How to Clean an Espresso Machine? Top 7 Tips Cleaning Espresso Machine

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We all know the benefits of cleanliness very well. Cleaning is a necessary evil to us. Though its a difficult task but we have to do it. It looks graceless while our room and using stuff become filth. For instance, we all have an Espresso machine which used every single day.  It usually affects by oil, milk-protein and mineral deposit.

These occur a layer and decrease the durability of the machine. Hence we must need regular maintenance of our espresso machine. But how to clean an espresso machine? What’s the ideal method to remove all the accumulated filth? Don’t lose your hope. Here are cleaning tips to break down a new dimension to your espresso machine. Abiding by following tips you could sustain the glitter of the machine. Let’s move on the context.

Best ways to clean an Espresso machine:

There are several traditional cleaning approaches, and most of those are observing. Though by following these rules,  it can be clean an espresso machine, unfortunately, these couldn’t bring ultimate cleaning solution evermore. However, no longer you need to be concern about espresso machine cleanliness.

It’s easy to keep clean and tidy after every use of your machine. After taking regular care, you can hope to manipulate your machine long time. First, try to overlook the overall process and get an idea of cleanliness. The step by step guidelines given below. It’s just because of your better tasting coffee!

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1. Disassemble the machine for cleaning:

At first, to make a cleaning solution, it’s essential to disassemble segments of the machine. Consciously remove the portafilter from the machine. Then the basket out of the portafilter and break off the steam wand from the machine.  Take a small screwdriver to remove the screen from the group. Keep in mind that you have to turn off the machine before beginning your cleaning journey.

2. Backwash your machine:

If you use your espresso machine daily, then you have to backwash it regularly. You have to insert a blind filter into the portafilter and run the hot water into the espresso machine. Take time to run the water into the machine and let the water be released into the drip tray. Then fill the machine with a cleaning element including detergent, vinegar or commercial cleaner and take it several times.

Wash out the soap with the fresh water and make sure that all the coffee oils have been released completely.  The overall cleaning performance relies on how correctly you would execute the backwash session. Removing all the stain and germs from the machine is crucial. And only an absolute backwash can deliver you a coffee oil and grounds free machine for taking safe and tasty coffee all along.

3. Brush down the basket:

After removing the basket from portafilter, you have to take a good scrub. You can receive help from a useful brush to remove all the filth from the machine. And by running the basket under the hot water, it will be refresh like a new. But be aware of boiling water; otherwise, it can burn your finger.

4. Clean the shower head:

It’s time to clean up the shower head. The coffee oil and milk protein accumulated into the shower head and make the coffee bitter taste. These also cause the espresso machine to continue its duty with its speed. Thereby it’s an important task to brush shower head thoroughly. You can use detergent or overpowering vinegar to accomplish this step.

5. Clean the steam wand:

Not occasionally; you have clean the steam want with wiping a damp cloth even after every use. Otherwise, it doesn’t let you get a taste coffee anymore. The milk will be burned unless the steam wants becoming neat and tidy. You can insert a nifty pin into the steam wish to ensure the cleanliness and keep the steam want to refresh all along.

6. Flush the whole machine with fresh water:

The best answer of how to clean an espresso machine is flush the machine quietly. After brushing out the basket, shower head and steam wand; it’s time to wash out the whole machine with refresh and clean water. You have to take time to run water into all segments. And try to repeat the same thing until the filth becomes released.

7. Wipe down the machine:

If you think the machine is free from coffee oil, milk, mineral, and other stains; then it’s time to wipe down the machine with a soft cloth or towel. The espresso machine comes with a complex structure thereby it’s daunting to touch all parts. You can use a thin stick to wipe down the ins and outs of the machine for the better result.

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Some essential tips to keep your espresso machine alive and clean:

  • You can replace your machine’s water filter every month to get extended time benefit from it
  • After pulling a shot, you can turn on the group to reduce build up permanently
  • If your machine has a separate milk system, then you should clean it minimum once a week
  • You also be consulted by the product instruction to get the ultimate cleaning solution
  • The cleaner which is safe for your machine is highly recommendable, but try to escape fake elements
  • Try to place your espresso machine in a dry place after every use


It’s true that with regular consumption your espresso machine will be out of order. It’s temporary; not a permanent issue at all as it can be solved by cleaning up. You have to be sensible and take care of your machine to get extended time benefits. Hence it’s essential for you as a user to know how to clean an espresso machine. Not only for you but also for all the user who particular using this machine. However some of the critical cleaning tips written above for you. By abiding these rules, I can ensure you to get refresh and new espresso machine after every cleaning campaign. So try to implement yourself and enjoy a happy life.


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