How to Play Guitar Chords Beginner Guide – Quick Learning System

How to Play Guitar Chords

There are a lot of guys out there with a guitar but very few of them can hardly play it. That is because they don’t know how to play the guitar. More extensively, they never tried to learn it just because it seems hard to them. But the truth is it takes only a few weeks of practice to understand and learn the guitar. If you are looking for a guideline How to Play Guitar Chords that describes the full steps of learning chords to play the guitar then this article is for you. Here we will describe how you can learn guitar easily within the shortest time.

How to Play Guitar Chords

Basically, the guitar learning is all about understanding the chords and how to use them to produce music. Here is the step by step process of learning guitar chords effectively.

Understand the guitar strings

Well, this is the most important part when you are learning the guitar for the first time. You have to understand the guitar strings and how they relate your fingers. When you will give a closer look at your guitar, you will see numbers in horizontal or vertical views. From the vertical position, the numbers are from 1 to 6 which means peak pitch to the lower pitch. On the other hand, the numbers are based on the fret position.

Now we will relate the numbers with your left hand. Give a look to your left hand and imagine that your hand is stamped with numbers. The index finger is one, the middle one is two, the ring finger is three, and the pinky finger is four.

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Learn the C chord

C is considered the most basic chords of the music. It is also the most important for you as a beginner. In case you don’t what a chord is, it is a combination of three or more sound. Chords come in different shapes with different musical instruments. Generally, the C chord in a guitar will be like this:

Put your finger on the 5th and 3rd string. A friendly reminder: The 5th string is the second one from the top. Your finger should be in between the 2nd and the 3rd fret. This is the C note. Try to push your finger to the 3rd fret as hard as you can for an enhanced sound.

Place your middle finger on the 4th string of the 2nd fret and do the same as like as before a better sound. This is called the E note. Now put your index finger on the 2nd string and 1st fret. The note is known as high C. You are done. It will look like a diagonal line when you will perfectly put the fingers on the mentioned lines.How to Play Guitar Chords

Play The Chord C

Now it’s playtime! Play the notes one at a time from low to high. Keep your finger on the fret firmly and press on pluck the string. Wait for the ring of the note to complete fully. Don’t move on the next note without completing the first note’s ring fully.

To play the C note press your 3rd finger on the third fret of the A string and then pluck and wait for the music to end.

To play the E note, press the 2nd fret with your 2nd finger of the D string. Pluck and wait for the ring to end.

Check all the strings one by one so that you can find easily if any of the notes are not sounding well. To get a better result, use the tips of your finger and place them close to the fret.

In the first few time, it will seem complex with continuous practice it will be easier for you.

Learning the C chord will make it easier for you to learn the other chords of the guitar easily and quickly. Hopefully, this article How to Play Guitar Chords will be helpful for you.

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