Thinning Hair on Top of Head Female – Causes & Prevention Ways

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Don’t miss any single word, today’s I am going to show causes and symptoms of Thinning Hair on Top of Head Female and details guide how to prevent it. So let’s start to explore what I got from my 13 hour’s research to finding thinning Hair Causes and way’s to get rid.

Have you seen these symptoms on your hair?

In this world of fashion hair really talks much for you and your personality. I am an eye witness that if our hair is dull and ugly how people look upon us. I must say that you cannot bear that humiliation. After hearing whispering from some of my friends, I have realized that there is something wrong on my head.

One day my boyfriend was making jokes with the topic hair baldness looking at my head. At first, I took it as just a joke then I couldn’t bear the next dirty jokes on my hair. I rushed to my home and stood in front of my mirror. You cannot believe what I saw on the top. I was just shocked.

Then I was thinking that I had experienced some symptoms a few months earlier. If I could take care of my hair from the beginning then it wouldn’t happen. The good news is that I have overcome the thinning problem within just a few months. I have written the symptoms of thinning hair on top of head what I had experienced.

Look: I have written the cause and treatment of hair receding on the top for female. Read the article step by step and be aware.

Symptoms of thinning hair on top:

1. Sudden hair loss:

This is the first symptoms of hair receding. You need to check every day your hair fall. Normally we lose 50 to 100 hairs every day which is not a problem at all. But some of us do not lose hair in that amount. If you do not lose hair daily then it will be easy to check the symptom. You can check this sudden hair loss on your bathing time and combing hair. Sometimes you check it on the towel which you use after taking a shower. If possible count the fallen hair one by one or you can measure them by just looking at.

2. Itching on the scalp:

This is the most disturbing one. I felt itching at my office, reading, sleeping, cooking, etc. It means I have experienced itching everywhere and it disturbed me a lot. If you are just feeling a little bit itching, just go to the washroom and apply shampoo on your head. If the itching problem is not prevented then you are in the risk of thinning hair.

3. Dried hair:

Some times our hair becomes dried too much. Drying hair is not a problem but if your hair becomes dried too early without any air, it is a risk. When our hair becomes dry, it is a sign of a lack of vitamins and minerals on our scalp. Try to check whether your hair dried or not. If it becomes dried too early and fast, you are in risk.

4. Hair receding line:

Before experiencing thinning hair, you may see hair receding line on the top of your hair. It looks like the line of hair may expand in a little step. It is called hair receding. Many of you would experience this problem before baldness. I must say that it is the beginning point female hair baldness.

5. Increasing of hair fall number:

This is the most visible symptoms of female pattern baldness. You know that if you count the hair fallen number more than 100 in a day, it is going to be a great issue for hair falling.

Causes of thinning hair on top of head:

1. Age:

Age is the great weapon of nature that kills our beauty and fairness both. We all are growing old day by day. With the increasing of our age, we feel many problem and unfair issues in our health. Hair falling is one of them. Be sure that, if you are above 40 or more then it is quite natural to lose hair every day. If you are below 30 but steal losing hair, it is not a fair at all. By the way, hair loss due to age is not prohibitable.

2. Heredity:

This is also a hair loss problem for female which is also natural and some times inhabitable. Heredity comes from your forefather and. It is a question of origin. We get our face, height, behavior, etc from our heredity. That is why some times heredity could be a cause of your pattern baldness.

3. Locality:

You know weather varies from place to place. We don’t know which weather conditions suites for us. If we feel uncomfortable in certain weather we may experience hair loss problem with other issues. The locality may hamper your hair and health with the difference between water and food hygienic also. If you are losing hair suddenly, check our your place and taste the water. You will have an answer to losing hair immediately.

4. Water:

Water is the only natural element which we need to use as well as drink regularly. We know water is the great healer and a great killer also. If we use water with good sense and purpose then it is good for health. If we mistake in using water it may hamper our health and hair. Water with harmful substances may cause your hair fall problem.

5. Stationery product:

This is the most important and dangerous cause of female pattern baldness. We really like to apply new products into our hair to check the outcomes. Sometimes we select a product with just looking at the levels of it. The product companies may write many useful things on the level but originally it is not a good one. You must know that all the stationary and cosmetic product carry chemicals. These chemicals may not be friendly with our scalp. Before buying those products you should be conscious.

