Difference Between Angle Grinder vs Soldering Iron

Difference Between Angle Grinder vs Soldering Iron

Have you used an angle grinder or soldering iron?

If the answer is “Yes”, you might know the difference between anger grinder vs soldering iron. To make you more clearly about these two tools, I have discussed the comparison between these two stationary tools in detail. Already you have seen these two different tools in the repair houses. Angle grinder and soldering iron are used to repair or make machinery staffs.

At first, you have to know the basic information about these two staffs eventually. I have mentioned in different points about these two electric grinders and soldering iron. Read the article attentively to gather all the necessary information.

Angle Grinder: You will find the different name of angle grinder according to its uses. It is also known as side grinder and disc grinder. The angle grinder is a hand control power tool mainly used for grinding and polishing. It is an electric device which needs much power than general power. Normally, it has a variety of uses. You would find it with a disk which is used sometimes to cut solid material or polishing the joining point. The versatile uses of this grinder have made it a very common and necessary staff for the mechanic.

It could be powered by an electric motor or petrol engine. You would find different grinder with different power capacity in your local market. An electric grinder is very much common for its easy uses. Generally. It is two-handed stuff that can be forced by your both hands.

Soldering iron: Soldering iron is an electric device mostly used by the mechanic people of your society. It is totally different from angle grinder in the sense of uses. It is a one-handed electric staff that cast extreme heat to iron or solid metal to melt. Any kind of iron metal could be melted by this soldering iron. Already you have got the idea that the extreme heat is used for soldering. It helps to join two or more solid metal together. Sometimes, it could be used for cutting irons also. Normally, repair persons use this staff to join plastic, metal board, little electric connection, and many other things. It could little in size.

Now its time to discuss the differences between these two staffs. I think now it will be easy for you to have the idea of an angle grinder and soldering iron. I think you have used soldering iron at your home or you are very much familiar with an angle grinder. See the differences below.

Difference between angle grinder vs soldering iron


The first comparison of these two kinds of stuff is the power source. Normally, both are powered by electricity but there is little difference between the two. An angle grinder is powered by electricity as well as petrol motor. So you can use electricity or petrol motor for grinding. On the other hand, a soldering iron only possesses electricity as its power source. There is no alternative for soldering iron except electricity.


The angle grinder is always big in size than a soldering iron. An angle grinder is big in size because of its heavy uses. A grinder always carries a motor into it that is why it is large in size. Besides angle grinder, soldering iron is little in size. You know it is used just to melt iron metals. It uses only heat.


Again, angle grinder possesses much weight than a soldering iron. It carries a motor into it which drives the disk very fast. You know a motor is really weighty stuff. On the other hand, soldering iron does not carry any motor into it. Soldering iron is very light than an angle grinder considering weight.


An angle grinder is used to cut or polish metal things. It is used at the joining point of anything metal for polishing the point. It has a motor which drives the polishing disc very speed to sharpen the joining point. Next, soldering iron does the opposite of angle grinder. It forces extreme heat to the metal things to melt. It is used to join the metal body together. So, soldering iron is used first then the angle grinder.


Obviously, soldering iron exposes much heat than the angle grinder. The main task of soldering iron is to melt solid things to join together or separate from each other. Besides, angle grinder also produces heat when it runs through a metal body. Here soldering iron is higher than the angle grinder.


As an angle grinder is a weighty staff, you have to use it safely. It is controlled by two hands. On the other hand, soldering iron is also very much risky for its extreme heat. If anybody touches the hot iron, his or her fingers could be melted by extreme heat. Though it produces extreme heat, it could be used easily because of its light weight.


An angle grinder is a two-handed controlling device. It is very much weighty that’s why you must use your both hands to control it easily. For the simple use, you can use a single hand also. On the other hand, soldering iron is controlled by a single hand. It is of lightweight. In some workshop, you may see a big soldering iron machine which is controlled by robots.

Variety of uses:

The angle grinder can be used for grinding and cutting. It has two uses. You can use it into the different field also just by adding small tools. On the other hand, soldering iron is also used in different fields. Generally, it is used to melt irons or metal things. You can use it to melt plastic and in the electric board also.

You have got a great view of the differences between angle grinder vs soldering iron. To know better, read the article again. Share the article to your near and dear one to spread knowledge. If you need more information about the differences between angle grinder vs soldering iron, comment below.

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