Front Hair Loss Female Remedy – Ultimate Guide

Front Hair Loss Female Remedy

Are you searching for a front hair loss female remedy? What is front hair loss? What is the solution for female pattern baldness?

Hair is a very sensitive part of a woman and a man as well. Losing hair can cause depression to the female more than male.

You are on the right platform to avoid this depression. A hairstyle can decorate your personality and outlook.

Keeping in mind the question of personality and your beauty, I have written my own experience on how to re-grow front hair loss for females.

Listen: Daily hair loss is a natural issue for all of us. Our hair looses and grows daily. We may lose 50 to 100 hairs daily. New growth of hair replaces the spot typically.

In the case of hair receding, it may create a bald spot. Hair receding occurs in a line in front of hair when we lose more than 100 hairs daily.

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Front hair loss or female pattern baldness

Causes of female pattern baldness

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How to prevent hair loss

Front hair loss or female pattern baldness 

Pattern baldness occurs when hair growth stops totally. As we lose hair daily, new hair fills up the blank spots eventually.

If new hair does not grow regularly, we experience hair loss or pattern baldness.

Medical science introduces this type of hair loss or baldness is androgenetic alopecia.

Female pattern baldness is a common problem at the present age due to applying a different hairstyle.

As a result, baldness spreads in all over the scalp typically. To avoid wanted baldness, we have to follow some regular instructions.

To know the different causes of female pattern baldness read the point below.

Front Hair Loss Female Remedy

Causes of female pattern baldness

Genetic problem:

The major cause of female pattern baldness is genetic. We carry the gene of our older in our family. If our mother or father has pattern baldness, we may carry the gene of baldness also.

Females are the common victim of this type of gene. It becomes clearer with the growth of ages.

In some cases, a female may experience baldness at an early age due to some rapid hormonal changes.

If the cause of your baldness is a genetic link, the treatment is harder for you. You may try the solutions written in the next point.


Alopecia areata is such a disease that is the black sheep that occurs hair loss. Some other mortal diseases force you to take therapy.

Chemotherapy and radiation therapy attacks the immune system and causes hair to lose.


Highly powerful medicine may cause hair to fall for a certain period. Sometimes medicine takes longer to set up in our body.

Especially the medicine of cancer may force a certain number of people to hair fall. However, after stopping those medicines, hair can re-grow.


Illness as a severe infection, high fever, or surgery may cause significant hair losses. In these illnesses, hair fall develops rapidly.


Hairstyle with different hair color has become a popular trend in western countries and all over the world as well. Teenagers including the female of middle ages are more tend to have colors on their hair.

Hair colors are full of harmful chemicals that we cannot see on our open eyes. When we experience the harmful effect, it is too late.

As a result, we got traction alopecia the disease of hair loss.

Using the harmful product:

Local accessories or products of different brands have become essential staff. We use those products whimsically without knowing the brand’s reputation.

We always search for cheap products unknowing the side effects. As a result, we get several hair fall problems including itching, dandruff, and scalp baldness.

Careless nature:

 Just think yourself how do you behave with your hair. The answer can be as we really behave rude enough with our wet hair.

We do not comb hair properly due to our business. We do not care about the products what we are using in our daily life.

Next, most of us do not know how to take care of hair. We do not know how to use shampoo effectively.

On the other hand, we do not take the necessary medicines in our hair in the breakage period.

hair loss front of head female

Remedy for Front Hair Loss Female:

Oral medication: 

Most of the people take oral medication as an effective way to re-grow hair. To get the proper medicine, you have to go to the expert.

Do not take any medicine to hear from your neighborhood. One of the best medicines for female pattern baldness is spironolactone.

This diuretic removes extra water from the body. It also blocks the production of androgen.

Laser treatment:

 Laser treatment is a very fast way to re-grow hair. The laser light stimulates the scalp to regrow hair faster.

It may cost a huge amount. To apply this remedy you must go to the expert so that you can avoid a major side effect.

Hair transplant:

 Hair transplantation is the most advanced technology nowadays. Some females can also choose this way.

Doctors usually take hairs from a healthy area and transplant those hairs in the bald spots. They use this method for several times until they cover all the bald spots.

Home remedies: 

Home remedies mean natural ingredients. We know nature does not have any side effects.

Coconut oil, milk, soda, egg, onion, olive oil, hennas and so on are some natural ingredients that help to re-grow hair.

How to prevent hair loss

Eat vegetables daily following a routine.

Take seasonal fruits.

Do not comb wet hair forcibly.

Before using any local product, check out their customer reviews.

Do not use the cheapest product to ensure quality and fewer side effects.

If you apply hair colors, maintain a sufficient duration to change the present color.


You have the causes, treatment, and the prevention of front hair loss. Read again -Front Hair Loss Female Remedy, every stage carefully and follow the prevention eventually.

In the case of treatment, choose the perfect way that suits you.

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