How to Curl Your Hair With a Flat Iron -(In 3 Part) Details Explained

You are going to be a curly girl, right? Moreover, you don’t know the technique yet, right?

How to curl your hair with a flat iron is a common question for the pretty girls at present. Everybody knows how a curly girl looks like. No doubt having curly hair gives a looks extra-ordinary.

If you already have this curly hairstyle, you are a lucky one. Just look behind you, many of you are wandering with a question how to curl short hair with a flat iron.

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If you are going to apply it yourself, it could be harmful for the first time. Nevertheless, I have made the techniques easy for you. You have to read carefully the whole article.

Well, I have made the whole process into three parts so that you could get the instruction easily. I hope, you are going to love the techniques.

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Read the magical techniques: How to Curl Your Hair With a Flat Iron

Part 01: Preparing: To Curl Your Hair With a Flat

In this part, you will know how to prepare hair before applying flat iron to curl your hair. Read properly.

Step 01: Make your hair clean and dry:

You must have clean and dry hair before applying the techniques. If your hair gets dust and you apply heat on the hair, it could damage your hair. On the other hand, as you are going to use a flat iron to curl hair, you must have dry hair.

Damp hair does not catch the shape of curly hair. So, make sure that you have washed your hair within 24 hours. Besides, you must make sure also, your hair is dry.

If the hair is wet yet, use a towel or hair drier to dry your hair as soon as possible.

Step 02: Choosing iron:

At first you have chosen an iron regarding its size. Your iron size should be 1 to 2 inches wide from the plate to the handle. Thinness is the specialty of this iron. You must choose a thin one to make curl on your hair smoothly.

If the iron size is bigger than 2 inches, you will have a problem applying the iron to your hair. On the other hand, the bigger size is heavy to handle smoothly.

You know the quality of the curly depends on its consistency and shininess of hair. Do not use normal iron. Remember that the iron is the main stuff you are using right now. Judge carefully the weight, heat, handling, and safety of the iron.

The temperature is very important in this process. Boost the temperature from 300 degrees to 350 degrees if your hair is thin. Experts suggest keeping the minimum temperature to curl hair for everyone. You can increase the temperature up to 400 degrees if you have thick hair. If lower temperatures could work then do not increase the temperature.

Step 03: Protection:

Do not forget to apply hair Protestants before applying heat to the hair. Heat is injurious to your hair that is why you must use hair Protestants to ensure the maximum safety of hair. You can use a thermal spray that creates a layer on the hair between the iron and hair. It protects hair from burning or frizzle happened by iron.

If you apply the spray, you need not comb hair anymore because it will melt in your hair automatically. If your hair is thick, spray in all sections of your hair. Thick hair does not allow the spray to reach the bottom of the hair. After applying the spray, let it free to dry. However, it takes a few times to dry up, wait for a reasonable time to be sure.

Step 04: Separating hair:

You are at the last of preparing part of the techniques. If the above steps you have done well, do it carefully now. Mess curly hair does not have the beauty you possess. Therefore, you have to separate the section of hair that you want to make curly.

Experts suggest curling the lower portion of the hair, which increases the beauty of hair. Apart from your upper portion of hair and tie it at the top of your head. Make sure that you can see the scalp when you are tying the upper portion at the top. It should not disturb the lower portion of hair applying the iron to this part.

When you are done those separating, now make a different section in the lower part from your ear to eyes. You have to make section 1 to 2 inches in size. This hair section will help you to apply iron smoothly and moving.

You can make many layers at the same time. On the other hand, you can make the section after applying iron in the first one also. Making a section for the first time for the whole portion saves your time.

Part 2: Different techniques: To Curl Your Hair With a Flat

In this part, you will read two different techniques to curl your hair. You can use both techniques regarding the smoothness of your hand. Read the techniques below.

Step 01: Alternative style:

Flick: Keep the iron at the half-length of your hair that you already made layers. Before getting a touch of the iron, check the temperature of the iron. Now make a U shape between the iron and hair by turning a little bit the iron in the backside. Now keep the iron in a back angle shape and slowly move to the down of your hair length. If you move faster than the iron, it will curl very soft. If you want more curly hair, move the iron slowly. It will make more curly hair.

Curls: Here, you can start from the scalp. But you should get it too close that could burn your hair. As the same before, clamp the iron closed with a layer of hair that you made section before. Check the temperature of the iron. Now curl the iron and hair and move down slowly. You have to keep the iron in an angle shape that makes the moving easy and smooth. If you want more curly hair, move the iron slowly.

Step 02: Make curlier:

If you want to make your hair curlier than the natural one, you can make it. Just turn the straightened a full turn. Move the iron down slowly. It will make curlier your hair. It will make your hair ring shape curly.

Step 03: Under or Above:

You can put the iron under or above the hair. In short, you can take the turning of the straighter up or down of the hair. Both will experience the same quality. Whatever you are doing, just do it with full of attention.

Step 04: Flat waves:

This one takes much more time than the others. Here, you have to curl your hair by making little waves during the applying of iron. As with the previous techniques, check out the temperature and hair section. If all are fine and in the right position start applying this method.

In this method, you need not bend the hair. Clampdown the iron plates with your hair and turn the iron up and down moving your hand. It will look like you are moving the iron to the end of your hair length. It will make a simple curly shape to your hair.

Part 03: Final stage of curling hair:

Here, you will learn to apply different techniques to your hair. Already you have four different techniques. You can choose anyone from those techniques you like most. Follow the instruction below.

Step 01: Get some spray:

You must arrange to spray before you apply the iron to your hair. The spray will soften your hair. Soft hair is very much essential to apply iron smoothly. You can get many sprays in your local market just choose the best one. Hair is not a simple thing so do not shy to buy the costly one. The shininess and consistency of your curly hair depend on the spray. On the other hand, the spray protects your hair from burning.

Do not buy any spray that carries aerosol. It could create a sticky mess that disturbs you to move down the hair straighter smoothly.

Do not spray the hair much. It will wet the hair, which may cause stiffness and crunchy. You will not get the curly style that you aimed for.

Step 02: Grab the section:

Already you have got in the first part of the article that you need to make a section of your hair that you want to curl. You have to keep in mind that the sections are in the qualifying amount. The smaller the section, the curlier style you get. It depends on your will what portion of your hair you want to make curly.

Grab the section smoothly before applying the heat. You can try different ways to make the section of hair. You can simply grab a portion of hair and apply the heat.

Step 03: Use any techniques from part 2:

Now you can apply any of the techniques that are described in the upper portion of the article. Before applying any technique, make sure that you can do it yourself. Expert suggests hiring anybody else to apply the iron to your hair.

You use both techniques at the same time to get more results. It depends on the condition of your hair. If your hair is thick, you can apply two or more techniques to make curler your hair. I would like to suggest you choose only one technique so that your hair could not be damaged due to using heat.

Step 04: Finishing stage:

Immediately after applying any techniques, look at the mirror that you have to do to your hair. If everything is fine, smile in the mirror. You are just in the last stage of this article. Finish the process by applying hair spray that can enhance the glossy of your hair. Stay happy.

Bottom line: If you have followed the instruction and got essential techniques and information, share the post with your near and dear ones to help them.

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