How to Remove Silicone Caulk from Fiberglass Shower Stall

How to remove silicone caulk from a fiberglass shower stall is a must-do job for the people who use fiberglass shower.  it seems to be an easy task but not at all.

If you are wondering with question of how to remove silicone caulk from fiberglass showers stall, you in the right place to get an answer.

As silicone caulk is an essential element to cover the gaps of the fiberglass shower, it can be the worst in the course of time.

With the duration of time, you may see mildew at the corner of the fiberglass shower.

To keep the beauty of your fiberglass shower, you have to change the Silicon caulk regularly.

Silicone caulk: Silicone caulk with sticky gel or substance that can seal the gaps of doors, windows, or any metals. By the course of time, it becomes hard.

Silicone caulk requires regular change due to keeping the beauty and cleanliness of your shower.

What Can Dissolve Silicone Caulk?

Silicone caulk is a challenging and tuff substance. You can use it for decoration, tiling, and plumbing. Any handyman you hire for plumbing and tiling will have silicone caulk in their bag.

Silicone caulk is tough, and removing it is also challenging. You can use a chemical helper to dissolve it without damaging the substrate. You can buy products and solvents with which you can easily remove it.

If you are not looking to spend too much money on products that can dissolve silicone caulk then you can go cheap with vinegar. Use vinegar to soften the caulk. Then use the knife to scrape it off.

What do we need to remove silicone caulk from the fiberglass shower stall?

Hairdryer: Hairdryer is very much efficient to heat the Silicon cock area.  it can reduce the time to remove silicone caulk.

Razor scraper: It helps to remove the substance easily after the operation.

Cleaning gloves: Cleaning gloves ensures the safety of your hands and the shower as well.

Clorox bleach: Clorox bleach is a chemical that removes silicone caulk from any metals within a few minutes. You can buy the bleach in the local market.

It may cost a little money. We can use other methods also.

Cleaning bucket: The cleaning bucket holds the Chemicals as log you are operating the job.  it is safe for the chemical and the floor.

Bowl to collect removals: Use a small ball to collect the removals. If the removals fall on the floor, it may cause dirt.

Pencil: We must apply the paste or heat to the appropriate area. To mark the affected area, we have to use a pencil.

Toothbrush: A toothbrush will be effective to scrub the melted area of the Silicon caulk.

How to Remove Silicone Caulk from Fiberglass Shower Stall

How to remove silicone caulk from fiberglass shower stall

Step One clean the removing area:

Wash out the shower with fresh water.  Make sure there is no slippery substance on the floor.

After cleaning the area with fresh water, wipe the shower with fresh clothes. Wash out removing area carefully

Be sure, you are standing on a dry floor.

Step Two Judge the silicone caulk:

put your hand on the silicone caulk area in your shower. Feel the substance whether it is soft or hard.

Depending on the hard level, we have to choose the method. If the substance is soft enough to use a hairdryer, you can apply it easily.

In the case of too much hard level, we may have to chemical to remove the silicone caulk.

We have to select the method properly so that we can accomplish the job perfectly.

Step Three mark the area:

Get a pencil and mark the affected area. Do not mark unnecessary areas.

The marking of the area should be clear enough so that we can remove the substance of the silicone caulk from the targeted area.

Step Four Make the paste:

If we are going to use chemicals, we have to make the past first.

I think already you have bought Clorox bleach. Mix the bleach with water according to the measurement 1/3.

Here, one is the bleach, and three in the water. Now make a fine paste.

Take ten minutes to mix up the bleach and water. A fine paste can provide a good removing result in a very short time.

How to Remove Silicone Caulk From Fiberglass Shower Stall Video

Step Five Ready the hairdryer:

If the silicone caulk is soft enough to use a hairdryer, make it ready to use.

Be sure the hairdryer can reach into your shower. Connect the hairdryer with the nearest socket beside the fiberglass shower.

The hairdryer must have powerful temperature and protective measures. Ensure everything that makes the hairdryer easy to use.

Read the cautions of the hairdryer before use it. Look out for the maximum temperature that the hairdryer can tolerate.

Step Six Apply the paste or hairdryer:

When everything is ready to go, apply the paste over the marked substances. Follow the marking line and pour the line the fine paste.

Use the toothbrush to apply the paste on line. Hold the bucket of the mixer carefully.

Make sure, the mixer is ready to apply. Wipe the extra areas with fresh clothes.

On the other hand, switch on the hairdryer and turn the temperature to the highest level that the hairdryer can tolerate.

Hold the hairdryer up above the substance at the distance of One foot or eight to twelve inches.

Move the hairdryer front and back so that it can blow the heat all over the area. Move it up and down following the marking line.

Hold the hairdryer in that position for seven to fifteen minutes. Always check out the heating area so that you are not melting the marked area

How to Remove Silicone Caulk from Fiberglass Shower Stall

Step Seven Use the Razor scraper:

Silicone caulk should melt very soon. Use the razor scraper or bled to grab the substance.

Do not force much pressure on the bled because it may damage the fiberglass shower. Move it slowly to remove the caulk.

Be sure you have worn the cleaning gloves. Do not touch the area with a necked hand.

Scrap the marking line smoothly all over the area.

Step Eight Clean the removing area:

Check out the removing area carefully so that there is no caulk anymore.

Rinse the toothbrush with freshwater and scrap the place again. Put the removing substances into the bowl.

Final Step Follow up:

Do not use silicone caulk over the area if there is anything left.

Wash out the shower again with fresh water. Leave the removing area for a few hours to dry up.

Before applying silicone caulk again, check out the place whether it is fit or not.

Bottom line: You have the techniques of how to remove silicone caulk from the fiberglass shower stall. Try to be familiar with the methods at first.

Read the instructions on how to remove silicone caulk from a fiberglass shower stall again and select the perfect way that suits you.

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