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How to play piano

A Piano is always something exceptional for entertainment. One loves to play the piano from a young age. Nobody can sound the piano standing in front of him, I swear.

It is a unique instrument that attracts not only the professional musician but also the general people. If you are a thirsty one who loves the piano may think that playing the piano is a difficult one in the world.

You may think also you need to know a lot of things to memorize to play the piano properly. But I am assuring you that you need not be worry thinking that how it will be possible for you.

Look: Today I am going to discuss with you how to learn the piano by yourself. I have discussed here three methods to learn piano at home. You just need to go through step by step to play the piano smoothly.

You can get free piano lessons for beginners online. Stay with us and learn the basic things which are necessary to play the piano.

Start with see this Video guide-

What to do at first learn to play the piano?

At the first stage, you need to have a piano or keyboard at your home to learn the play. You would have confusion that which one is better at home. You will suggest you have an original piano if you can tolerate it. An acoustic piano is tuned with strings and its sound is natural which is favorable to all. On the other hand, it takes a big space at your home.

On the other hand, you can choose a keyboard. You know a digital keyboard does not have any string. It is build-ten with various sounds. A keyboard has a different kind of sounds. It will help you to make different sounds with just a single device. It takes a short space at your home.

I will discuss the 3 methods of learning the piano. I think these three methods will be attached to you in learning the piano.

Process one: learning Play Piano by Ear –

Play the piano or keyboard by listening:

You are going to play the piano so you need a piano at first. Or you can choose an alternative way such as a keyboard. The criteria for these two instruments need to be considered before buying or lending them. A piano has 88 keys and a large space. The piano will provide you the actual sounds of the strings. Next, you can choose a keyboard as an alternative to the piano. Though the sound of a keyboard is artificial, it has some opportunities also.

Think before buying:

  • A piano is always expensive than a keyboard. It is really difficult to find a piano with good quality and color. A simple keyboard can handle these sorts of problems in a while. I know the things of hobby and dream are always precious for everyone. But here comes a question of your ability to buy one.
  • Now, it is very necessary to tune your piano. As this is a process by listening you must have accurate sounds on the instrument. If you have bought an old piano then you have a risk of not getting the accurate tune from the old strings. Here keyboard is better in this respect. You can get easily set on the keyboard. You just need to click on the functions on the keyboard.
  • The keyboard is better for transportation. It is easy to carry through it will provide you artificial sounds where a piano gives the accurate sounds of strings. But thinking the problem of carrying and tuning the keyboard could be the best choice.

Try to listen to the sounds of the piano by playing it yourself:

Now sit beside your piano and try to play it yourself without thinking of any note or tune. This is the first stage that you need to listen to the music or tone of the piano carefully. Try to catch the sounds of different sides of keyboards. Start with the middle that creates the general sounds, then go to the left and tries to the right. Besides, listening to the sounds try to note the keys on your notepad. It is a way to be familiarized with the piano.

Try to recognize the various keys of the piano:

I will introduce you to some major keys of a piano that will help you to start playing. If we use the numeric number with the alphabet, it will be more helpful. For your quick memorizing you can start with the middle keys pressing by calling 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8. Remember you must press the tunes 8 times in a single tune. Then try these 8 keys again. Now put C, D, E, F, G, A, B, C as the numeric numbers. Here you will understand how different sounds make a single sentence of a song.

  • Now if you get the melody of these 8 keys, try those repeatedly. You can get some easy tunes from the internet. You can choose your favorites songs melody from the internet.
  • After getting some easy melody chords from the internet try to play with the chords. As you are a beginner, you must know the name of the keys. You just need to identify the keys in alphabetical order. For example, you need to know keys which one is A, B, C, etc. All the melodies are described with those letters.

Get your fingers on the keys:

Now get your fingers on the keyboard. The keyboard requires both hands to be on it. Put your fingers of the right hand into 1, 3, and 5 and fingers of the left hand into 5, 3, and 1. You can play C major with these numbers because they are the easiest for beginners. Now try this fingering into different sides of the keyboard. It means you need to carry this position on the left, middle, and right sides of the keyboard.

