How to Curl Hair With a Straightener for Beginners Guide

Don’t know! How to curl hair with a straightener for beginners?

Hair can decorate your looks and personality in a while. Hair is one of the major sensitive issues that a person considers as a part of the personality.

Curly hair may attract mostly through its natural look. Surely, curly hair has greater attraction than straight hair.

So, let’s do it!

There are several techniques to curl hair at home. At first, know the different techniques to curl hair.

Operating Methods of curl hair with a straightener by yourself:

The methods below seem to be the same if you have applied them earlier. You can choose any of them regarding your efficiency.

How to Curl Hair

You can use all methods session wise to get the greater result.


This is the first and a general technique to curl hair by yourself. Start from the half-length of your hair. Clamp the iron in the middle of your hair.

Now turn the iron as half turn so that you can make a U shape with hair and the iron. The U shape should have a clear view.

Look at the mirror whether the shape is appropriate or not. Now move the iron down slowly. Don’t do it fast. You should not waste much time also. Too much time and heat may damage your hair. Do this for several times.

Curl: Like the previous one, there is a nothing-far difference. Here, start from the scalp. Clamp the iron at the bottom of the scalp and turn it to make a U shape just like before.

  1. You should remember as you are holding the iron just above the scalp, you should be careful. It can burn hair as well as the scalp also. Once you burn the scalp, it may allow growing hair anymore.
  2. Move down the iron slowly like before. The more you slow down the iron, the more curly hair you will get. Besides, you may have gentle curly hair in the case of fast-moving.

Full tern: If you need more curly hair, you may try this one. The full tern method enables you to make hair as curly as a ring. Many people like this ring type curly hair.

Here, start from the scalp. Clamp your iron on the bottom of your hair keeping a little distance from the scalp. Now turn over the iron itself for one or twice. The turns must be full turn.

Next, move the iron down slowly. Remember, the method may make much curly hair. After every turn, you should look at the mirror attentively whether the hair is in the right position or not.

Under and over: This method can be the complex one for you. If you are not friendly making hair curly at home, you must be careful applying the method alone at home

To get a variation on your curly hair, you may follow the method. The method allows you to make curl shape under and over your hair. To do so, you have to rotate the iron under and over your hair.

Follow the same way to clamp yours. You must keep the iron at a safe distance so that it cannot burn your hair from the bottom. Sometimes, this technique can be rude to your hair making a rough hairstyle.

Flat waves: A flat wave is the easiest technique among all the methods. I like the method for its easy applying technique and efficient result. By the name, you got that you are going to make waves over your hair.

Select a portion of hair and clamp the iron on the section. Turn the iron easily over the iron itself and move down a little bit slower. Clamp again and turn the iron under your hair. Move down the iron slowly.

Follow this way several times until you get your desired curly hair. Although the method is old, it has great popularity in the world of fashion.

How to curl your hair with a straightener

Do you have the methods? Remember, you must know all the methods well so that you can follow any method. Now go through step by step.

Step 1 Prepare hair to curl: Preparing hair before applying anything that changes hairstyle is very much important. You may change the new hairstyle after a few while or weeks. So you must keep well protection for your hair. Follow the instructions.

Clean and dry hair:

At first, make sure that your hair is clean and dry. You must wash your hair before 24 hours. If you apply the methods to your wet hair, it may not work as well. Dirty hair may damage your hair allowing dandruff. You don’t want to see your hair full of dandruff and a traditional one.

Learn More: How to Get Rid of Dandruff

How to Curl Hair With a Straightener for Beginners Video

Select a suitable iron:

Always try to use a flat thin flat iron. Make sure the iron has a U shape throughout the body. The iron should be lightweight so that you can move the iron easily. The width of the iron should be within 1 to 2 inches.

Do not buy the cheapest one. Just remember, an unsuitable iron may damage your hair forever. Know well the reputation of the iron brand before buying one.

Now heat the iron up to 300 degrees. You can apply up to 400 degrees in your hair if you think your hair is thicker. My suggestion is to apply 300 to 380 degrees in all kinds of hair.

Use heat Protestants:

Apply a heat protectant so that your hair may not frizzle or burn. The hair protectant makes a layer between the iron and the hair. Do not comb hair. It should mist on and dry up after a few whiles.

Find a hair protectant in your local market. Select a reputed brand so that you may use it confidently.

Make section on your hair:

How to Curl Hair With a Straightener
How to Curl Hair With a Straightener

Part your hair section wise. If you have light hair, you can part the hair normally. In the case of thicker hair, you may have to part hair too much.

  • Try to part the hair with 1 or 2 inches wide not too much.
  • The smaller the part, the better curly you will have.
  • Use hairbands or rubber to hold the section.
  • Your parting hair should come to each other.
  • Tie them tightly until you finish all the sections of hair.

Step 2 Start the job: If you are ready, start the job now. Be familiar with the methods as well as your hair.

Apply some hair spray:

You may have normal hair spray at your home. Just spray before you use the heater over your hair. This hair spray will protect your hair from burning.

Grab the section of hair: 

Grab a section of parting hair. You should start from under the section. Make sure when you are grabbing a section, others are in the right position. They should not come in the meanwhile.

Use one of the methods: 

Before applying any method check out the temperature of the iron. The heat of the iron should not cross 400 degrees. Apply one method that you think suitable for your hair.

It is better to have an assistant when you are applying the methods. At first, read the method clearly and march on to the final step.

Finishing up: Hoping, you will get good curly hair as you were expecting. Otherwise, you can apply the methods again to get more curly hair.

Do not wash hair for the next 24 hours.

 Bottom line: Before applying anything new to your hair, you should have enough knowledge of the techniques. Read the methods and cautions again before applying an iron machine to your hair.

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