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Many of you may hear about the diffuser but don’t know what it does actually. Basically, a diffuser is a blow-dryer attachment that helps to minimalize the frizz in the hair. When air-dry your hair it becomes frizzy and uncomfortable. The diffuser can help you to get rid of this problem. It is attached at the end of the hairdryer and allows you to dry your hair without making them frizzy.  So you need to know how to use a Diffuser. in this article, we discuss more it.

The diffuser is one of the most favorite hair tools of women. It also helps to protect the hair from the direct heat of the dryer. However, nowadays the diffuser is now mostly used for enhancing curls and waves in the hair. In this article, we will tell you how to use the diffuser correctly on different types of hair.

Can You Use a Hair Diffuser every day?

Do you want to dry your curly or wavy hair without damaging the curly pattern of your hair? Then a hair diffuser is your best bet.

A hair diffuser is used as an attachment with a hairdryer for less concentrated airflow to you to dry your curly hair.

It is naturally suited for those who have curly or wavy hair but if you have natural hair and are looking to make your hair curly then go for it, however, it is normally used for straightening curly hair.

Now the question is can you use it daily?

The answer is yes. There is no saying such as over diffused hair. As a hair diffuser distributes heat evenly, it protects your scalps from being harsh on one area.

How to use a diffuser on straight hair:

A diffuser can help you to bring flowing natural waves in your hair for different styles.  The below paragraph explains how to use a diffuser on straight hair.

1. Prepare your hair:

You will need to make your hair wet before you start diffusing the hair. Wash the hair using shampoo and conditioner or simply wet them under the shower. After that, then gently dump the hair using a towel. Don’t the hair completely.

2. Apply hair products

The heat has the risk of damaging the hair especially if you have thin hair. The heat-protectant can protect your hair from burning. Some curl-enhancing hair products add volume to your hair. You may want to use them for a much efficient result.

3. Use the diffuser

You are in the final step now. Insert the diffuser in the dryer and then turn it on a lower speed.  Move the dryer at a circular motion targeting the roots. Hold the hair-dryer at 90 degrees angle above the head to add volume to the dry hairs. Repeat the process for the other ends of the hair.

After you are done with the diffusing process, you can use a hairspray to keep the style stay intact for a long time.

How to use a diffuser on curly hair:

While drying curly hair, most of the time, you will end up with fuzzy hairs. A diffuser can help you to get rid of this problem. You can get sleek and shiny curls even after drying. Here is how to use a diffuser on curly hairs.

1. Prepare the hair

You will wash or wet your curly hairs before start diffusing. It’s not that important to use the shampoo as the curls tend to dry out after using shampoo. You can normally wet the hair and then use a conditioner on it for better moisture.

Comb through the hair using your finger so that all of your hairs get the moisture. After that, rinse out the conditioner using cool water. The cool water will help to keep the hair flat instead of frizzing up.

2. Damp the hair

Now damp the hair to make them ready for diffusing. You can simply squeeze the excess water out of using your hand or a towel. Make sure that the hairs don’t dry out completely while using the towel. You may use a microfiber towel for the best result.

3. Use the diffuser

Insert the diffuser attachment in the hair-dryer. Then set the dryer in a cool or warm setting. It is important to use the cool or warm setting while diffusing curly hair as the hot setting tends to dry out and brittle the curly hairs. Start from an upside-down position so that the roots can get a better volume. Continue using the diffuser in all sections of your hair until it becomes 80-90% dry.

If possible try to use hair gel or serum which will keep the curls from getting frizzy. Don’t use a brush or comb for this process. Simply rub the gel or serum using your palms.

How to use a diffuser on natural hair:

If you are blessed with natural hair then using the diffuser will be much easier for you. Here is how you will diffuse your natural hair.

1. Wash the hair

It will be better to wash or co-washes the hair which will ensure the best result. After washing the hair, apply the leave-in conditioner if you want and then let the hair dry. It will allow the curls to get back in their natural position. You can also use other hair products to bring moisture to the hair. Make sure that the hair is damp and doesn’t dry completely.

2. Use the diffuser

You can use the diffuser if the hair is dry around 70-80%. Insert the attachment and then turn it on. Put the heat at a low level and the air higher level. You are open to choose comfortable heat seating but don’t operate the machine at a higher temperature as it can harm your hair. Now pull a section of hair gently and diffuse it and repeat the process for other sections.

How to use a diffuser on short hair:

Women with short hairs are always in confusion about whether or not they should diffuse their short hairs. Actually, the diffuser can be the perfect companion for you in a situation where you will need to organize your style within a short moment.

1.  Wash the hair

Like the other types of hair, you will need to wash your hair first before you do anything. Apply moisturizing conditioner and then rinse it with cool water. Remember that, applying the conditioner is highly important to use the diffuser smoothly.

2.  Dry the hair

At this step, you will need to dry the hair. You can use a soft towel to dry the hair. Then comb the hair using your finger. It will help to remove the tresses which make the hair frizzy after diffusing.  After that, add a styling lotion to the hair for better moisture.

3. Diffuse the hair

Insert the diffuser in the hairdryer and then turn it on. After that, put the head at a low or mid-level. Now comb the hair in the style you want. Then move the diffuser in a circular motion around the head.  Hold the diffuser till the roots of the hair get dry.

When you are dealing with short hair, don’t dry the hair around 70-80% instead of drying it completely. It will cause frizziness and dryness.

A diffuser is a great tool to deal with different types of hair smoothly and easily. Hopefully, this article will help you to know how to use a diffuser for every type of hair.

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