How to Sharpen Hair Clippers – Step by Step

How to Sharpen Hair Clippers - Step by Step

Sharpening hair clippers can be enjoyable if you know the right way of how to sharpen hair clippers. You can make it at home yourself just following some easy steps.

Before going to open up the clipper, you have to learn to sharpen clipper blades. Check out the clipper carefully whether it needs to sharpen or not.

Don’t be panic getting your clippers snagging and making too much noise. Just follow the easy steps below in the article eventually.

Go for it.

 What do you need to sharpen hair clippers?

Arrange the things below. You may get the things in your home. If these things are not available in your house, then hire from our neighbors.

  • Screwdriver
  • White vinegar
  • Warm water
  • Small bowl
  • Towel
  • Whetstone
  • Clippers oil
  • Brush
  • Flat magnet

How to sharpen hair clippers

Prepare the blade for sharpening :

Step 1 Put off the screws:

Look at the base of the clippers to find the screws. You may find two screws on the base.

Take the screwdriver to unscrew the screws. At first, clean up the surface to unscrew.

Hole the screwdriver vertically and unscrew them eventually. Don’t be rush here lest you may damage the base.

 Step 2 Clean the outer surface with a brush:

Take a brush to clean up the outer surface of the blades. Make sure there is no debris on the base.

You can clean up the area with a damp cloth also. Here, you may see the hair, dust, and other debris in the corner.

Just look at the gapes. You will get the branch of debris.

 Step 3 Clean the debris and rust from the blades:

It’s time to wash out the blades in the water or dishwasher. This is the final cleaning before sharpening the blades.

You can use white vinegar to clean the blades in a short time. Freshwater is also very much efficient. If possible, make the water warmer before using it.

Use the cloth or cotton bars to clean up the blades deeply. Check out every single gapes between the blades. Dip the cotton bar to make it clean.

Now, rinse out the blades with warm water.

 Step 4 Dry up the blades:

Put the blades in the air. Let it dry up soon. Wipe the blades with a cloth to dry up faster.

If you are not in a hurry, then put it in the air to dry up naturally.

Step 5 Test it before going to the operation:

Place the blade at the same place to test it. Sometimes, debris prevents the way of the blade performing.

If you are a lucky person, then you may not need to sharpening blades. If it is snagging and still dull, then you must need to sharpen the blades.

Most of the blades have the self-sharpening capacity. Here, you have to do it manually.

Sharpening the clippers 

 Step 1 Get a holder:

A flat magnet can be the best holder to hold the blades in the position while sharpening. You can use alternatives stuff to hold it.

Whatever you use to hold it, you must not fall the blades in the ground. On the other hand, it should not harm the surface of the blades.

Collect a flat magnet that can hold the inter blade easily. It should have a handle to hole also.

 Step 2 Run the blades on the whetstone:

Place the whetstone in a flat area so that it should not move its position. The whetstone should be smooth with a hard substance.

You can get a whetstone in the hardware or improving shops in your local market.

Hold the blade at a 4000 grit surface of the whetstone at a 30 to 45-degree angle. Move it only to forward. Don’t move it backward.

Don’t push the blade strongly to the surface. Wipe away the blade 10 to 20 times straight.

Check out the condition of the blades. If you can’t see the shiny and bright tops of the blades, then run the process for 10 times more. If necessary, you can wipe away the blade again.

 Step 3 Repeat the process for the other side:

Hole the other side of the blade in the same position onto the sharpening stone.

Hold it at 30 to 45-degree angle on the stone and move it forward for 10 to 20 times like the previous one.

If necessary, wipe away the blade for more time. It should come with a shiny and bright top.

Use the damp cloth to wipe the blades. Make sure that the blade is clean to reassemble in the same place.

 Step 4 Reassemble the blade in the proper place:

You should know the right place where to reassemble the blade in the clipper.

Place the blade in the right place following the previous position. Screw it up with the screwdriver. Make it slowly because the blade is sharp now.

Check out the base of the blade whether it is in the right position of not.

 Step 5 Put some hair clipper oil:

Get some clipper oil into the blade so that it can adjust the new sharpens area properly.

Put 3 to 5 drops of the oil targeting the blade. Remember, the oil should not reach to the electric area of the clipper.

 Step 6 Run the clipper for a while:

Connect the clipper with the electricity and run it for a while. Don’t use the clipper now.

Let it run for a while to fix up the changes and the oil. Put your ear on the clipper to hear the sound. You should get the idea of the changes listening to the sound.

It should become more soft and soundless.

 Step 7 Finishing up:

Look at the base. You can see the oil coming out. Wipe away the oil by a damp cloth.

You are all set to use the shiny-sharp clipper.

 Bottom line: I hope you have the idea on how to sharpen hair clippers after reading the article. This is not rocket science that you have to think about it.

Just arrange the necessary things and go for it. Don’t sharpen the blades too often. If you get any problem, then sharpen it following the instructions.

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