hold that lace straight, you’ll observe its length completely. In any case, you move, ball, or crease that equivalent lace, it’ll seem shorter, despite the fact that the real length of the strip hasn’t changed. A similar idea can be applied to your hair too.

So there are basically three types of hair. They are-

  1. Straight hair… your hair will show up its real length. This is on the grounds that there are no crimps or curves in your hair, holding your strands that hang long. For instance, when you have 12 inches of length, your hair will probably fall simply past your shoulders.
  2. Wavy hair… This kind of hair may seem a touch shorter than its real length. This is on the grounds that you have somewhat of a twist to your hair surface. Along these lines, when you have 12 inches of length, you’ll by and large have a mid-length mane.
  3. Curly hair… Yet curly and wavy looks similar, curly hair will seem an inch or two shorter than its real length since you have more tightly crimped and curls all through your mane. This implies when you have 12 inches of length, your hair will fall about an inch or two over your shoulders.

So let’s find out what is your hair type?

For what reason You Should Follow Hair Length Chart?

We strongly prescribe you to utilize the hair length diagram in inches to be clear about the distinction between the sorts of hair and the length. At the point when you see this diagram, you can realize the differences between the hair lengths with every type of hair. Regardless of your hair is straight, wavy or curly; it is feasible for you to apply the hair length outline.

On the off chance that you need to buy hair expansions, the length diagram will make the work so simple. You will give you a distinctive thought on the fury of hair extensions and your common locks.

The hair clipper & men’s hair video guide:

5’s Women’s Hair Length Chart

Look at our marvelous represented outlines that show you the distinctive hair lengths, for example, very short, short, medium-length, long and long.

I prefer the above diagram since it’s unmistakably more supportive than the more typical terms which are short, medium-length and long hair. A few people may even say “exceptionally short” or “long” however once more, one individual’s perspective on what’s short hair might be very surprising than another person.

Below, I demonstrate each hair length referred on the diagram.

  • Very Short- Ear Length

We recognize that some women may consider short hair. We realize that, yet we additionally incorporate neatly trimmed cuts like pixie cuts in our very definition for ladies.

  • Short- Chin & Above

Some women should seriously mull over the above jawline length to be short and not simply exceptionally short. Once more, characterizing hair lengths isn’t simple and there’s space for understanding.

  • Medium-Length = Shoulder-Length

The shoulder is the genuine evident portrayal of medium-length hair length.

  • Long = Armpit length

Armpit length or longer is unquestionably known as long hair. Some may propose armpit length as long, however, we accept that is medium-length in the huge scheme of things.

  • Very Long = Mid-back or longer

Mid-back and longer is unquestionably long. This is certainly not a normal hair length comparative with different lengths, yet it’s despite everything done.

Hair length Chart

Complete demonstration to apply Hair Length Chart

In our hair length diagram, we clarified everything we say above in a straightforward visual way. You can use a hair length outline to get a thought of how a specific hair length will work with your hair surface. Along these lines, when you get to the salon to cut your hair, told them that you need a specific number of inches trim. Not more wrong haircuts!

Writer’s note: Knowing your hair length is very significant. In the event, you want to donate your hair; you’ll have to know your hair length. As well; most organizations through which you can give have a particular hair donation length. This is generally somewhere in the range of eight to 14 inches but may shift based on your hair type & size.

Questions to Find Answer before cutting hair

Since you find out about hair length and type and utilizing a hair length outline, you’re progressively arranged to make the slash. All things considered, getting a decent cut goes beyond your length. To make yourself prepare, ask yourself these three questions.


While an in trendy hurl may appear as though the ideal method to switch up your excellence look, it’s critical to comprehend what’s in store. Have you shaken the hairstyle previously or have you at any point had your hair a comparative length? If not, consider taking a stab at a wig or utilizing a hair changing the application to perceive what you truly think about that long before you head to the salon.


At this point, you realize that your surface plays a vital part to what extent your mane shows up, so you likely understand that not all hairstyles and hairdos are fit for each hair type. For instance, on the off chance that you have wavy hair, the style that looks best on your companion with curly or straight strands may not work for you. Rather than following what’s popular or what your companions are doing, attempt a unique one that suits well for your Curly Hair.


Your hair type isn’t the main significant thing to remember while thinking about a hear cut—your face shape additionally plays a crucial effect! Some hairstyles are more complimenting on round faces than square faces.

Final Verdict

We expect our sharings on hair length chart can help those who are in confusion about picking the best hair length. Should you have any further inquiries or solicitations, don’t hesitate to speak. Raise your voice by commenting below at any time, any moment. We are constantly glad to get notification from you.

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Stay safe and upbeat chasing!!

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