How to Fade Your Own Hair – Step by Step

How to Fade Your Own Hair

Fading hair has become a modern trend due to its attractive look and cooling facility. You can fade your easily if you know the right way of how to fade your own hair at home.

Cutting hair at home saves your money, time, and adds another skill. You may not be an expert for the first time. However, practice makes a man perfect.

Don’t worry about the methods because I have mentioned the easiest way on how to cut your own hair with clippers.

Let’s go.

Start learning How to fade your own hair for Beginners  Step by Step –

Stage 1 preparing the hair fading process :

Step 1 Arrange the things below:

You may have all those things below in your home. If you are going to attempt for the first time, then hire these things instead of buying.

  • A trimmer
  • Electric clippers
  • A scissor
  • A comb
  • Hair clips
  • Spray bottle 

Step 2 Wash out your hair:

Try to wash out your hair with shampoo. Shampoo makes the hair soft and pliable. If you have thick hair, then you must wash it with shampoo and conditioner.

Wait for a few minutes to dry up the wet hair. Don’t let the hair dry completely. 

Step 3 Comb hair:

Comb the hair with a narrow-teeth comb. You can use a wide comb also if you have thick hair. Make sure your hair is in the plain condition. 

Step 4 Fix the mirror:

Get a mirror that is portable and hand-held so that you can move the mirror in your need.

At first, place the mirror in a place surrounded with enough light. See your head in the mirror and fix the position. It must cover the entire head area while you are fading hair.

Step 5 Check out the clipper’s lengths:

Get the clippers in your hand and see the length. You are going to fade hair that’s why it should be at the lowest measurement.

Make sure the clipper’s length is adjustable. You have to turn the clipper guard bigger to lower eventually. At first, turn the guard at 3mm.

You can see the different sizes at the surface of the clipper. You have to know that hair fading comes with layers bigger to lower. In the end, it fades away completely.

The transition from the top to bottom should come from following a line. Adjusting the length of the clipper is very much important.

Stage 2 Making the line and balance to Fade Your Own Hair

 Step 1 Determining the hair size:

Here, you have to measure the hair length and lineup that you want to fade. Start from the top so that you can move down easily.

Use your finger to measure the top and sides around the head. If possible, make some line up using hair clips. Attach the hair clips at the border.

 Step 2 Cut long hair:

Cut out the long hair from the top using a scissor. You can trim them with an electric trimmer but it may ruin your hairstyle.

Get a sharp scissor and use your comb to lift the hair top. Cut them step by step. Be careful because short hair cannot grow faster.

 Step 3 Make lines:

Make an invisible lineup just like a layer. Determine the targeted area with a specific measurement.

To make it easy, use hair clips to hold the portion of hair while cutting another side.

Stage 3 Making the fade

Step 1 Start from a low guard of your clippers:

It time to do the main operation. Adjust the trimmer with the clipper at the right length.

You know which guard should apply for the first time. Adjust the clipper length at the 6mm to apply it at the top.

See the sizes at the surface of clippers. The 6mm could be the 2nd guard of the clipper. Don’t turn the measurement at the lowest guard for the first time.

Hold the trimmer at the back and move it up vertically in a scooping motion. Swipe the trimmer up and down slowly and gently.

Cover the two sides and the back of your head in the same measurement. Don’t jump to the other side not finishing the current side.

Step 2 Push the clippers to the next guard: 

Change the guard into the lowest measurement it could be 2mm.

Now, hold the trimmer at the bottom of your back and sides to fade it completely. Make sure, you are not swiping the trimmer at the top.

After fading the entire side, raise the measurement to make the balance between the top and bottom of the hair.

Use your comb to measure the hair length and swipe trimmer to straight the balance. Balance is the key fact to get a nice haircut.

 Step 3 Fade the layers:

If you can see the lineup or layer in the two sides, then fade the lineup with the trimmer. You can use blades also.

Make sure, you cannot see any layer at the front after fading operation.

 Step 4 Start clipping with a higher guard:

To have a good finishing, trim the whole area of your head with the highest guard so that you can get a nice hairstyle.

Don’t trim the top of your hair lest you may ruin the whole operation.

Stage 4 Finishing up to Fade Your Own Hair

 Step 1 Check out the hair cutting in the mirror:

Look at the two sides and back of your head. Hold the mirror in one hand and move it to see the areas.

I hope you have done well on the first attempt. In the case of inconvenient in the measurement, use the trimmer to cut the portion slowly.

 Step 2 Make some hairstyles:

Add some gel to your hair. If possible, take a shower after fading hair.

Make some hairstyles and comb hair. You will have a different look at this time.

 Step 3 Fade hair following the way every few weeks:

If you like the new hairstyle, then fade hair following the same ways every few weeks.

 Bottom line: After reading the article on how to fade your own hair, you got the easiest process of how to fade hair 

If you are a beginner, then read the instruction several times to be familiar at first. You may not get the expert result for the first time. keep it up.

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