How To Secure a Ladder – Tips & Safe Techniques

How to secure a ladder is a very common question from almost all stages of people all over the world. Now you are thinking that you have been using ladders from your early childhood. You just put it into the wall and climb up and down with the stairs. I appreciate your opinion but you need to know more.

We always prefer safety fast at any cost. I can surely mention that you didn’t think earlier about the safety of a ladder. As we have been using a ladder from our childhood, we know the basic way to use it. Everybody knows how to use a ladder but only a few know the proper way to secure a ladder. If I am not wrong you used a ladder on your flat floor, slippery walls, and climbed without any safety.

You are very lucky that you didn’t fall from your ladder. Luckily, you did it. I have written the ways to secure a ladder. Read the article carefully to avoid any kind of unwanted accident at your home and farm.

Importance of Ladder Stabilizer

Ladder stabilizers can be mounted on extension ladders to reach high walls, windows for painting or repairing. Ladders are mainly used for reaching high places for cleaning and painting.

And also there are many uses such as:

  • Reaching sides of the wide windows using a stabilizer.
  • Painting rake of the wide overhang. A stabilizer allows you to get access to reach those places for more comfortable work.
  • Hanging a gutter around the deep soffit. The ladder with the stabilizer hags against the house and bend to work on the fascia.
  • A stabilizer giver access to those places which are too high to reach with a normal ladder.
  • Rest the top of the ladder against a solid surface that can withstand the load. Do not let the top of the ladder rest on a gutter, window sash, windowpane, or anything that can break or move.
  • Use wall grips on the risers to prevent side slipping when a ladder is leaning against a smooth surface.
  • Attach a ladder stay across the back of a ladder where a surface cannot stand the load. Extend the stay across a window for firm support against the building walls or window frame.
  • Guard or fence off the area around a ladder erected in an area where persons have access. If a barricade is not possible, have someone hold and guard the bottom of the ladder.
  • Secure the ladder firmly at the top to prevent it from slipping sideways or the foot from slipping outwards.
  • Brace or tie off the ladder near the base. If there is no structure to the tie off to, use a stake in the ground.

A stabilizer is an extension of the ladder. It is designed to be fixed on an aluminum or fiberglass ladder for the extended reach to high walls and windows of your house for painting, renovating, or fixing windows or walls of your house.

Things need to check before using a ladder:

How To Secure Ladder
How To Secure Ladder

Physical condition:

At first look at the physical condition of the ladder. You have to judge the arms and stairs of the ladder. Check whether or not the arms are broken, unsafe, or weak that can break any time.

Placement of two sections:

You know that a ladder has two sections. You have to check the condition of these two portions regarding the ability to carry weight. On the other hand, check the ratio of two portions of the ladder.


This is a very risky fact. Check out the ladder whether it is oily or not. You have to check very any kind of slippery substance in the ladder that may occur you slip.

Security handler:

Always try to keep a man at the bottom of the ladder in order to avoid risk factors. In case of a sudden accident, this man can help you to protect a mass injury.


You must not fix the ladder on a flat floor which is too slippery. You can use heavy objects to avoid slip. At present, you would find different kinds of the ladder in the local market that are very much effective to use in floors or muddy equally.


To judge the wall is very much essential because the wall is the holder of the ladder. Check wall sharpness and find a place to adjust the ladder.


Check the ladder stairs that it will carry your weight without any hampers.


Be conscious that your ladder size is just your farm size. It means you have to use a ladder is just your farms to reach the top not so high. You know, you are prohibited to use a ladder for too high.

Read below how to secure a ladder:

At first, you have to be sure that you have checked the above things that I have mentioned. Without measuring the above conditions, it will be risky to use a ladder. Read the process to secure a ladder attentively:

  • To fix the ladder you must avoid window, gutter, windowpane, or anything that could break at your weight. Just put the top of the ladder against a strong wall that can stand with your weight. Be sure that you are confident to climb the ladder.
  • If your wall is very smooth that can be slippery, you have to find grips or object to attach the ladder. It is very much important to select the place where to rest the top of the ladder.
  • Sometimes we believe that the wind cover is strong and we put the top at the cover. Do not fix the ladder anywhere which may break with your weight. You must avoid always window top, shades, wooden wall, and light wall. You must ensure that you have enough support from the wall.
  • Try to make some guard the area at the bottom of the ladder. It will ensure strong support to the ladder to stand with weight. If your floor or the area is slippery, you can keep someone to hold the ladder when you are climbing up. This is the most secure way to keep someone as a ladder holder at the bottom.
  • Fix the top against the wall where you find a good grip that will help not to slip sideways. At first, feel comfortable with the position of the ladder then start climbing up.

More process to secure a ladder attentively:

  • You can tie a stick at the top of the ladder if there is no place to stuck the top. The stick will make good support and grip for the ladder to stand well.
  • Do not use any ladder if it is too high. You can measure the right height by the farm’s height. You must not cross the limitation of height. There is a law of using ladder according to height. So you are prohibited to use the ladder anywhere with your will.
  • Do not fix the middle stair at the grip. The two arms of the ladder have been designed to carry the load. So you have to use the arms to push the weight.

The most important things to absolute a ladder:

  • Look at the bottom of the ladder. Judge the area of the bottom regarding slip or any accidental issues. The bottom of the ladder is the main point and it needs much more security than the entire ladder.
  • Try to make some grip on the ground. You can use a stick to dig at the bottom to hold the ladder. Fix anybody to stand to hold the ladder well.
  • Use non-slippery shoes to climb on the ladder. Be sure that the shoes are working as a grip.
  • Before climbing the ladder, you must test the ladder several times.

Already you have read the instruction on how to secure a ladder. To be more secured read the article again and share it with your near and dear one.

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