  • You would like that one. Now try to hum the master chords of the song. Every song has a master humming which comes 2 to 4 times in a song. If you could hum with playing the piano, it will be more useful for you. You know, when we hum anything we totally understand the song. It will help you to catch the tune with the song. You can create humming yourself. Besides, you can make your own humming that will be easy to tune.
  • You must always look upon your fingers whether they are in the right place or not. Your fingering position may change depending on the song. Make sure that your finger and your body is in the right position. You know if you make comfortable your body in a disorderly manner then this position will be habituated to you. Later, you cannot change the position. You can hair or buy a piano book where the fingering position is written clearly.
  • Whatever you have got, try this regularly. You have to remember the fingering position. Do not forget the humming which you hum at the playing time. Listen carefully to the sounds, chords, and humming.

Process two: Learning Basic Piano –

Gathering some basic knowledge of piano:

Here, you can learn to play the piano by getting the basic knowledge of the piano. You can gather the information that a piano has 88 keys, three sections, two types of keys, etc. It will teach you the basics of piano. Natural sounds are created by the white piano and black keys are accidentals. Black keys create more sharp tunes than the white keys. You would find the natural tunes as C D E F G A B. They are seven in numbers which are to be remembered. There are more than 5 accidentals keys.

  • You can get an instructional book either by buying or hiring from someone. An instructional book will help you by giving all kinds of information with the pictures. You would find these kinds of books in your local market. These kinds of books are decorated step by step with the instruction. For example, you would find scales, chords, keys, tuning, etc in the book.
  • Here comes the task of note. You have to keep a note of every chord you are playing from the beginning. To memorize the chords you can make short notes in your diary and the keyboard also. You would find a variety of stickers and tattoos that are used to explain specific keys of a piano. You can purchase those stickers and get notes from your book. Now put the sticker on the specific keys which helps you to memorize the chords.

Finger position:

As I told earlier that finger position is the main problem for a beginner. Putting your finger in the right position, you need to follow a pattern of chords. It will help you be familiar with the piano. As there are many keys you must put your both hands.

  • Always try to play the melody following a scale. I know you can’t follow a melody for the first time. But you have to keep trying the melody on a proper scale.
  • Look at your fingers and listen to the melody that you are pressing now. Think of how the melody is playing.
  • Choose some easy songs. To choose the songs you need to think about the melody of the songs carefully. The melody of the songs must be easy for you. I will suggest you choose your favorite songs because it will motivate you to learn the piano further.
  • You will find the easiest songs in the instructional book. They create the book easy to help the beginner to learn the piano.
  • After choosing the song, now try to play it. Select the melody differently that which hand plays which melody. When you are able to push the keys with separate hands, now try with both hands. Go slowly to get the whole thing.

Practice playing piano:

You must remember a lot of things when you are playing with your device. At first, look at your fingers and check your finger position. Now listen to the music carefully and judge whether the melody in scale or not. If all things are running well then practice more and more. You know practice makes a man perfect.

Process Three: Hiring a Piano Instructor to play piano


Finally, you can hire an instructor who will teach you the piano by hand and mouth. Though it will be costly, an instructor helps you to learn the music as well as the basic rules and techniques of a piano. I suggest this process mostly and strongly because I have learned the piano with the instruction of a professional piano instructor.

  • A keyboard instructor always checks the finger position and tells the where and how to put fingers on the keys.
  • A good instructor helps to locate your chords and marks on the keys. He will tell you how to capture the tone of the keys and where to write the tone.
  • You must decide how long you are getting your instructor. Do not get in a hurry. It is not an easy task to hurry and finish. You need to take enough time. I suggest you get your instructor a day in a week.
  • Ask your instructor that the tempo and melody are going in scale and tuning well. You must ask the instructor about your difficulties.

Practice time:

This is the most important and most boring task for a beginner. But the task of hobby and dream are always difficult to achieve. You are going to be a professional keyboardist after some months. So you have to practice regularly. If you have enough time to practice, do it regularly for 30 minutes a day. If it is hard to maintain the time, set to play just 2 or 3 days a week. You must for a minimum of 30 minutes in the day.

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