How to Use Hair Dryer by Yourself – Step by Step Process

Do you need a salon-gauge victory without spending a ton of cash to get it complete? On the off chance that you have wavy or wavy hair and need to dry it out straight, you must utilize the proper form so it doesn’t finish up puffy. On another hand, if you follow this step-by-step guideline How to Use Hair Dryer by Yourself with care, your hair will remain straight, smooth, and glossy for a few days.

So let’s start step by step with guidelines about How to Use a Hair Dryer by Yourself. But before that, keep in mind; one must go through a certain system to ensure no further damage. Any wrong step makes your hair frizzy & dull. Don’t worry we make this guide easy and beginner-friendly:

How to Use Hair Dryer by Yourself? Follow The Bellow Process:

1 Gather the Right Tools:

How To Use a Hair Dryer
How To Use a Hair Dryer

Here are some basic tools that one must need to use a hairdryer by yourself such as, a good hairdryer with the nozzle, 1800 watts, multiple warmth & air settings & so on. It is said that high warmth controls your hair’s contour, and sets a style. And don’t forget about hair clips. It is isolated and simple to oversee and counteracts harm brought about by overdrying effects. Besides the best hairdryer, you also need additional things such as comb, brush & hair protectant items.

2. Wash in water & dry:

Apply shampoo & conditioner to wash your hair in the bathroom. If you are planning to straighten your hair, you should use a straightening shampoo & conditioner. After washing, politely smudge the extra water from the hair. You can simply use a towel to absorb the extra water but never squeeze or rub it.

3. Brush it out:

Utilize a wide-toothed brush to brush your hair smooth and evacuate any knot previously using the hairdryer. It’s safe to use a hairdryer over tangle-free hair, otherwise, the brush you’ll be utilizing could harm your hair if it touches with tangles.

4. Use the warmth protectant item:

Warmth protectant items hold polymers that mix with hair and shield it from getting fricasseed by the hairdryer. Just take a small amount over your hand and rub it into your hair. You can also use a conditioner to replace a warmth protectant item. But don’t use it too much.

5. Start the hair drying:

Start drying on every side from the base by carrying the hairdryer in a position with the end goal that the shaft of the machine is facing downwards, and the upper part is facing towards your hair. Just focus on the lower areas of the locks at this time.

6. Alter the Course:

The heat of hair dry sometimes causes damage to your hair. At this point, you need to alter the course when the hair in the lower parcel gets a little bit dry. Begin drying from the up and gradually move to the lower areas. Rehash this on both sides till you feel that the hair is totally dry.


Learn With Video How To Use a Hair Dryer Yourself:

On the off chance that you simply need to dry your hair regularly, you can build the warm setting to level 2 for quicker drying, and to level 3 on the off chance that you are in a rush. But remember, too much heat sometimes damage our hair.

What should you keep in mind when you buy a hairdryer?

You will not always have a hairdresser for your hair to do a perfect blow-dry. But you can keep a hairdryer to arrange your hair and get a salon-like look. Before buying a hairdryer for you, you should check out what facilities do you need in your dryer. So, here I have gathered some features of hair dryers that you would need in one.

Use a Hair Dryer Yourself
Use a Hair Dryer Yourself

Easy to use

There is a risk in using a heavy dryer. It can slip down from your hand while you are drying and cause an accident. So, choose and tin and a comfortable hairdryer to use daily.

Easy to hold

Your hair dryer must be comfortable to hold. Checkup that which hairdryer can keep correctly and can dry your hair without any hesitation.

Light in weight

Don’t buy a heavyweight hairdryer. You are going to dry your hair with it at the home. If it is not lightweight, you will feel bored doing hair drying.

Comfortable switches

Sliding switches mainly are set in the handle and hard to use. On the contrary, the rocker switch requires you to push, and it is easy to use. It can be activated accidentally. So, first, try to find which buttons are comfortable for you.

Hairdryer turbo

The turbo can boost and increase airflow through a hairdryer. It can fasten the speed of drying your hair. Check that that if your hairdryer has it too.

Cool-shot setting feature

This feature provides a burst of refreshing air. Do you want to do any hairstyle within a minute? Then you can set a hairstyle easily with that feature.

Before buying a hairdryer, check all those features in your desirable hairdryer. It would be better to use and can give you a good experience of drying hair in the home.

Now, brush your hair marginally. While brushing try to be gentle as your hair is as yet wet. Presently take areas of hair from both sides and clasp them on the best, leaving the rest beneath. Repeat the same phrase until all the roots get wet.

When all roots get wet, simply brush your hair with the comb. You can also use a shine spray for a glossy look and that is all for “How to Use Hair Dryer by Yourself”!

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