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How Long Does it Take to Dye Hair

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To change your look overnight, hair color can be a perfect selection. It changes your look in just a while with less effort.

If you are going to apply hair dye, then you should know how long does it take to dye hair due to shortage of time.

Look: I have enlisted the variation of time regarding different facts and situations in this article.

Don’t skip any point or you miss the important one.

How long does it take to dye hair at home

The time that you need to dye hair depends on the process you are going through.

Experts suggest keeping the applied paste of color on your hair for 20 to 30 minutes. You can keep the color more than 30 minutes regarding your target of getting color deep.

Jump to the next stage to know the variable of times depending on several issues.

Hair dyeing time depends on the fact below

Dye hair at home: If you are all set to dye hair at home without any additional task of hair, then you need just 30 to 50 minutes.

Here, spend just 10 minutes to prepare your hair such as spray your hair with moisturizers, comb hair, taking necessary precautions.

How Long Does it Take to Dye Hair at Home
How Long Does it Take to Dye Hair at Home

Apply the paste of color and keep it for 15 to 30 minutes regarding the depth of color you want. At last, rinse your hair with fresh water.

Cutting and dyeing: Obviously, haircut needs time to get a perfect look with the desired style. The duration of haircut depends on the variation of style.

Here, you have to add at least 1 hour as haircutting time and add those 50 minutes from the previous paragraph. In total, you need here for almost 2 hours.

Bleaching and dyeing: Hair bleaching is an essential step to dye hair you have previously colored hair.

After applying the beaching paste, you have to keep it for 20 to 30 minutes. After rinsing out your hair with fresh water, you have to wait for 24 hours

Now add hair-dyeing time from the previous paragraph. Here, you should not keep the new dyeing above 25 minutes due to having a bleaching effect.


How long does it take to dye hair at the salon

When you are in a salon, you have to consider a minimum of two hours to dye hair. You know experts take too much time to prepare and start the main operation.

Here, if you have a pre-appointment, then you can sit without spending extra time.

Try to count the time with specific stages in the salon such as haircut, preparing time, applying time, waiting time, and so on.

In an average idea, you may have to spend two hours to dye hair at the salon.

How long should I leave my hair dye in

The answer depends on your desired hair color. You can see different dyeing times on the level of the color.

You can see the average time is up to 30 minutes. If you want a light color, then you should leave the dye in for more than 15 minutes.

In the case of mid-level color, you should keep the dye in for 20 minutes.

The light color is preferable for all.

Finally, when you prefer deep color, you should keep the dye in for 25 to 30 minutes.

You must read out the instructions given on the level of the packets attentively. The differences in color timing vary by a different brand of color.

What happens if I leave my hair dye in for a long time? 

Fade up: If you leave your hair dye in for a long time, it may fade up the desired color.

Timing is the major fact of getting color your hair. The more you keep the dye, the more you will get color.

As a result, it fades away generating vibrant color.

Hair fall: Having harmful chemicals on the color may harm your hair. It may cause hair to fall.

In this case, permanent color harms hair more than instant colors. You should try instant color rather than permanent color.

Don’t keep hair dye for a long time.

Itching: Hair color may cause itching due to having allergies on your scalp. Before applying chemical color, you must ensure that your scalp is ready to get the color.

Lose natural color: You should maintain natural hair color for the sake of your hair safety. If you apply hair color with heavy doze, it may damage your hair permanently.

Don’t keep hair dye for a long time to get your natural hair color back when you need it.

How to dye hair step by step

Stage 1 Preparation

  • Wash out your hair with shampoo before 24 hours of dyeing.
  • Apply conditioner and rinse out hair with fresh water.
  • Dry up your hair in the air.
  • Comb hair to detangle hair.
  • Put on the towel around your neck.
  • Apply some hair moisturizers.
  • Get hair dye from a reputed brand. Read out the level attentively so that you can know the ingredients used in the color.

Stage 2 Hair dye

  • Mix up the hair dye with a given liquid.
  • Take a cup and a spoon to measure the volume of the color and liquid regarding your hair size.
  • Mix up the ingredients for 5 minutes so that it turns into a fine paste.
  • Start from a portion of hair.
  • Try to aside other hair potion using hair clips.
  • Watch out at the mirror that you have dyed the entire targeted hair potion.
  • Wait for 15 to 20 minutes. You can see the timing at the level of the packet how long does it take to color your hair.

Stage 3 Finishing up

  • Rinse out hair with fresh water and shampoo. Don’t use conditioner.
  • Let your hair dry up in the air for a few minutes.
  • Style your hair applying hair gel in a light amount.

Bottom line

You should reserve enough time especially when you are going to color hair. Read out the important facts and instructions again so that you can make it in the first application.

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