How to Clean Pool Balls -Complete Guide

Pool balls receive a lot of hitting during a game of pool. Very obviously, it gets dirty more often or not. Chalk marks, stains, and dirt often leave a yellowish label on the balls. And so, it is necessary to clean the pool balls so that they remain clean.

Unless you clean the balls, they might get damaged and loses their beauty. If you are pondering how to clean pool balls, you have come just in the proper place. In this article, I will take you through the detailed step-by-step guide as well as the pros and cons of how to clean pool balls with perfection.

What is Pool Ball?:

The Pool balls are also called billiard balls. It is mainly played for pool pocket billiards or pool billiards games. To play a match, different colored pool balls are needed and they represent different numbers.  These balls are made with hard plastic material with a glossy finish. You can read top pool ball reviews by for information about pool balls.

 Clean Pool Balls
Clean Pool Balls

Pool tables are meant to be a long-term investment and maintaining them for many years to come. The pool table has a felt on it which is very delicate and needs regular cleaning to maintain its smoothness.

Imagine spilling something on your pool table and leaving a stain. You need to know how and what to use to clean the pool table and remove that stain.

Any product that you use to clean your pool table has to be pool table-approved cleaners. Here are some products you can use to clean your pool table –

  • Simonis X-1 Pool Table Cloth Cleaning Tool – It is curved shaped to reach under the cushion of the pool table.
  • Table Cleaning Quick Cleaner – It is sold by cute sight. It is used to clean pool table felts.
  • Game Room Guys Pool Table Felt Cloth Cleaner – It is sprayed on the pool felt to remove stains and marks from the pool table.

These are some products that are approved to clean your pool table.

What Materials are pool table balls Made Of

Modern-day pool table balls are mostly cast from plastic materials that are resistant to cracking and chipping. Some pool balls are also made out of polyester or phenolic resin.

The better material to be used to make pool table balls are phenolic resins which are made worldwide by only one ball-making company called Salus. They manufacture the Aramith brand balls for the pool table.

Pool ball cleaning techniques:

If you search for how to clean yellow pool balls? pool ball cleaning is quite an easy task. It only requires your attention and a bit of time. There are many ways to clean the balls. But most pool lovers and experts rely upon too of the easiest ways to clean the balls. These two ways are-

  1. Cleaning with water and detergent: It is handy for the semi-regular purpose to clean away chalk marks from the balls.
  2. Professional grade cleaning:  If the balls have got yellowish marks and have lost the fairy luster, then a professional-grade cleaning is necessary. It will help the balls to get back their luster through polishing and fine-tuning. Furthermore, it is helpful to clean the deep stains too.

Now I am going to discuss these topics in detail. So, let’s begin.

Cleaning with water and detergent:

It’s the easiest way to clean your pool balls within the shortest possible time.  It works well with dirty balls.

Necessary things:

You will need-

  • A packet of detergent
  • A bucket  full of hot water
  • Another bucket with normal water
  • A towel and a fiber cloth
  • Water heater
  • Stirring spoon

Cleaning process:

The cleaning process is described step by step for your convenience-

  1. At first heat the water up to 110° centigrade.
  2. Put the water in a bucket
  3. Mix soap or your home detergent with it.
  4. Stir the mixture of water and soap or detergent for one or two minutes to dilute them well together.
  5. Put  the dirty balls into the solution in the bucket ( A large bucket will be able to take all the balls in it)
  6. Keep the balls in the solution for at least five to ten minutes. It will help the detergent solution to work to soften the dirt and yellowish stains from the ball
  7. Take the balls out one by one. ( Do it carefully so that the hot solution doesn’t cause you to burn)
  8. Use the microfiber cloth to rinse the balls to remove the dirt.
  9. Put the rinsed balls in another bucket full of cold water.
  10. After keeping them in the cold water for about half an hour, take them again one by one and clean them with a towel. It will clean if there is any detergent left behind on the balls.
  11. Leave the ball to dry properly. Wet balls might get damaged.

Pool table materials are very sensitive. This step is helpful for plastic pool balls. Wood or ivory-made balls require some special cleaning treatments.

Follow the below guideline to clean the wood or ivory pool balls.

Professional grade cleaning:

If the balls are yellowish, you require a professional-grade cleaning material to wipe out the stain. The steps are as followed.

Required things:

  • Pool ball cleaner
  • Pool ball restorer
  • Microfiber clothing
  • A large bowl

Cleaning  process :

You need to follow the below-mentioned steps.

  1. Take a professional restorer. Shake it well and apply it to the first pool ball.
  2. Keep the ball in a bowl.
  3. Apply the ball cleaner on all the balls in the same way.
  4. Start cleaning from the first ball using a microfiber cloth to rinse the restorer.
  5. Then shake the ball cleaner and apply it on all the balls.
  6. Rinse it after a few minutes until you find the luster of the ball back again.


Aramith pool ball restorer and cleaner are really effective to do your cleaning job with ease and perfection.

Final verdict:

Didn’t you find these two processes easy to adapt and apply? I would wait eagerly to hear from you about how these steps helped you to clean your pool balls. Do leave a reply and help me know how my week-long research on ball cleaning helped you.

There are products like Windex or simple green which are approved and used to clean pool table felt and balls. These steps are the easiest to clean yellow pool balls. So, I believe that you will be greatly benefited from the guideline. Signing off for now!

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