How to fix Electric Scooter Brake Cable

Brake Failure! An ominous thing to a rider while he or she is riding an electric scooter. Isn’t it?

You may be imagining that if it’s gonna occur with you, then what to do, right? Don’t worry,

I’m going to tell you an effective solution of Restoring an Electric scooter Brake if you have fear of having a brake failure while enjoying a journey.

I have mentioned some outstanding guidance about How to fix Electric Scooter Brake Cable.

Look: Failure of a break can cause your major injuries including death. It relates to your life. To avoid those uncertain situations you should know about how to repair Electric Scooter Brake.

Dig into deeper

At first, you should know the most common brakes that are used to reduce the speed in an electric scooter. It is Disc Brake.

The disc brake has become a popular staff for its efficiency, easy uses, and affordability.  

Types Disc Brake:

For its satisfying performance, Electric scooter manufacturing companies use 3 types of disk brakes regarding the differences of the scooter.

This Brake works in 03 modes, these are

  1. Fully Hydraulic
  1. Semi Hydraulic
  1. Mechanical

Before fixing an electric scooter Brake, First, you have to know about how a break works in an electric scooter.

Working Method

A Rotor named metal disc is attached to the scooter wheel. It spins as fast as the wheel as it is attached to the wheel. A component named caliper which surrounds the part of the rotor.

It activates when you pull the brake lever. The caliper pinches the spinning rotor with the brake pads. As a result of causing friction, it slows down the wheel.

Advantages of disc brakes

Disc Brake has some advantages and that’s the reason that it is the most usable Breaking method in the world of Electric scooter.

  • Operate well in both wet and dry weather.
  • Supreme control over braking, especially with hydraulically-controlled disc brakes.
  • Easy to adjust and maintain.
  • Lightweight.

Before we talk about the fixing method of an Electric scooter you have to know about the tools or instruments that you need to repair the brake cable.

Tools/Instruments for Brake repairing

Adjustable wrench: An adjustable wrench is an open-end wrench with a movable jaw, Which is allowed to be used with various sizes of fastener head rather than just one fastener size, as with a conventional fixed spanner. (8mm)

Allen key: It is a manageable tool used to drive bolts and screws with hexagonal sockets in their heads. (2mm,4mm,5mm)

Some pliers: It is a hand tool used to operate objects firmly, possibly developed from tongs used to handle metal.

We can adjust a Mechanical disc Brake in 05 methods:-

  • Lock Nut for the barrel adjuster.
  • Barrel adjuster itself.
  • Pinch bolt.
  • Locking screw for the fixed pad adjuster.
  • Fixed pad adjuster itself.

How to repair an Electric scooter Brake

Step 01:

At the very beginning, we have to move the barrel adjuster to a neutral position. You can start this by losing the lock nut.

Step 02:

Later again move the barrel adjuster to a neutral position by using the wrench.

Note: Be careful the adjuster shouldn’t poke out on the other end.

Step 03:

Now loosen the pinch bolt that holds the brake cable in place.

Step 04:

This time you have to pull the cable tight with the pillars and put some pressure on the pinch bolt and tighten it.

Step 05:

Loosen the small locking nut for the fixed brake pad with the 2mm Allen key.

Step 06:

Now you go back behind the wheel and tighten the fixed brake pad adjuster with the 5mm Allen key until the fixed brake pad rubs against the disc and stops the wheel from turning.

Step 07:

Now turn back about a quarter turn to free the disc.

Note: Now we are going to adjust the outer moveable brake part.

Step 08:

This time use the 8mm wrench to tighten the barrel adjuster until the outer disc pad rubs against the disc.

Step 09:

Again turn back about a quarter turn to free the disc.

Step 10:

Lastly, tighten the lock nut for the barrel adjuster. 

You have come to the end of repairing electric scooter brake cables. After finishing, all these steps you should check out the scooter carefully before taking a ride.

How to avoid Brake Failure

  • The main reason for failing a break is over speed. Be cautious while riding a scooter. Try not to go 40kmph or more than that. Keep in mind that your strategy should be 30-35kmph.
  • You should lubricant the brakes regularly maintaining a routine. Read the user manual of the scooter and make a routine with their guidance.
  • The road you are riding through may cause brake failure. Before riding through an unknown road, you should not go faster.
  • Change the brake cables after every two months. You can change it whenever you plan to go for a long ride.
  • Make a habit to always check the brake system before going for a long.

Bottom line:

Fixing electric scooter brakes is not rocket science. I hope you get the idea of how to fix the electric scooter brake cable. You may not be an expert in the first try.

To make it faster like a professional, you have to know about the brakes and the process of repairing it. It may become a lengthy process. Don’t try to hurry.

Follow the guidance of how to avoid brake failure to prevent unwanted brake failures in the middle of your journey.


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