How to Get Rid of Oily Hair Fast: Natural 9 Ways To Get Rid

How To Get Rid Of Oily Hair

Recently I got an email from one of my readers. She said, “My hair turns into oily over the past year and I have to wash it every two days. Do you have any tips to get rid of oily hair fast?”

I know there’s nothing more irritating than taking a cool shower, and awakening the next day, and asking myself why my hair looks so oily to sear an egg. So today’s episode is all about tips & tricks to get rid of oily hair forever without washing less cause regular washing isn’t a healthier decision for hair. We will discuss all of it, but for instance, let’s talk about why hair turns into oil.

So, why our hair turns so oily?

Our scalp already contains natural oil. It keeps our hair healthy & natural. So, where these extra oils come from? Moreover, there is an existence of a sebaceous gland under our skin that discharges sebum. Sebum is a type of greasing oil. These organs are found all over our body including our hair nerves & turn into oily hair later.  As we mentioned above, we are here to share some hacks & tips to deal with oily hair.

So, here is our first tip:

Read Details How to Get Rid of Oily Hair Forever:

Get Rid of Oily Hair Forever
Get Rid of Oily Hair Forever

1. Dry Shampoo:

The number one & the quickest way to fix oily hair is dry shampoo. I am personally a big fan of this product. I always keep dry shampoo in my purse & use it weekly & daily basis. As my lifestyle is very active & have a busy weekend, so my hair gets oily & dusty besides, I don’t have enough time to wash my hair regularly. So dry shampoo is the only cleaner that I prefer. Moreover, it contains plant-based ingredients rather than chemical components.

Generally, I use dry shampoo over completely dry hair & then wait for air dry. In case, when I am in a hurry at first I blow dry my hair & then dry shampoo over the strands of my hair.  Our hair roots are the main source of oil buildup. So I take extra care of my roots with dry shampoo, make sure it sits there at least 10 to 20 seconds & then brush out my hair. It is the easiest & simplest way to get rid of oily hair.

2. Baby Powder:

The next emergency & quick tip to get rid of oily hair is baby powder. It absorbs the extra moisture& oil of our hair &keeps it dry.  It helps me when I have a very busy weekend or don’t have enough time to deal with my hair myself. So, I keep baby powder as well as a dry shampoo in my handbag & use depending on where I am. Moreover, I prefer baby powder more than hair spray. Just apply a moderate amount to your hair, give your hair extra volume & soak up all the oil as well.

How to Get Rid of Oily Hair Fast Video

3. Alcohol:

The third way to get rid of oily hair is based on alcoholic products. As we know alcohol draws out the excess moisture & dries everything out. The main alcoholic item I prefer applying is alcohol wipes. It is very available in the shop but be gentle before applying it. I prefer applying a moderate amount of this product over my hair in two areas.

The one-the frontline of my hair to around my ears & second- the sebaceous glands situated back side of the head as they produce lots more oil & sweat. Do a little bit of massage & dries everything out. So simple!

4. Headbands or hats:

In case your hair gets more oily than you think & goes beyond your control, headscarves, headbands, bandanas, or hats come in your assist. Sometimes, we don’t have enough time to wash our hair or do a different hair-style to deal with our hair. At that point, headbands come & play their role to deal with oily hair.

5. Change hairlines:

This tip is related to change hairstyles for dealing with oily hair plus shows how to increase the volumes of hair particularly if you have thin hair like me. So what you gonna do is you need to change the party lines of your hair from time to time. Moreover, it gives you a unique look for every day that I like, increases the volume of hair & keeps the hairless oily & dirtier.

6. Less washing:

The next tip & hack to keep your hair less oily is to stop washing your hair on a regular basis. If you wash your hair regularly, it will dry your hair even more. It indicates the sebaceous glands that your hair-roots & head require more oil & they produce excess oil. That is why I prefer using dry shampoo, baby powder, or alcohol rather than regular washing to retain my hair.


7. Proper shampooing & cleaning:

Yet, less washing is good for hair; sometimes our hair gets oily if we don’t shampoo it properly. I personally shampooing my hair twice or thrice a month & when I do I take double shampooing to get rid of extra oil from my scalp. After shampooing, you have to properly rinse your hair because oil builds-up for shampoo & conditioner that hasn’t been rinsed out properly. The expert suggests spending a minute or two just to make sure everything is out.

8. Stay away from hot water:

This thing is very crucial & significant for healthy hair. When you wash your hair or shampooing your hair, stay out of hot water. Better use lukewarm water or cold water as cool as possible. Coldwater is helpful for closing the cuticles of your hair. Moreover, our hair is a part of our skin, actually, it is more sensitive, it has pours & if we are not going to treat it like skin it will dehydrate on the ends.

9. Stop blow-drying or heating treatment:

Another emergency tip to g=deal with oily hair is to stop using the blow dryer or any kind of heating treatment. Heat particularly activates & stimulates our scalp to generate more oil. SO if you see your hair turns so oily, just take a break from using a blow dryer to see further improvement of your hair & when you retain the hair strength you can again start using a blow dryer or heat.

10. Cornstarch:

If you don’t happen to have baby powder lying around, but you do have some cornstarch, that’ll work just fine too. But for people with dark hair, just cornstarch may not work as it tends to leave behind a white cast. Therefore, you can try mixing in a little bit of cocoa powder with the cornstarch and rubbing it into your roots. An added plus? Your hair will smell delicious!

That’s all my tips & hacks How to Get Rid of Oily Hair. Did you try any of these tips? If you have any recommendations feels free to share them with us in the comment section.

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