Air Purifier For Office Use – In-Depth Guide

Suppose you have an office full of talented personnel’s, sadly providing low efficiency and performance. Will it make you happy? Surely not! But do you know what causes your talisman workers to perform so lowly?  Or have you ever thought it?

Well, in such cases the dissatisfactory performance is largely attributed to your office environment. And one of the major causes of a below-par office environment is its’ low-quality air. So, if you want to improve your office performance, you should select the perfect air purifier for office use.

But I guess you have very little knowledge of how to choose them. Do one simple thing, scroll down the page to know the ins and outs of an air purifier for your office use.

Detailed Guideline on Air Purifier For Office Use

Air Purifier For Office Use
Air Purifier For Office Use

What is an air purifier?

The air purifier, also known as air cleaner, according to Wiki is a machine that removes the contaminated and polluted air from the indoor to the outdoor of a room. It provides insiders with fresh air improving the indoor air quality. It benefits asthma sufferers and allergy-sensitive people.

While the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) enlisted air pollution among the top-five human health risk, an air cleaner works constantly to improve your office air quality.

How does an air purifier work?

An air cleaner applies a very simple technique to purify the indoor air. It works in two different ways.

  1. The active air purification system releases negative ions (charged) to stick the pollutant particles with the surface.
  2. The passive air cleansing process filters the particles and removes them from the indoor.

Depending on these two basic techniques to clean air, three major methods have developed to improve room air quality.

ü  HEPA: It stands for high-efficiency particulate air and is the most widely used cleaning method.

ü  UVGI: Originally standing for Ultraviolet germs irradiation, UVGI sterilizes air to prevent contamination.

Why buy an office air purifier?

An office is often loaded with small cubicles and people working in a congested area. It helps the air pollutants such as Carbon-Dioxide gather quickly inside the office room to cause health issues. It affects your co-worker’s performance big time. That’s why better-choosing air purifiers for smoke and odors and dust and other purposes as well. And buying an air purifier will help you to-

Improve health:

Air cleaners remove harmful particles from the room air through the active filtration process. It helps the air remain healthy and improves the health of the workers inside. And who doesn’t know that a healthy state leads to a healthy mind and a healthy mind to better performance?

Removing smoke particles:

Nowadays second-hand tobacco smoke is considered even more harmful than direct tobacco smoke. Air purifiers help your office with a smoke removal facility.

Asthma and allergy treatment:

Clean air helps better breathing spaces. Naturally, it helps asthma-affected people. Moreover, clean air helps allergy-sensitive people as it removes the allergy-prone particles with great effect.

What to consider?

I am excited that by the time you reach this section, you have made up your mind to make an air purifier for your office use. So, what should you consider about the purifier machine before you buy one for the office? Let’s not make any further delay and dive deep into the pros and cons section.


Air purifiers have a wide range of efficiency depending on their models and working process. For instance, a low-end purifier although budget-friendly is capable to remove only 30-35% of particles from the air. On the other hand, the high-quality units using HEPA technology might remove around 99% of particles.  So, you should make a balance between your budget and purifiers’ efficiency.


Normally an office or co-working station has a large space. Your office purifier must cover all the areas. Otherwise, air won’t be purified properly. To select the best purifier machine for your workstation, you should first measure the coverage area of your office.

It is known as square footage. For example, if your working place is 30 feet long and 20 feet wide, the square footage will be 30X20=600 square feet.


You must know the features of your air cleaner. It provides you with different options to clean indoor air. Most air purifiers come with a self-shot off-timer and are a basic feature. Some other common features are air pollutant sensors and filter life indication signs. Some modern-day purifiers use mobile applications for controlling too.


While you buy a purifier, you must ensure it fits perfectly in your cozy working area. Thus, a perfectly measured purifier will work wonders for you.


Depending on their work style, purifying machines need specific places. Usually, HEPA filters use fans and so needs to be placed 2-3 feet away from walls and furniture. On the contrary, Ionic filters must be placed far away from any blockage.

Final thoughts:

An air purifier is a must if you want to improve the inside environment of your office. Therefore, selecting the best air purifier for office use might become a major issue. Nonetheless, this up-to-date guideline will come in handy for you to choose the best one for your use. May your purifier give you the purest air to increase your co-worker’s performance significantly!

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