6. Hairstyle with colors:

This is an age of fashion and passion for both younger and older. We like to color our hair and have a new style using any gel or other medicine. I am sure that we are making hairstyle without knowing the ultimate result of the colors. Be natural if you want to be safe in the future. Almost all the colors carry harmful chemicals with the unfriendly substances which may occur hair loss for female.

7. Using hair dryer and heat:

We are in a great hurry that we don’t have enough time to dry our hair into the fresh air. Hair drier and heater are the regular home staff. Whenever we heat our hair with machine and dry with a drier, it may cause any problem. At first, you would experience itching on the scalp and then hair loss with the passing time.

8. Lack of vitamins:

Hair needs vitamins E and D to be healthy and stable. When our scalp feels the lack of these two vitamins, we may at the door of female pattern baldness. Vitamins and minerals are the main elements of healthy hair. If our hair is full of necessary vitamins we are able to make any style and use any colors into our hair without any tension of losing.

9. Mental stress:

Mental stress is always harmful to our health. It is sure that mental stress for business and office may force you to hair loss. You would agree with me that we don’t get enough time to get rest. We need proper time to rest and refresh our mind. Try to avoid getting stress.

10. Diet:

With full of stress, we do not have the time to take food properly. We are ready to take junk food anytime. Diet could be a reason for hair loss for female.

11. Smoking and alcohol:

We are too much addictive towards smoking and alcohol. Smoking and alcohol are harmful both for health and hair. These two are the silent killer of mankind. We cannot catch the harmful effect of those two in our eyes. Keep yourself apart from these two bad habits.

12. Sunlight:

Sunlight contains harmful ray which may cause your hair receding in line. That is why experts say that we should cover our hair from the sun when we walk outside. The Sunray is not harmful always but it is dangerous for most of the time.

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Treatment to Prevent Thinning Hair on Top of Head Female:

1. Choose the right product:

Be careful when you are buying cosmetics for your hair. You can see many colorful and attractive product in your local market. Do not buy with just reading the level on the product. I suggest you go to the doctor or a hair expert to get the exact suggestion. You know all the stationery products are made of chemicals and another thing that may hamper our scalp and cause hair to lose. Judge your product before buying it.

2. Use coconut or olive oil:

Try to use the oil once in a week. You can choose coconut or olive oil as your will. The oil carries various vitamins that are helpful for the scalp. After applying oil into the head, wash your head with fresh cold water. If you could massage your hair with oil it would be a good one.

3. Use shampoo and conditioner:

Use shampoo and conditioner regularly. We use too much shampoo and conditioner without maintaining any schedule. I suggest you maintain a routine properly. Use shampoo and conditioner 2 or 3 days in a week so that your scalp would get enough strength.

4. Avoid using a hair drier:

Let your hair dry in the fresh air. Do not use hair drier regularly. Hair drier uses heat and extreme flow of air which may occur hair lose for everyone. We all should go to nature and get fresh air into our hair and health.

5. Avoid making style with colors:

Do not use colors and avoid making style every day. I know having a new style every day has become a new trend in the modern age. You may look pretty on that time but you have the ultimate result just after few days of dying hair. Try to be natural and use natural color on hair which is not harmful to the scalp as well as hair.

6. Eat healthy food:

Avoid taking junk food as your daily routine. It’s time to make some changes in your diet. Eating healthy food helps our health to grow stronger as well as all the organs. Healthy foods contain necessary vitamins and nutrients which are essential for the human body. So make sure that you having healthy food. You can make healthy food at your home with organic oil and vegetables.

7. Put vitamins into the top:

Vitamin D and E are very much necessary for hair growth. Try to apply once in a month. If the hair loss problem is high, you should apply twice in a month. These vitamins capsules help our scalp to take necessary vitamins directly. That is why using such a capsule is a really effective one.

8. Massage hair daily:

Massage is very much needed to ensure the blood circulation on your scalp. We experience hair loss mostly when the blood circulation on our scalp does not process accurately. Try to massage hair regularly. It will help you to get strong and soft hair.

9. Try to refresh your mind:

Take the proper time to relax at home or abroad. We should not be at stress always. The perfect way to relax is to sleep properly. Do exercise and take rest.

10. Keep your hair away from sunlight:

Whenever you go outside try to wear a hair mask in the sun. Sun produces harmful rays which may cause various defects on our health. Always use a hair mask upon your hair in the sun.

Bottom line: I have written my own story of hair fall symptoms, causes and how I treated my hair loss problem. Read the article ” Thinning hair on top of head female ” properly again to know the way more clearly. You can choose my way to treat Thinning hair on top of the head female.

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