Elliptical Machine Workout for Beginners (Complete Guide)

Elliptical Machine Workout for Beginners

The elliptical machine is a great exercise tool for beginners, allowing you to ease your way into cardio exercise. The elliptical machine is an excellent choice especially if you need less stress on the joints while conditioning your heart and lower body.

These machines can be scary at the first looks, however, they combine the natural stride of a treadmill with the ease of a Stairmaster for a full-body workout. Especially if the elliptical machine also has moveable poles for your arms. What really makes the elliptical workout unique is that your feet never leave the pedals, therefore providing an impact-free workout. Every week, extend your workout by a couple of minutes or add an extra day when you feel ready. In this article, we will share with you the elliptical machine workout for beginners.

Elliptical machine workout for beginners:

Elliptical machine workout for beginners
Elliptical machine workout for beginners


The first five minutes on the elliptical trainer should concentrate on preparing the body ready to do the workout. Spend five minutes pedaling at a slow-to-moderate pace to increase body temperature and prepare the body for a more intense workout. At that point spend three minutes playing around with increasing the machine resistance level, ramp height, speed, or possibly a combination of these settings to find your true maximum effort.


This is an essential part of every exercise, but for those new to elliptical machines, it is a must before using the machine. Stretching decreases the risk of injury by ensuring that the muscles are loose and warmed up. The effort involved in elliptical workouts is generally directed at the legs and gluteal muscles. Hamstring and calf stretches are especially useful when starting elliptical training.

The Full Body Workout:

If you use an elliptical machine with handles, you’re basically combining the movements of cross country skiing and climbing stairs. You can alter the resistance and incline of the machine so it’s easy to maintain your pace as you pedal and pull and push the handles. Keep pedaling for 30 minutes. By working both your upper and lower body, you get a full-body exercise. You can even pedal reverse to put more emphasis on your hamstrings at the back of your upper legs. It’s important to hold the handles carefully, and although it’s sometimes tempting to raise your heels, you should keep your feet flat on the platforms. To avoid back discomfort, always face forward, and pull your shoulders back and down. As you get more experience and your fitness enhances, continue to add resistance or increase your speed to challenge yourself.

The Ultimate 35 Minute Elliptical Workout:

Just in under 35 minutes you can enjoy all the benefits of elliptical workouts by simply following this workout example:

35 Minute Elliptical Workout
35 Minute Elliptical Workout
  • Warm-up for 5 minutes for level three resistance during the first 3 minutes and level five resistance for the last two minutes at the pace of 130 steps for each minute.
  • 5 minutes with resistance level five at 140 steps for each minute.
  • 5 minutes with level seven resistance level at 140 steps per minute when pedaling reverse.
  • Resist for 5 minutes from level seven resistance level to 140 steps for each minute as you progress.
  • 2 and a half minutes at level seven resistance level at 140 steps for each minute by pressing against the arms
  • 2 and a half minutes at level seven resistance level at 140 steps for each minute by pulling with arms
  • 5 minutes with level five resistance level at 140 steps for each minute without using your hands.
  • Use level 3 resistance for 5 minutes at a pace of 130 steps per minute.

If you are familiar with this example of beginner training, you can increase your stamina and speed with each of these steps. In this manner, you can effectively increase your strength training as well as your cardiovascular endurance.


Lessen the speed, ramp height, and resistance level slightly lower than your low-intensity settings. Concentrate on decreasing your heart rate and slowing down your breath before leaving the elliptical machine.

Things to Remember:

  • Follow each section of the workout by finding rhythm/resistance to work at the suggested rate of perceived voltage.
  • It is available when you are short of breathing, or your muscles are weak or tired. You should feel that you are exercising, but you should also be able to speak in perfect sentences.
  • Do your exercise routine about three times a week with rest every other day.
  • Stretching is very important after the workout. It gives a chance for your tense muscles to relax. It is also a significant contributor to relieving muscle soreness.


Low-impact cardio exercise is usually recommended to scale back health risks and maintain physical conditioning. But every situation is different. Talk to your doctor before trying this workout if you have any illnesses, injuries, or medical conditions, or you’re on medication that may affect your heart rate or workouts. So, take some precautions to make sure that you simply make safe your compute and be fit. The effort involved in elliptical workouts is usually directed at the legs and gluteal muscles. Hamstring and calf stretches are especially useful when starting elliptical training. Do some stretching before work out
The elliptical machines are perfect for beginners looking to urge off the couch and obtain into shape. It’s a low-impact machine that won’t put too much stress on your joints, and it burns nearly as many calories as jogging. We tried to offer you adequate information about the elliptical machine workout for beginners. Now you’ll try it in your home or gym. Consult with your doctor before starting any workout schedule. Do not exercise if you have physical issues that might influence your ability to become more active.

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