How to Use Ultrasonic Cleaner to Cleaning Jewelry

Do you want to clean your jewelry at home? Do you want to know the process of how to use the ultrasonic cleaner at home? 

Just read the article thoroughly to know the exact way to use the ultrasonic cleaner at home. You have seen the ultrasonic machine at the shop jeweler or glasses, right. Several times, you have paid the shopkeeper for cleaning your valuable objects. You might think that if you could clean those objects at your home.

Look: At first, you have to know about the Ultrasonic cleaner. Later, you must know how it works. An ultrasonic cleaner is a process of cleaning an important object. It is an electronic device. The machine uses a sound of about 20-40 kHz, which makes an effort to clean the object without harming it. An ultrasonic cleaner usually needs water as the main stuff. You can add other washing materials depending on your objects that are to be cleaned.

What objects can you clean with an ultrasonic cleaner?

Simply, you can clean all the solid objects that are valuable to you. You can clean your jewelry, coins, glasses, fishing reels, firearm, surgical instrument, and many more things. You have to know the right way to apply the machine. Do not put your thing into the machine without knowing the exact process.

What cleaning liquid use to clean jewelry?

You can clean your jewelry in different ways. Let’s know a DIY jewelry cleaning solution by which you can do this very quickly.

  • First, you need tea tree oil, baking soda, and witch hazel for making this solution.
  • Put your ornaments in a glass or bowl.
  • Add 1 or 2 cups of witch hazel and one drop of tea tree oil.
  • Keep the bowl like this overnight to soak.
  • The next morning take your jewelry from this mixture and coat it with baking soda.
  • Now use a brush and scrub the ornaments and wash them with water. Your jewelry is ready to use or keep in the locker.

Read the steps carefully of how to use ultrasonic cleaner:

Here you will know about what solutions do you put in an ultrasonic cleaner also. When you are going to use the machine at your home, you must know how an ultrasonic cleaner works.

1. Pour water into the tank:

At first, you have to pour the tank with freshwater. You have to make a solution at first. Put a tablespoon of ammonia. Do not put much. Otherwise, it could damage your machine and your object too.

2. Add some dishwashing:

Now at some dishwashing liquid so that the water could absorb it. It will help to wash the tank well. You must not put much liquid on the tank. The mixture of water and dishwashing liquid destroys the germs of the tank. When it is done, your tank is ready to use.

How to Use Ultrasonic Cleaner to Cleaning Jewelry

3. Turn on the cleaner:

Now turn on the cleaner so that it could make a good mixture. Do not put any object now. Wait for 5 to 10 minutes. It will process a good solution for your valuable object. Look at the watch carefully.

4. Put your items:

When the time is up, it is your turn to put the object into the tank. Here, you have to be sure about the timing. Do not put so many items into the tank. If you have many objects to clean, try to clean the object eventually. If you put many objects at the same time, it could scratch your object. Then, it will become an ugly one. So think before you put the object. In the case of jewelry, you have to be more careful about the amount and size.

5. Switch on the heat button:

It is time to heat the water and the ammonia. You must know that many cleaner machines have built-in-heater. This type of heater is very much efficient to clean your object. Warmer water cleans better than cold water. You have to buy an ultrasonic cleaner, which has a heater. You can use another heater also.

However, it could waste your valuable time. If you are using another water heater, heat the water before putting it into the tank. Do not use boiled water. You have to mix the water and ammonia well. All are done; fix the temperature of the heater. The temperature depends on your object. Make sure that you have entered a reasonable level of temperature. Otherwise, your valuable object could lose color.

6. Run the device:

Now it is time to turn on the device. If your water with ammonia is ready, you can turn on the device. You will see a turn on the switch on the device. Turn it on and wait for a reasonable time. The cleaning time depends on your object. If your object is much dirty, you have to wait for a while.

Remember, you must not wait for longer than 20 minutes. You can wait for only 1 to 20 minutes. Check the object several times. You can see the cleaning result from the outside. As I said there is no determined time to wait, you have to check it up.

How to Use Ultrasonic Cleaner to Cleaning Jewelry Video

7. Turn off the device:

Now turn off the machine when it is done. You can see the cleaning result from outside of the cleaner. If you think that, your objects are now clean, turn off the cleaner. After turning off the cleaner, wait for 5 to 10 minutes so that the particles of your object could fall to the bottom of the tank. You can see the dirt into the bottom of the tank.

8. Use a soft brush when it is done:

Now open the pot of the tank and bring out your object from the tank. Here, you have to use a soft brush to clean it more. You can use the normal brush that you use to brush your teeth. It depends on you and your situation. You could have the ultimate clean result from the cleaner. I suggest you use a brush to get a good result.

9. Rinse the object:

At last, use fresh water to wash the object for the last time. Use both hands to wash the object properly. Do not use any other kinds of stuff to wash the object. When you are putting water on the object, be sure that the object is cleaned. I hope, you will have a completely new object after cleaning the object with the cleaner.

Bottom line: Already you have read all the steps of how to use the ultrasonic cleaner at the up of the page. Now you must follow the instruction attentively and do what exactly written.

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