What Causes Female Hair Loss at Temples & How to protect

What causes female hair loss at temples

What Causes Female Hair Loss at Temples, right?

I know you are experiencing hair loss that is why you are here. One more thing is that you are here to know the causes of female hair loss. Statics shows that’s 78.3% female is the main victim of hair loss in the present time. There is not a reason for hair loss but a lot. You need to go through the last cause of hair loss. I have mentioned details What causes female hair loss at temples.

Look: There are some reasons that are inevitable. If you having hair receding naturally, you cannot solve the problem at all.

Read the Details What causes female hair loss at temples & how to Protect it

There are two kinds of causes of hair loss for females. One is natural that cannot be stopped and the other one is the man-made reason. Read the article carefully to avoid such kind of hair loss causes.

Heredity: One of this major problem of hair loss

At first, heredity could be the first issue of your hair fall problem. It is a natural cause that you cannot prevent at all. It comes to us with the development of our origin. Just look behind your forefathers and think about how they were in their lifetime. You will find the answer “Yes”. If the answer similar to your present condition than your cause if heredity. You would find medicines of product which may offer you to use to prevent hair loss problem though it has come from heredity, do not accept this kind of product. I can suggest you try some natural ways to prevent the problem.


If you are above 40 then it is ok. But if you are young enough, you might have to go to the doctor. Your time is the great killer of all living things. We are human. Our life decays with the passing times. As you grow older, we may face hair loss problems with other issues also. There is a marginal line of hair loss. If you are losing 50 to 100 hairs per day it is natural. It will be filled up with the passing time. If you are facing more at the age of below 30, you are at risk. You must conduct to a doctor about this problem.

Unknown stationary product:

Sometimes we buy an unknown stationary product to apply in our hair by just reading the level of the product. You must know that a product company may show you attractive colors, sizes, and prices to buy their product. But you must know the side effects and beneficiary sides of the product. Sometimes this type of product may cause your hair loss by its poisonous chemical.


You may see some of your neighbors that they are losing hair day by day. They are losing hair not only from the head but also the whole body. Medication may cause our hair to lose. You need not be worry because if you are losing hair for medication, it will be filled up soon after leaving that medicine. Do not stop taking the medication in the fear of losing hair.

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Water is the incomparable natural element for the human being. All living things must have a connection with water to survive in the world. This water may cause your hair to fall. If you are using water full harmful substances, you might have some problems with your hair. Water is very much necessary for us but the harmful element in water may cause your hair receding.

Radiation therapy:

Radiation therapy like chromotherapy and others may cause your hair to fall. This type of therapy mainly used to cure mortal diseases like cancer. This type of therapy uses electromagnetic radiation that affects our bodies as well as our head. As this type of therapy is unfriendly to our body, you may experience hair loss problem with other side effects.


You are living in an age of business. Most of the people being busy in the present world most of the time. We cannot think a little bit about our health and safety. We are just busy to earn money. By the passing of time, you feel pressure in our job field and family. Whenever we feel stress and pressure, it may cause hair loss suddenly. Stress not only affects our hair but also our whole body. I suggest you now enter into stress and feel relax whatever you are doing.

Hairstyle and dying:

In the present time, making a hairstyle with color or heat has become a new trend. You don’t know actually what you are doing with your hair. Natural beauty is always preferable for everyone in the world. When we try to customize our natural beauty with man-made products and colors, it obviously hampers our hair. I would like to suggest you not use a stationery product to do a new hairstyle and keep yourself apart from heating hair. Artificial colors and heat both are harmful to our bodies and hair.


Cigarettes contain nicotine which is very harmful to our health. As a female, it may harm more strongly to your immune system as well as hair. If you are a new smoker just try to observe that you are facing a hair loss problem from the first week of smoking. Try to avoid smoking to prevent hair from loss.

What Causes Female Hair Loss at Temples

Lack of vitamin D and B:

Vitamin D and B are the main ingredients of healthy hair. If the vitamins are losing, you may see the hair fall problem suddenly. There a number of reasons for losing such vitamins from your hair. Excessive uses of the stationery product, smoking, dust, etc are the cause of losing vitamin D and B. One major reason for losing such vitamin is not to eat properly. You know our digestive system follows a daily routine so that we may lead a happy life. If you don’t eat properly with fresh and healthy foods, you may feel a lack of such vitamins and hair fall.

Careless attitude:

Usually, we are careless to our hair and body. In the world of business, only money is more important than any other thing. Our careless attitude hampers our health as well as the body equally. We do not use shampoo and conditioner properly into our hair. We do not comb our hair for lack of time. I think you don’t know the necessity of combing hair. When we comb hair, our scalp gets enough blood circulation in the whole area of the head through the force of comb. Be careful about your body and hair and lead a happy life.

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We describe details that we got from our research to find out What causes female hair loss at temples. Now you have the list of major causes of hair loss. Stay apart from these habitations and be safe.

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