How to Fit a Bike Helmet – The Awesome Guide

How to fit a bike helmet? Do you know the right way to fit a bike helmet? Are you having a problem with your helmet?

Fitting a bike helmet on your head is as much important as using a helmet. As a conscious person, you should ride a bike by wearing a helmet. You must wear a helmet when you are riding a bike. If you do not know the right way to fit a bike helmet, you are in the right place to seek the answer.

Here I have mentioned all the necessary parts of a helmet that should keep in mind. You have to go through eventually to overcome the problem for your lifetime.

Look: Before fitting the bike helmet, you must know the parts of the helmet properly. You will find a helmet in various sizes. Then color is an important part.

Look at the buckles and stripes of the helmet. You will find the buckles on the cheek side and strip-down of the cheek portion. You have to fix all of them. Read the instruction below attentively and follow eventually.

How Do I Know if My Bike Helmet Fits?

A bike helmet is essential for you while having a ride; therefore, its size also matters for your safety. You can easily understand if a helmet fits you well or not; let’s know how to find out.

  • First of all, the helmet shouldn’t displace while riding; it must be tight enough. On the other hand, too many tight helmets can be uncomfortable for you.
  • Moreover, your chosen helmet must cover your head correctly; the front side should be two fingers above your eyebrows.

Choose the helmet from a renowned brand, and check if it fits on your head well or not.

How to fit a bike helmet?? Read Carefully Our In-depth Guide:

Select a helmet of your size:

Before buying a helmet, you have to determine the size of the helmet. Go to your local market and see the attractive helmet. Take the measurement tape and measure the size of your head. You must not give much pressure when you are measuring your head. Just measure your head size free so that you can get a comfortable helmet.

The most important thing is that if you buy the helmet fully adjust with your head you will feel boring. It will disturb you by providing heat and pressure. There are three kinds of size of helmet. They are small, medium, and large. Some helmet brands provide sub-size of these three sizes.


Color is not a matter for a fitting helmet. If you want to have a gorgeous look over your head with your bike, you choose a similar color. I would like to suggest you select any color that focuses on your bike. It depends on your hobby and bike color.

Position the helmet in the right position:

Now wear the helmet for a little bit. Set the helmet in the right place. Set the helmet carefully so that you can get the idea of measurement. Here, you have to be sure that your helmet is comfortable with your head size. Set the helmet in the middle of your head. Put 2 fingers on your forehead to be sure that it is in the right place. Press the helmet from the upper side so that it can take place correctly. Do not push the helmet to the back too much. Try to keep the helmet in the distance from your eyebrow 2 inches.

How to Fit a Bike Helmet Video

Adjust buckle:

Now you have to adjust the buckle. Grab the straps and pull them. You will see a V shape on the straps. Be sure that the V shape is under your ear. This shape will rescue your ear from the extreme pressure of the straps. Here you have to shorten or lengthen the chinstraps to make the v shape. Make sure that you have made the shape on both sides. You would suggest you not to tie so hard that it may hard your cheek. Fitting the buckle straps is important to make it comfortable.

Tie the straps correctly:

Make sure that you have tied the straps correctly. Do not tie it too hard that it may make the experience boring. You can tie the straps correctly when the helmet is off to your head. I would like to suggest you read the guideline in the book provided by the brand. You can get all the instructions in the book. Adjust the chinstrap with the buckle strap. The next step is fitting the chinstrap.

Tie chinstrap: 

Check the chin strap properly. Here, you must have the straps in the correct position. The position of the chinstrap depends on the V shape. If your V shape is in the right position, you will get the chinstrap in the right place. This is the final stage of wearing the helmet. Make it properly so that you can get the pleasure of a comfortable helmet. Buckle the chinstrap normally so that it cannot hard you. Be sure that one or two-finger can inter thought the chinstrap.

How to Fit a Bike Helmet Final fitting:

 Finally, you have reached the final stage of how to fit a bike helmet. If you have followed all the instructions above, you must follow this stage also. Open your mouth and chew for a while. You will feel the adjustment of the helmet. If the helmet is not in the right place, you cannot open your mouth and chew. If so, try the steps repeatedly.

Now turn your head left and right. You will get the disturbance in turning if the helmet is not in the right position. You can lose the buckles of the strap slowly and try again. I wish it might work. If not, try from the very beginning.

Measure the distance of your helmet from the eyebrow. If the distance is two-inch, it is okay for you. If you think the helmet is not in the right position, unbuckle the strap and tie it again.

At last, check the buckle that they are in the right position with rubbers bands. These rubber bands protect the measurement from loosening or tightening the straps. Follow this checklist attentively so that you will get the pleasure of a comfortable helmet.

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Final Verdict:

How to fit a bike helmet is a common question from the newbie. If you are a new rider, you must know the techniques to fit a bike helmet. Wearing a helmet during riding is important as well as essential to get the pleasure to have a safe ride. In case of forgetting any of these instructions, read the article again and know the easy way of fitting a helmet. If you think the instructions are effective and essential for the new riders in the world, share this article with others so that the newbie can ride safely.

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