Spin Bike Workouts for Beginners – [Effective] 7 Days Workout Plan

Spin Bike Workouts for Beginners

Are you ready to burn 1000 calories per hour?

If you are thinking so, you are in the right place to catch the information spin bike workouts for beginners. You may think of spinning all day long without any guidance and you will be fit or overcome your plan. According to that thought, I must say that you must follow proper instructions for spinning if you are a beginner.

Why would you spin bike?

There is a numberless reason why you need the spin bike at your home. These days are so busy to lead with the need and demand of life. We need to participate in our workplace at a time we need to keep our health fit to perform well. Remember “Health is Wealth”. To keep your health fit from fatness, gloominess, idle, and many other problems. Read the guideline thoroughly and do it now.

Why do you need the guidance of workouts?

You need proper guidance of workouts spinning at home. Do not feel puzzled about your bike thinking about what to do and how to do it? The reasons why do you need the guidance of workouts are given below:

  • You are going to start working on a new bike which is not familiar with you.
  • There are some managing issues that you should know.
  • Spinning whimsically may harm your physic.
  • You have an aim through spinning but you don’t know how to do it.
  • You really want a safe journey with your home bike.

Setup your spinning bike:

You must set up your bike suitable for your present physical condition. You must take a few times to make your bike-friendly to you. Follow the instructions below and do it:

  • At first, bring out a biker user guide and read it attentively.
  • Be conscious of the setup functions of the bike.
  • Look at the seat and keep it at the level of your hip.
  • Turn to the handles and measure the position of the handle with the seat.
  • Go down to the pedals and keep it in a familiar distance from the seat.
  • You just need to keep the entire instrument as friendly to you.
  • Using the headphone or some accessories, you can enjoy your biking more comfortable.

Check the new setup attentively by the user guide. Be sure that all are set as your desire.

Spin Bike Workouts for Beginners Video

Do some warm-up before starting spinning:

If you are a beginner, you must have some warm-up before starting hard exercise on your bike. Follow the instructions of warm-up and obey them for a month. I’m sure, if you follow the right path of exercise you will have no disturbance from your physic.

  • Start spinning near about 85 RPMs keeping easy resistance.
  • Try to increase the rate of RPM slowly 5-10 every 30 seconds after.
  • Continue it for 2 minutes.
  • Boost the resistance by about 25% and come back again in 85 RPMs by the next 30 seconds.
  • Continue with 25% for 30 seconds
  • Increase the volume 25% and continue for 30 seconds
  • Now, pedal easily as you like and take some rest for 2 or 5 minutes to begin to work out.

Taking warm-up is very much essential for a beginner and an expert also. Our blood circulation system works as a regular routine. So when we create extra pressure on our body, blood circulation speed increases rapidly which may cause a heart attack or brain stroke.

Remember: Once you start spinning at home, you should not stop it until you get your desired result.

Spin Bike Workouts for Beginners

Now, dig into deeper:

 1st day of your exercise: keep your target for 20-30 minutes

You must follow the instruction carefully to reach your targeted result within a certain time. Don’t jump into the bike and start spinning.

  • Be patient and make a routine.
  • Fix your target where to reach.
  • Identify your present problems and fitness before starting spinning.
  • You may feel a little bit pain on your legs. Don’t worry, it’s not your legs but your things.
  • Now start spinning for 20 to 30 minutes as a beginner.
  • Follow the warm-up instruction before starting the final pedal.
  • Be sure that you are in the right resistance on the bike.
  • Do not follow other resistance RPM.

 Get a light warm-up after finishing pedaling to avoid any kind of pain.

 2nd day: try a little bit faster

Keep the settings of the first day and try to increase the RPM a little bit suitable for your health.

  • Get a target to be totally friendly with your bike.
  • Start with a warm-up like the previous day
  • Check the setting as customized in the previous day.
  • Try to pedal up to 30 minutes with the same resistance.
  • next, try to increase the time 1 to 50 minutes a day.

3rd and 4rth day: Add 5 minutes:

Getting a light warm-up to start your regular task.

  • Remember, your routine time should be the same.
  • Try to increase 5 minutes in your regular routine.
  • The cycling speed must be the same.
  • Try to be familiar with the position and the bike.
  • You have to add 5 minutes in a day till it goes on 45 minutes.

Follow that instruction and reduce your calories up to 800- 1000.

Day 5 to 7: You should add 5 minutes till its 45 minutes

On the 5th day, you must be considered that you are getting 45 minutes of exercise each day.

  • Start with a warm-up and be seated on your bike.
  • You may need to change your seating position if needed.
  • Now start with some advanced techniques. Increase your speed in the first 5 minutes.
  • Slow down your speed to the previous lave for 10 minutes.
  • Increase again your speed for 10 minutes.
  • Slow down the speed to the 85 RPM for 10 minutes.
  • Now continue with suitable speed left times.

 Follow the given instruction step by step and be fit at your own will. Try to go to the advanced level in the next week and keep the exercise until you reach your goal.

If you are benefited from the instruction try to share other who needs Spin bike workouts for beginners.

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